Feb 28, 2014

My Thoughts about Visiting a New Baby!

Bellybelly.com of Australia recently put together a little list of 'Rules' to follow when visiting a new baby. You can read the actual article here, but not until you've given me a little time to explain what I have up my sleeve today :)

So you may all know I am expecting a little one soon, July 16th to be exact so I thought it would be a perfect time to revisit this classic topic...Visitors after baby arrives. Well, I love visitors! I think just in general I do, especially when we have a new baby in the house, when visitors come over it shows that they care about me and my family. I love to host them and enjoy conversation.

So basically the article discusses things you should and should not do when visiting a family or friend with a brand new spanking baby right?

Here let me shed some light on how I feel: Times have changed, maybe not by much but alot has. Our land has become exceptionally diverse and with so many ethnic backgrounds to appreciate there is bound to be lots of preference. What I do appreciate from the Bellybelly article is that those 'Rules' become sort of a base of what you actually should be following but more or less you get the point as you read...But let me say it again though, Times have changed. We don't live on the set of Leave it to Beaver and we certainly do not all live in a white picket fenced home. I have birthed and raised 4 children and I'm expecting my 5th, if anyone can contribute a few pointers about first time visiting a newborn baby it be me...

Here is my response to the 10 Rules for Visiting a New Baby, Enjoy!

Bellybelly says #1 Wait to be invited.

My Response-  The only rule of this article that I have a gigantic problem with. Wait to be invi---Are you kidding me? OK here is what I've experienced as the visitor, in my family we don't just wait, we call up, confirm if they are busy, ask if its OK to drop by and we do. I come from a Latino/Hispanic background where we can't just say hello unless its 2 minutes long and has a mixture of English and Tex-Mex in there. Some people are just too modest, if we wait to be invited to see a baby, baby would be in preschool by then. Here is my take on visiting - The home rule and the hospital rule are about equally the same. Almost everyone loves visitors at the hospital. Yes there are times when visiting is awkward especially in the hospital setting but everyone has that at some point or else we would never have visitors in there. Let me just be blunt - Patients love to be remembered even if they are ugly, tired, and exhausted from 20 hrs of labor. Just go visit the mother and baby. It's not rocket science, they are your friends or family. Nothing bad can come from it. It shows that you care for them. When they go home, just call. It's as simple as that.

Bellybelly says #2 Know when to say away.

My Response- No, really Sherlock I was going to visit the newborn baby while I am 2 minutes away from reaching a 105 temp from this really bad flu bug that I've been bed-ridden since 3 days ago. Goodness. Gracious.

Bellybelly says #3 Bring Food!

My Response-  OK, now they're really starting to understand Latino/Hispanic heritage! Agreed! Let's move on....

Bellybelly says #4 Assume the Role of the Host.

My Response-  It's perfectly fine to do this but I wouldn't be expecting much from a person or couple that just had a baby, if I wanted to drink something I would have gotten a bottle soda from the corner store beforehand.

Bellybelly says #5 Help out, Be an extra pair of hands.

My Response-  This rule goes back to my experience being on the other side....As a visitor I always ask first. I'm not going to just walk away and start separating the whites from the darks and get the wash going but I will always ask first if they'd like me to do a little cleaning like wash dishes, throw out the trash, sweep, clean bottles, tidy up the bathroom, etc. I was once visiting a new baby in a home with 3 extra adults not including the mommy and 2 teens, so sometimes the extra pair of hands is not needed. Yes, this rule is pretty legit, but Ask First.

Bellybelly says #6 Wait to be offered to hold the baby.

My Response-  Absolutely...But don't be afraid to ask. On that same note, don't douse yourself with that expensive perfume. A serious commenter on the article expresses to she had to change the baby's clothes and when it wasn't enough to make the scent disappear she had to bathe the baby..."Please, don't wear heavy perfume." I agree with that gal 100%.

Bellybelly says #7 Know when to give the baby back.

My Response-  Grandma or Grandpa, Out- of- town- relatives- that- only- get- to- see- this- family- about- 3 times- a- year and future Godparents I think are the only exceptions to this rule...hahaha what if the visitor is a mixture of all 3? Visitors are not going to keep the baby, if they hog the baby then consider your family a very loving family, not all are blessed to be as such.

Bellybelly says #8 Be Sure to Only Say Nice Things.

My Response-  Yes, I agree. Moving on....

Bellybelly says #9 Don't Expect too much.

My Response-  Like what? A very clean house? The parents of the newborn looking glammed up ready to attend the Oscars? I've visited many families and their newborns and many have visited me and my newborn, nothing has changed...I've always seen what I've expected and they have always expected what they saw. What a waste of a #9 especially if you have any common sense.

Bellybelly says #10 Don't outstay your welcome.

