Sep 1, 2014


Just my luck, after I get rid of those wine colored lipsticks from my stash because they "...were so 90's, like yesterday!" I end up receiving the most gorgeous wine lipstick just in time for the trend.

Manic by Urban Decay....This 'brown wine' trend was quickly adopted in the fall of 2014 and has been the hot topic among lipstick addicts like myself. The color does look a bit 90's....I remember the lipsticks I had in my crystal clear lipstick holder that sat atop my dresser along side with my Caboodles. I'd apply this wine/brown color to head out for the movies with my friends, but not before talking on a house phone about the latest Beverly Hills 90210 episode! All my 80's baby readers know what I'm talking about! Wine/brown back then was timeless. Sailing the trend waves on the lips of lots of beautiful actresses and singers, Drew Barrymore, Shannon Doherty, Selena, Spice Girls! Red is now the timeless color, another one of my faves but I'm pretty glad Wine/brown decided to make a comeback...I absolutely love it.

Manic. Proves to be just the color missing from my lipstick library. It's a soft wine color, according to Urban Decay. It is so unique. If I may, it has this weird purple-lish tint to it....

But just because my lips are a little bit dry and out of shape doesn't mean I can't rock the prettiest lipstick to date. Revolution lipstick has Maxi-Lip which is a trademark detail - it provides lips with nourishing oils, keeps them plump, full looking, and moisturized. For this demo I lined my lips with the matching liner in Manic...both play well as far as extended wear go. I love the color, it's so drenched and rich. If I may, I would like to say it feels a lot like the Revlon ColorBurst lip butters but not as light or slippery. Revlon's CLB are a tad on the glossy side and Revolution lipsticks are semi glossy...Not too sure why I chose the CLB's to compare to but it's what I had on hand.

20 different shades to choose from. $22 each. The lipstick tube is gorgeous. Shiny darkened metal on the outside, purple glam on the inside. Engraved Urban Decay on the lipstick cover. Just gorgeous!

Disclosure: All items were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

Jul 11, 2014


Streak by Urban Decay is a beautiful trio of face powders that can be used each on their own or by swirling a powder brush into the entire compact for a different shimmery effect. I personally love using each on their own and it has quickly become a daily staple in my makeup bag. A gem of the Naked Collection by Urban Decay, this compact sells for $32 and what you get is a one of a kind beige-y powder (left), a very gorgeous shimmery highlight powder (middle) and a coral-y blush (right). And if this color combo isn't your cup of tea there are 3 other sets to choose from,
Naked, Native, and Strip - all with similar color palettes but each very unique.

The bronzer powder (left) I rarely use as a bronzer. It's actually very close in color to my own complexion that it would be difficult to acheive any bronze-y action to my face, so instead I chose to use this color as a setting powder to add a hint of luminousity to the skin. From the moment I applied it this way, it's been love at first swipe....I have worn it like this ever since. If you feel that the bronzer powder is your complextion match exactly then do try it as an all-over powder, you'll find the results amazing!

Beauty Balm. Where do I start?

This stuff is amazing! Retails for $34. It's an all around, foundation primer slash moisturizer slash luminizer slash BB cream slash sunscreen! And has anti-aging properties....Just wow! I can dab on a small amount under foundation and it gives the best finish. Regardless of which brand of foundation is used, the beauty balm improves the complexion almost like magic ;) I have tried with L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, MAC, Urban Decay, and Covergirl. The results are always nice. Below is just a sample of what Naked skin Beauty Balm can do....I'm wearing with L'Oreal Tru Match Lumi W5 and Streak. You can wear the beauty balm by itself if you really wanted...I'm a huge foundation fan so I really wouldn't be comfortable wearing it by itself, I have though just around the house but I really think it looks beautiful when worn with foundation. It is luminous and just really glowy. There is only 1 underside: I don't like how the very small shimmer particles end up on my fingers instead of being all transferred to my face as I'm applying. It's definitely to be expected but I do end up with a generous amount. Many times I've tried to avoid it by applying with a foundation brush instead of fingers but with the same dilemma. Aside from the one setback the Beauty Balm is an awesome craft.

