Jul 21, 2011

Fromm Hair Shaper Razor

My new found love! I'm saving my money for other things and handing my own hair cuts now! Sorry hair stylists, I gotta do it!

The Fromm Hair Shaper Razor #107:

-Traditional Stainless Steel
-Blade guard
-Light weight
-From Sally's, only cost me $4.49 plus tax

I have always cut my own hair as far back as I can remember because my issue with hair stylists is that I have attempted a hair appointment for a cut and have been disappointed miserably many times! It seems as though I can never achieve the cut I am aiming for, Talk about frustrations! So to put an end at future hair fiascos I decided to cut my own hair....

-Save money (and gas!)
-Achieve the look you want
-There are sites (Google) that offer step by step instructions how to cut your own hair as well as youtube tutorials

The medium size hand held razor looks like this, is not heavy nor is it cheap looking. I love the way it has grooves as to skip and add dimension to the hair.

I love to razor my hair beforehand and then use a flat iron to create a straight look that is sleek just like in the pic below:

So I'm sold.....I tried it and loved it and I continue to razor my hair every 2 weeks or so. Here is just one example of how my razored ends look:

What is your favorite hair styling tool? :)

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  1. HI there! I was just wondering where you bought your razor? I am living in Winnipeg and I just couldn't find a cheaper way to get one. Thank you.