Aug 30, 2015

MTV VMA 2015 Spotted Trends: Hair and Makeup

What a night! Miley Cyrus as host. Justin Bieber cries. Kayne gives a long speech. But, I thought it turned out good, better than I thought otherwise!

Now lets talk about the real reason why we love watching famous people on live TV - Hair and Makeup. Ok just me? haha. What is trending? What looks really hot? What doesn't look good at all? I love to see how it evolves. The good, the bad...the please-don't-ever-do-this-look-ever-again look. But one thing seems to stay the same - We like to keep it simple and classy.

So drumroll! The 2 hottest trends spotted this time around are:

Heavy smoldered black top lid eyeliner cat-eye with nude lips 
Slick back shiny hair, like she just came in from a swim. 

I just wanted to add that in the picture below, Taylor Swift has a side bang going on for the red carpet but is changed to the slick back do sometime before her handing over the Video Vanguard award to Kayne. Kim Kardashian had the same slick back hairdo as the camera spy shot on her during the show! And her baby bump is so adorbs!

 :) Here are just a few damsels, comment your favorites!

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May 6, 2015

Ulta Grand Opening

I took part of the beautiful grand opening of the anticipated arrival of the ULTA store in SouthPark Mall of San Antonio Texas. Locals like myself know this small mall has had its fair share of failing peddle, so to open a grand store like ULTA is pretty awesome. I've been a frequent shopper of this mall since I was a teenager, even perusing the mall with my mother as a small child. So to see a favorite store of mine pop right into 21 century ubiety is pretty fantastic to me, even as a woman in her 30's 20's :)

And just a side note, please excuse my grainy pictures, my only source of photography was my iPhone, this is due to not enough rest and forgetfulness :P

Upon my arrival on Friday, which was the 1st day of the opening I was #90 in line. First 100 customers for each day (Fri, Sat Sun) received a random amount gift card. I received a $5 gift card, 1 coupon for 1 free blowout hair service, 1 coupon for free styling hair service, 1 coupon for 1 free 20 minute skincare rejuve, and a coupon for 50% off haircut and style.

The First Impression!
  • Everything looks neat and ready to go! Except not all shipments had arrived on time, so I'd say 5-10% of shelf homes were empty.   
  • Organization. This means that nail polish bottles were mixed/matched on the shelf probably due to missing bottle racks and shelf signs. I found one shelf that had a combination of China Glaze, Orly, Essie, and Butter all in one row.... But with due time I'm sure it'll all come together.
  • Out of Stock. This is a big deal for shoppers. To go to a great sale and to find the item ran out or is out of stock is a real bummer. I understand stores have no way of dictating which products they receive in a shipment but if that were the case corporate ULTA should always make sure ULTA stores receive adequate stock for said sale items, or at least put a limit per customer.
  • Layout. ULTA brand cosmetics along the same wall that customers have to stand in line. This might be okay during a lazy and slow day at Ulta but what happens when there are 15+ customers in line (like during this grand opening weekend) with customers trying to squeeze their way to shop for ULTA makeup? 
  • There is no award-winning Benefit, San Francisco, Cosmetics. From what the assistant manager mentioned is that the vendor mistakenly thought Benefit took abode in the across the hallway department store. Since the vendor didn't feel the need for close proximity of the brand they declined to have it in ULTA. So, no Benefit in the department store (there never was) and no Benefit in ULTA! But Roller Lash, Benefit's newest super curling mascara, did sneak its way onto ULTA shelves!
  • They know their stuff. The most knowledgeable of any ULTA brand reps I've encountered. The rep I was speaking with about skincare was well acquainted with the brand I was interested in (Juice Beauty).
  • NYX anyone? I know for a fact that ULTA carries one of the best NYX cosmetic collection in their stores so it was no surprise that NYX here had taken up nearly an entire aisle. The only downfall is the sale items ran out pretty quickly.
  • Can I have a sample? Right after my purchase on Friday I noticed something - she didn't put any small samples in my bag. But why not?! It's the grand opening! And I was #90 in line! 

A full service salon inside was clean and ready to fulfill customers tress wishes. 

Here I am. 1st haircut and style in 6 years! The haircut was lovely, I asked for long layers and to fix the length on many layers because I cut them myself very often. The stylist chatted away with me and the other stylist and I relaxed my worries away. 

Most Prestige brand cosmetics on the right 

It brushes for ULTA

Mally Cosmetics


Just one of the cologne or fragrance GWP deals.

Dermalogica skin bar

Disclosure: All items in the Hello Gorgeous picture were sent to me as gifts. All opinions are my own.

Sep 1, 2014


Just my luck, after I get rid of those wine colored lipsticks from my stash because they "...were so 90's, like yesterday!" I end up receiving the most gorgeous wine lipstick just in time for the trend.

Manic by Urban Decay....This 'brown wine' trend was quickly adopted in the fall of 2014 and has been the hot topic among lipstick addicts like myself. The color does look a bit 90's....I remember the lipsticks I had in my crystal clear lipstick holder that sat atop my dresser along side with my Caboodles. I'd apply this wine/brown color to head out for the movies with my friends, but not before talking on a house phone about the latest Beverly Hills 90210 episode! All my 80's baby readers know what I'm talking about! Wine/brown back then was timeless. Sailing the trend waves on the lips of lots of beautiful actresses and singers, Drew Barrymore, Shannon Doherty, Selena, Spice Girls! Red is now the timeless color, another one of my faves but I'm pretty glad Wine/brown decided to make a comeback...I absolutely love it.

Manic. Proves to be just the color missing from my lipstick library. It's a soft wine color, according to Urban Decay. It is so unique. If I may, it has this weird purple-lish tint to it....

But just because my lips are a little bit dry and out of shape doesn't mean I can't rock the prettiest lipstick to date. Revolution lipstick has Maxi-Lip which is a trademark detail - it provides lips with nourishing oils, keeps them plump, full looking, and moisturized. For this demo I lined my lips with the matching liner in Manic...both play well as far as extended wear go. I love the color, it's so drenched and rich. If I may, I would like to say it feels a lot like the Revlon ColorBurst lip butters but not as light or slippery. Revlon's CLB are a tad on the glossy side and Revolution lipsticks are semi glossy...Not too sure why I chose the CLB's to compare to but it's what I had on hand.

20 different shades to choose from. $22 each. The lipstick tube is gorgeous. Shiny darkened metal on the outside, purple glam on the inside. Engraved Urban Decay on the lipstick cover. Just gorgeous!

Disclosure: All items were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.