Disclosure: All items were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

Jun 10, 2014

Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Floral Values by Wet n Wild

Wet N Wild (393A) Floral Values

Not impressed.

It's not typical that Wet n Wild create a bad eyeshadow palette, at least out of the past few years. All the other palettes I currently own are tremendous in quality and value (all under $5 each) and have all been put out in recent years. Gorgeous pigmentation and beautiful colors which this one seems to fall extremely short of. 

I have the Naked Truth quint which happens to be a beautiful neutral palette

...not sure why Floral Values came up short as far as pigmentation and performance.

After several attempts at Floral Values I gave up. The shadow is chalky, the colors are not strong, the colors fade, it's hard to blend and it has lots of fall out.

Rather disappointing big time, especially since the colors are pretty and the very pale/almost white pink near the top is pretty good and so is the darkest color, a rich dark eggplant purple with tiny glints of pink shimmer - actually the only 'good' shadows in the whole quint.

Here are the other quints available besides Floral Values
Art in the Streets 
I'm his Breezey 
The Naked Truth 
Tunnel Vision

In the collage below I demonstrate how chalky and unruly the pigmentation is. Left side I used eyeshadow primer and right side with a moisturizing eye primer. This was after numerous 'packing on' of the actual shadow which didn't make much difference since the color looked like it was disappearing within seconds. After a while the shadow was barely noticeable, like it just vanished into thin air.

Thank you Wet n Wild for making great affordable eyeshadow palettes but I think you should take this one back to the drawing board! :)

Jun 7, 2014

New: Urban Decay Eyeliners

A new matte black eye pencil has taken over my makeup bag in place of Urban Decay's Zero. It's a beaute....I love how matte it is, like pure charcoal but of course safe for the eyes :)

The new Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet eye pencil, Ink for Eyes and All Nighter eyeliner are here to make us eyeliner gals swoon. 

Here are swatches of the 3, sorry for a lack of a better photo but I was dying to write this out as soon as possible. Top to bottom: All Nighter Eyeliner, 24/7 Velvet in Black Velvet, and Ink for Eyes.

Ink for Eyes dried out tremendously before I even got the chance to swatch it/use it for the second time. I remember using it for the first time, for a wedding and it lasted great throughout the night - this was almost a month ago....I went to swatch and take pictures just last week and this is the amount available (above) I'm not sure if I just got a bad pen or if the cap wasn't on tightly enough but it is almost completely dried out, I can't use it at all. For this review I used it for a few strokes before it ran out. I'm devastated as I love using liquid eyeliners...It's a must during my makeup regime. For this EOTD I used Wet n Wild black liquid liner.

Quick Purple Eyes:
MAC Pink Bronze pigment on the lid
Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister on outer V and crease
Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet pencil Black Velvet on lower waterline and lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on shadow pencil in Delinquent under Black Velvet and smudged
Wet n Wild black liquid eyeliner top lash line
Black mascara

I purposely made this quick eye to demonstrate the Velvet Pencil. I love how matte and dark it is. Absolutely one of the darkest if not as dark as the Milani Liquid-eye eyeliner pencil, both are very close in comparison but are not duplicates. Unfortunately I do not have the Milani pencil anymore so that I may swatch it up close. In regards to other 24/7 eyeliner pencils, the Velvet is not any different. If you are familiar with any of the UD 24/7 eyeliner pencils you'd know they are great as far as pigmentation and lasting quality goes. They come in an array of colors and of course versions of black. The 'Velvet' is just another version of a black - a matte black to be exact. Out of all the black 24/7's I found the Velvet to be the darkest and blackest.

