Jul 27, 2011

Maya Indie Film Series: Win a copy of 'Forged' and 'All She Can'!

The 3rd annual Maya Indie Film Series has made way to our cities. The seven city, seven movies, seven days occasion is one that is marked for cultural diversity and leadership in the film industry. What more can you ask for in an array of diverse films? Whimsical comedy, inspiring and scintillating drama, moving and compelling action, the films say it all, but the one thing that has stood out most about these films is that it speaks of different generations within our community with authentic situations.

If you are interested in partaking in this annual milestone please check the Maya Indie Film Series website to see trailers for all 7 films and to check the movie times and schedule!

---The Seven Films---

(Summaries by MIFS website)

All She Can
Director: Amy Wendel

Starring: Corina Calderon, Jeremy Ray Valdez and Joseph Julian Soria

In a small south Texas town, there aren’t many career options for young people besides oil rigs, the military, or fast-food restaurants. Luz Garcia, a fiery high-school athlete, is determined to forge a different future; she’s gained admission to the University of Texas at Austin. The problem is she can’t afford to go. With her one shot at a scholarship riding on the state power lifting championship, she sees no choice but to bend the rules to ensure her victory. Although Luz’s rashness and frustration land her in increasingly hotter water, they also fuel her with courage and empowerment.

Blue Eyes
Director: José Joffily

Starring: David Rasche, Erica Gimpel, and Frank Grillo

Before his compulsory retirement, a JFK airport's chief Immigration officer, detains a group of Latin Americans and expose them to a series of humiliating situations.

Director: Bigas Luna

Starring: Elsa Pataky, Ana de la Reguera and Peter Coyote

Di Di Hollywood tells the tale of an actress whose wish for stardom comes with much sacrifice. Her name is Diana Diaz, a young woman with a wild yet familiar dream: to become a star. And to win it all, she is willing to lose herself. Tired of working night jobs as a bartender, Diana finally decides to leave her homeland, her best friend Maria, and all of the bad memories Spain holds for her. She heads out for the bright lights of Miami, and despite its glamorous first impression, this new paradise proves anything but. Fed up with casting calls, hunger, and near-poverty, Diana continues to push forward, and with the help of new friends, makes it out to Hollywood. As Diana Diaz transforms into Di Di, the once ambitious bartender truly learns the price of stardom

Sympathy for Delicious
Director: Mark Ruffalo

Starring: Christopher Thornton, Mark Ruffalo, Juliet Lewis, Orlando Bloom, Laura Linney

SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS marks acclaimed actor Mark Ruffalo’s first foray into directing. This inspired and unusual film tells the story of Dean O’Dwyer (Christopher Thornton), also known as “Delicious D,” an up-and-coming DJ on the underground music scene in Los Angeles. When a motorcycle accident leaves Dean paralyzed, he abandons his turntables for a wheelchair as his once promising career disappears before his eyes. Forced to live out of his car on skid row, Dean begins his descent into depression when he meets Father Joe Roselli (Mark Ruffalo), a passionate young priest. Father Joe introduces Dean to the world of faith-healing, an unlikely way for him to begin his quest to walk again. He soon discovers that he possesses the otherworldly power to heal people, but in an odd twist of fate, he is utterly unable to heal himself.
Despite Father Joe’s warnings, Dean angrily decides to use his newfound gift for fame and fortune. He joins a rock band led by charismatic front man The Stain (Orlando Bloom) with bassist Ariel (Juliette Lewis), and manager Nina Hogue (Laura Linney). But his newfound notoriety is unable to cure the hurt that encompasses his life. To find true healing, Dean must ultimately confront his worst demons and come to terms with his own humanity.

Where the Road Meets the Sun
Director: Mun Chee Yong

Starring: Eric Mabius, Will Yun Lee, Fernando Noriega, Laura Ramsey

Takashi, a Japanese hitman who wakes up from a four-year coma, moves to LA to escape mysterious traumatic memories. He strikes an unusual friendship with Blake, the hotel manager who still mourns the loss of his wife to an affair he ended up regretting. Meanwhile, Julio, an illegal immigrant who works at an Indian restaurant to provide for his wife and kid back in Mexico, befriends Guy, a young British backpacker who lives off his estranged father's ATM card and sleeps with any girl who crosses his path. The film intercuts between the blossoming of these two friendships. Takashi attempts to help Blake break from his past, but in the process is forced to confront his own violent memories. Julio and Guy hustle for day to day survival and forge dreams of a better future, but after Julio steals Guy's passport and sells it for a grand, not only is their friendship at stake but also their lives. What follows are the at times wild and often gut-wrenching adventures of four men trying to survive both emotionally and physically.

Without Men
Director: Gabriela Tagliavini

Starring: Eva Longoria, Christian Slater, Kate del Castillo and Oscar Nuñez

Without Men is a comedy about the women of a small and remote Latin American mountain village that’s forever altered the day all of its men are recruited to go fight in the country’s civil war. Left to fend for themselves, the women of the town, led by Rosalba (Eva Longoria), slowly emerge from their supporting roles as wives and daughters to become unwitting founders of a remarkable new society: an all female utopia. When the men, led by an American reporter (Christian Slater) return to try to reclaim their power, a clash of sexes ensues with unsuspected consequences. A sexy, fun, irreverent exploration of the age-old question: What would the world be like if it were run by women?

Director: William Wedig

Starring: Manny Perez, David Castro and Margo Martindale

An ex-thug (Manny Perez) and his son attempt to find a way to move past impossible circumstances to forge a bond that has been forever broken by the murder of the child's mother.

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Jul 21, 2011

Fromm Hair Shaper Razor

My new found love! I'm saving my money for other things and handing my own hair cuts now! Sorry hair stylists, I gotta do it!

