Feb 17, 2014

Mondays are nice!

My latest obsession is surprisingly not flowers or gardening (haha, this cute pot o' flowers was my last gardening attempt - picture taken from my back porch last summer!)....No, my latest obsession is the blog Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen is so funny, I love her articles, hauls, and of course Tabs :) Today I'm answering her Monday Poll just for fun...It's suppose to be meant for her comment section I thought it would be fun to pass along to whomever would like to participate...So here I go!

1. Your favorite pair of pajamas?
That would be my very comfy purple PJ's from Karen Scott, bought them from Macy's about 3 yrs ago, they are worn and they feel so silky from countless washes...I know, Karen Scott?! But they are comfy!!!

2. Do you still de-fuzz your legs in the winter?
Yes I do because I like to wear comfy pants that sometimes slip up to my knee when I sit on my couch and my son has friends over once in a while and it's not cute to be sitting there with legs like bigfoot!

3. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?
About 2 weeks ago *runs to go clean brushes* :)

4. Have you ever worn eyelash extensions?
No. Because I'm so afraid they will ruin my real lashes. hahaha with my luck.....

5. What are three of your eye makeup staples?
Good good question....I'll have to say black liquid eyeliner, carbon black mascara, and a good concealer :)

6. What’s your stance on long, pointy nails?
They are fun and only look good on some hands, not all.

7. What’s one weird thing your pet does?
I haven't had a pet in 11 years!

8. Are you more of a palette or a singles girl?
Palette - because I'm always in a rush, I can't seem to find anything if I'm using singles, but I always find my palettes!

9. Do you take cream and/or sugar in your tea?
Only sugar and sometimes lemon.

10. To do great things, you must _____.

Have faith, be great, have patience, not be afraid.

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