All Nighter Eyeliner

It is definitely shinier. In fact I had trouble identifying what I would do with this eyeliner because I detest using it as upper lash line eyeliner since pencils tend to skip on my lids AND they usually purposely leave a small empty space between the line and where the hair folicle is. I hate that. Always with liquid eyeliner am I able to get in those nooks and crannies between the hair folicles....I end up with a perfectly covered lashline and a perfect line. That was a mouthful, I hope I've explained it well enough. I would use it on my lower lashline but.....what was the purpose of all the other glorious black pencil eyeliners such as Zero, Oil Slick and Velvet? So I tried it on the lower lashline just for experimental purposes. I don't like my lower lashline eyeliner looking too shiny but I sort of like the way it doesn't exude too much shiny. I guess it would work for only on the waterline near some pretty pop of color on the lash line. I'll try that next time.

All Nighter is a long-wear, waterproof eyeliner that comes in a retractable slim case. I wanted to see the true quality of 'long-wear' so I decided to take photos in increments. I love the intensity of the liner, a very true black and as I mentioned before minimal shine.

My first application - Intense and didn't budge, it pretty much stayed this way for 2 to 3 hours. Excuse the eyebrows I wasn't quite done cleaning them up :P

This is my 2nd photo - This was after 4 hours of wear, to be honest the liner stayed as I first put it, but waterline seemed to wear just a little.

This was my last photo - After 13 hours of wear and overnight with it on. Lots of wear with waterline almost gone. 

Eyeliner Details:

24/7 Velvet $20
Ink for Eyes $20
All Nighter $20

No other colors at this time. Available at or in stores now (check Sephora, Ulta, Macy's or Nordstrom).

Disclosure: All items were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

May 30, 2014

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Foundation - Soft Beige

Neutrogena's Nourishing Long Wear foundation is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as expressed on my recent Instagram photo...

I'm shade #50 Soft Beige, which at a glance at the bottle didn't think would be my color at all, it just seemed too pinky and beige-y....I soon found that it oxidizes slightly if any at all. It was the perfect color, although I do wish more drugstore foundations came in strong yellow or golden undertones. I have a strong yellow/golden undertone. Sometimes I find it difficult to color match in the drugstore.

My foundation routine: 
I've been lemming over the Healthy Skin Primer as of late, top with Nourishing/Long Wear and Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind eraser concealer for under the eyes. 

What I love....  is that it is fluid on the face, it moves with isn't cakey, dry or tight...promoting the best of your skin, in that silky and slightly dewy airbrushed finish. This can quickly be compared to a long time favorite of mine, MAC Studio Fix. The coverage is medium to full and blends easy.

How it did 'Long Wear' wise:

The first 2 times actually wearing it on it's own with just moisturizer the foundation seemed to do pretty good. It had minimal transferring. I always do the nail test on my foundation - I lightly scrape my cheek or forehead with my clean fingernail just to see if foundation comes off, in which not all foundations that I own do this...but when I scraped with this foundation it...not really something I was looking for. Suppose this was a stay put foundation (like Revlon's Colorstay-that foundation is stuck on!) then I would be looking for very minimal transfer and a full face of foundation after hours of wear (which I have done previously with other foundations). Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear actually does say Long Wear so I would have to put this in the same category as Colorstay...I'm not saying either is better than the other, just to say that I would expect the same longevity with each. NNL was actually a pretty good 'longwear' foundation...Um, but the transferring is what sort of bothered me, it's minimal when I'd prefer it to be very minimal :) Definitely not a deal breaker because of the other reasons I totally love NNLNNL feels so great on the skin, I can't mentioned it more than enough times. It's comfortable and offers a moisturized feel when wearing throughout the day. Just to give you an idea - to those of you that wear foundation - picture wearing pretty comfortable foundation with no powder, foundation that is not oily but dewy, and feeling pretty light, almost as if you don't have any on at all- this is what it feels like. Just all around comfortable and moisturized.

That Beautiful Finish:

I don't wear powder on top of my foundations, like at all. I just feel that they take away from a healthy glow. Very seldom do I wear powder, only on special occasions. This foundation is pretty awesome at creating a soft almost air-brushed finish. Not a powdery finish, but a smooth finish. It's pretty hard to explain. I just love the way it's buildable without being cakey. In the lower face shots (with flash) you can pretty much see how it is truly.