The Fromm Hair Shaper Razor #107:

-Traditional Stainless Steel
-Blade guard
-Light weight
-From Sally's, only cost me $4.49 plus tax

I have always cut my own hair as far back as I can remember because my issue with hair stylists is that I have attempted a hair appointment for a cut and have been disappointed miserably many times! It seems as though I can never achieve the cut I am aiming for, Talk about frustrations! So to put an end at future hair fiascos I decided to cut my own hair....

-Save money (and gas!)
-Achieve the look you want
-There are sites (Google) that offer step by step instructions how to cut your own hair as well as youtube tutorials

The medium size hand held razor looks like this, is not heavy nor is it cheap looking. I love the way it has grooves as to skip and add dimension to the hair.

I love to razor my hair beforehand and then use a flat iron to create a straight look that is sleek just like in the pic below:

So I'm sold.....I tried it and loved it and I continue to razor my hair every 2 weeks or so. Here is just one example of how my razored ends look:

What is your favorite hair styling tool? :)

Jul 19, 2011

Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power Cleanser: Win a new Wave Sonic on Lali Amora Beauty Blog!

Time for a skincare gadget review! Today’s feature product is the new Wave Sonic by Neutrogena (not the original vibrating Wave). It has been a real treat testing out this new thing, I have gotten the hang of it and consider it a nice addition to my skincare routine! Lets talk more about it shall we?

The Wave Sonic Power Cleanser

"-Clinically proven to provide unsurpassed cleansing eddicacy, by even a $200 Professional at-home Sonic Cleansing system.

-Delivers softer and visibly brighter skin in just 1 use.

-Outperformed traditional cleansing, with the leading cleanser, at removing waterproof makeup - cleaning skin 50 x's better."

So basically it's a spinning face scrubber with nifty removable facial pads that are pre-moistened with face cleanser. The sonic wave has 2 speeds -Gentle Daily Massage (slow speed) and Deep Pore Cleansing (faster speed). Personally I prefer the fastest speed just because I feel it cleans better than the slower speed.

This is what it looks like, it is about as big as my hand but is incredibly easy to hold and use.

I love that it is pink!

Since the cleansing pads are to be used only once, the packaging comes with 13 extra refills and refills can be purchased separately that come in a set of 30.

What I love about it: It leaves my face clear and bright. With each use I visually saw my skin clearer and more evenly toned. You can use in the shower as it is water proof.....you can drop this in water and it will still work afterwards. The small pad produces alot of suds and feels wonderful on the skin.

My dislikes: The replacement of the pads can be a little bit pricey especially for everyday use. To constantly have a cleansing pad on hand for daily use is a bit much that is unless you plan to only use Wave Sonic once or twice a week. The pink round part of the cleanser that grips the cleansing pad seems to pop off each time I remove a pad - which is ok because it is really easy to pop back on but having to constantly do so is a little annoying.

My Experience: I didn't really see a gradial improvement in my skin tone, texture, or clarity being that I used it for about 10 consecutive days but it really seems to be perfect just for 'on the spot' or immediate results....Just like I mentioned beforehand the brightness of my skin was noticable right away, but over time my skin didn't really look all that different than to begin with. I really like the way it makes my face look after usage so my favorite time to use it is right before I apply foundation as it gives my skin this smooth and clear palate to work on.


-It is gentle enough to use everyday but I do not use mine everyday instead I use this once every 2-3 days.

-Does not have a strong or weird scent.

-Uses AA batteries to operate and makes a quiet sound.

-Don’t confuse this one with the original Wave. The original Wave utilized vibrations - The new Wave Sonic utilizes rotating scrub action.

-Is available in most drugstores, Walmart, Target, and select grocery stores.

-Cost $14.99, refills $5.99

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Jul 1, 2011

How to glow like a supermodel!

You asked so here it is! I love the way makeup is done on supermodels...they have this sheen or 'glow' to their cheeks, something I adore! Fortunately achieving that look is fairly simple. While I'm not certain exactly how the real supermodels do their cheeks I can definitely share with you how I achieve that glowy-sunkissed look on my cheeks.
 I am excited to share this makeup tip with you all because it's just in time for summer! Perfect for breaking out all those pretty nudes, pinks, and shimmers for the face!

#1 Concentrate on applying blush where you normally would apply the so-called 'highlighter'.

I depise when I'm told to smile and apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. While makeup is there to beautify us all we must also look at the other reason why we apply makeup: To look younger. Because of this I apply blush higher than the apples of the cheeks. Gossmakeupartist explains this quite well in his video below, check it out.

#2 Instead of using a matte blush use a blush with shimmer.

....But be careful to not use a blush with shimmer overload. Pick one that has a nice sheen and pretty shimmer. I have one too many blushes with shimmer so my choices are endless but my favorites at the moment are Neutrogena healthy skin custom glow blush/bronzer duo, MAC blush in Peachtwist, and MAC Mineralized skinfinish in So Ceylon. The shimmer creates a distinct glow on what would be the highlight area of the cheek bone for that glowy look.

#3 Brush a tiny bit of blush on the top portion of your forehead.

This step is totally optional but I love the look it creates. A few centimeters below your hairline is where sun normally hits on your forehead so I love applying a little bit of blush on this area as it gives my face this cute and beautiful glow.

#4 Last but not least, don't contour.

We are trying to achieve a glowy look, not contour our bones out like in drag LOL but seriously just for this Glow like a Supermodel look, don't contour your cheeks....save the contouring for another day!

Pic examples below.....

If you love to apply 'highlighter' just by habit go ahead and do so but apply it with a light hand so that you do not cover your blusher.

Have a great summer!!