My Response- "*sarcastically* I was going to kick up my feet and watch The Walking Dead marathon while the baby cries in the background!" We all might not know what time we should bounce but I agree an hour is a good time frame for visiting...Unless you have relatives like mine and they just started the grill and have asked you to stay for dinner complete with a few cold ones, a dessert cake, and grandma has just made all the rice, potato salad, and beans enough to feed a Marine Corps Battalion.

Bellybelly says #11 Don't forget Mum!

My Response-  Ah yes, we love the attention but let's not forget the real reason visitors are visiting though, the baby!

Feb 24, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Launch Party at PAMM

How I would have loved to go to this product launch! Especially since it was held at the beautiful and newly opened PAMM - Perez Art Museum Miami. Just look at the gorgeous construction which is home to dozens of exhibits of modern and contemporary art. Learn more about this diverse museum here.

-L'Oreal Paris Unveils their newest 2014 product innovations at PAMM-
February 21, 2014

Hosted by pretty gal, Gaby Espino, turns this night of product launching and fun to all levels of glam inquiring about the latest in hair and makeup. Just to list a few in attendance: Real Housewives of Miami Marysol Patton and Alexia Echeverria, Lili Estefan (El Gordo y la Flaca), Pamela Silva-Conde (Primer Impacto), and Jenine Howard (wife of Juwan Howard).

Photo credit: Ideal Magazine (UK), PAMM.org, L'Oreal Paris media. This article contains safe links.

Feb 22, 2014

2 Top Beauty Trends de los Premio lo Nuestro 2014

Romeo Santos and Prince Royce. 

When these 2 gorgeous guys get together you can bet I'm all up on the TV watching...or for any Latin music artist on TV for that matter!

Both talents, among many others, performed during the Premio lo Nuestro 2014 which is the Latin Music Awards event that took place February 20th....

What I would give to had been there *sigh* :) but what I really am intrigued to share with you today were the makeup trends spotted during this event, Deep parted hair and Bold lips with bold lipliner. First off, I really love a sharp part in hair, it's just so glamorous and sort of old Hollywood 40's glam. 2 products that will likely make my way into my makeup bag pretty soon are the The L'Oreal Extraordinaire rich color/lip color and the L'Oreal Silkissime Eyeliner by Infallible... The lip color currently comes in 16 colors and according to L'Oreal this micro-oil formula makes lips smoother upon application. The Silkissime eyeliner is one that I'd love to try, this eyeliner glides like silk for 16 hrs of wear, according the the L'Oreal Paris USA website.

Just look at the attendees, super jealous of their figures and the makeup is spot on!

 If you'd like to see more photos of the show, more dresses, or more 'guy eye candy' :) You can check it out by going directly to the Premio lo Nuestro 2014 website. 

Photo credit: Premio lo Nuestro 2014 web page and Yahoo news.

Feb 20, 2014

Sugar, spice, and everything nice...

The thought of having another daughter has me blown away, in just a mere few months she'll be here - Wow! I can finally say it!

Oh Dear, I have lots of things to do - Name choosing! Lots of girly shopping! Let's face it, the ideas are endless....Poofy skirts, hair bows, necklaces, dresses, glitter, hair curls! I'll keep you all posted about my finds and lemmings...

Just thinking about her, melts my heart :)

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Feb 17, 2014

Mondays are nice!

My latest obsession is surprisingly not flowers or gardening (haha, this cute pot o' flowers was my last gardening attempt - picture taken from my back porch last summer!)....No, my latest obsession is the blog Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen is so funny, I love her articles, hauls, and of course Tabs :) Today I'm answering her Monday Poll just for fun...It's suppose to be meant for her comment section I thought it would be fun to pass along to whomever would like to participate...So here I go!

1. Your favorite pair of pajamas?
That would be my very comfy purple PJ's from Karen Scott, bought them from Macy's about 3 yrs ago, they are worn and they feel so silky from countless washes...I know, Karen Scott?! But they are comfy!!!

2. Do you still de-fuzz your legs in the winter?
Yes I do because I like to wear comfy pants that sometimes slip up to my knee when I sit on my couch and my son has friends over once in a while and it's not cute to be sitting there with legs like bigfoot!

3. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?
About 2 weeks ago *runs to go clean brushes* :)

4. Have you ever worn eyelash extensions?
No. Because I'm so afraid they will ruin my real lashes. hahaha with my luck.....

5. What are three of your eye makeup staples?
Good good question....I'll have to say black liquid eyeliner, carbon black mascara, and a good concealer :)

6. What’s your stance on long, pointy nails?
They are fun and only look good on some hands, not all.

7. What’s one weird thing your pet does?
I haven't had a pet in 11 years!

8. Are you more of a palette or a singles girl?
Palette - because I'm always in a rush, I can't seem to find anything if I'm using singles, but I always find my palettes!

9. Do you take cream and/or sugar in your tea?
Only sugar and sometimes lemon.

10. To do great things, you must _____.

Have faith, be great, have patience, not be afraid.