Feb 12, 2018

Shopping for Free...

Who doesn't love a great deal on anything with Trolls?

Just ask my daughters, they are Trolls crazy at the moment!

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All items purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. This post contains safe links.

I'm addicted to the Sears app. I hadn't used it before and really wasn't paying attention to my reward deets such as free cash points, coupons, and surprise points. I knew I had the rewards account but was just using paper coupons in the store up to this point. Every now and then I even shopped there sans my account info, so plenty of times I probably had points or free cash that I was missing out on.

So you can imagine my curiosity after receiving an email that said something like 'Use your free cash before it expires'....

Free cash?

I'm in! 

Shopping for items to use free cash or points is pretty fun. For example if the reward says '$10 free cash to use on $10 in store or online' I try to only use $10, sometimes more. If it is for something that can't be passed up and say the item cost $15 I'll use it for that. The 'free cash' can be any amounts, mine have varied - $5, $3, $10, $15, $16. Not that the free cash is limited to these amounts, these are just the amounts that I have been rewarded with. 

The really fun rewards are the ones that be used if the dollar amount off is the same as the threshold amount - like $10 on $10 or $14 on $14, etc. So you end up shopping for things for free and just end up paying some tax or a small amount if the item is over the free cash amount. You can't use it if the free cash reward is $10 and the item cost $9.99, for example, so the cost of the item must be $10 or more. Just like most coupons free cash rewards have expiration dates and have exclusions - not everything can be bought using rewards. You can only use 1 reward in each order so you can't combine any 2. You also can't use free cash or points AND a promo code in 1 order altogether, it won't work. To avoid paying a shipping cost (for anything under $25) I try to shop from the Sears in store stock and just drop by and pick up at my nearest Sears, which is like 1 mile away 😉.

Read about it or sign up here.

Here are some of the items that I bought from the Sears App that cost me almost nothing. I have 2 more orders in the works - a pair of shoes and a shirt for my son!


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