Site FAQ

Q-Can I send you beauty questions?

A-Yes, I love answering any beauty questions and I'll do my best to answer them! Please me questions at

Q-Do you buy all of your own makeup that is on your blog?

A-Yes, I do. I purchase it with my own money, unless it is given to me or if a company sends it for me to try.

Q-I had a question about a particular article on your blog, how can I find it or can I ask you about it?

A-You can always ask me but you can also try the search box of my blog, you can type in key words and see if you can locate what you are looking for...If not then please email me at, I'd love to hear from you!

Q-I would like to send you samples, how do I contact you?

A-If you would like to send me samples to try out please contact me at

Q-Can I use any of your pictures from your blog?

A-I'm sorry but all pictures from my blog are owned by me and cannot be duplicated or used in any circumstance. If you need to borrow a picture please contact me first at

Q-Can I advertise on your blog?

A-For any advertising inquiries please email me, Thank you!