Not too many cons with this foundation other than it needs a foundation pump. I find the foundation a little too thick to pour, I've had to tilt over the bottle to dab onto my foundation palette which still is too thick to shake out. My suggestion is grabbing a clean swab and manually grabbing as much foundation as you need-but the downside with this is that you waste a little product absorbed in the swab. I wanted to also mention NNL has no scent at all, if any it is barely noticable.

Nourishing/Long Wear in natural light no flash 

Remainder of face shots are with flash
Please excuse my wild hair nestled on my forehead, it never fails I always get that wild strand in shots :D

Neutrogena Nourishing/Long Wear foundation details:
-Currently comes in 8 shades
-Contains nourishing antioxidants, soy, light diffusing powders and vitamins that improve skin texture over time.
-Retails at participating drugstores for around $15.99 for 1 fl oz.

Disclosure: All items with an exception of Maybelline were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

May 17, 2014

May 10, 2014

Sofia Vergara Fragrance Giveaway: CLOSED...

This giveaway has ended!

I've updated the deadline for May 17th 2014 - 11:59pm central standard time. Good luck to all who have entered so far!

This giveaway is going to be so fun!

The awesome and ever so hard working people from AB PR are kind enough to send me a bottle for a giveaway strictly for you all - my readers. Sofia Vergara's new fragrance ($55) won't even hit shelves until September so if you nab this one you'll be one of the firsts :) Make sure you enter for a chance to win your very own bottle only on my blog, especially if you are a fan of Sofia's (or even if you love fragrances!) I haven't had the chance yet to capture the scent yet but I'm intrigued :) 

You'll have about 2 weeks to get your entries in...
Giveaway is from May 10th 2014 - May 24th 17th 2014!!

How to enter this giveaway! You can do one or more of the following...If you do more you boost your chances! 

Step One - Pin this giveaway article on your Pinterest! 1 point

Step Two - Share this giveaway article on your Twitter! 1 point

Step Three - Post a comment! You can comment about anything you'd like - What is your favorite perfume? What are your favorite makeup brands? What are your plans for the summer? Just a few ideas :)

Step Four - Share this giveaway article on your Facebook! 2 points

Step Five - 'Like' Lali Amora Beauty Blog's Facebook (Like button located below!) 2 points

Remember!....There will only be 1 winner. Raffle is over as of 11:45pm US Central standard time on May 24th 17th 2014. I will announce winner via blog article as soon as raffle is over. All the ways to pin, share, or tweet are easily done by clicking the small buttons right below this article - If you are using mobile the Pinterest option doesn't appear. Giveaway is subject to change at any time, for example, giveaway can be called off if not enough entries.

Good Luck! Stay Gorgeous! 

Apr 1, 2014

Pregnancy Food Eats for my 6-7 month belly :) My Food Diary! Food Added Daily :)

What I need is a delivery 18-wheeler to bring me a stash of all my favorite cravings at the moment lol I constantly run out! Cravings aren't the same either....One day I'll crave marshmallow peeps but 2 weeks later they're more than a distant memory. For the most part I'm craving alot of cheese, sweets, and tender meats like pot roast, guisada, and tender shredded chicken hugged by a warm soft tortilla. Here are the foods that take me to heaven :)

*Remember to enter my raffle giveaway for 1 bottle of Sofia Vergara's new fragrance here! 

Now onto the food :)

Carne Guisada Tacos

Lemon Meringue Pie

Cheese and Crackers

Cheese Danish. Bonus if mixed with Fruit Jelly :)

Deviled Eggs (Filling slightly sweet!)

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Cheese Enchiladas

Breakfast Tacos. Bacon, Sausage or Chorizo included is a must :)

Cheese Pizza. Plain just the way it is :)

Lemon Jello

Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze and Pineapples

Barnum's Animals Animal Crackers. 
I can't find a monster bag of these, if anyone knows let me know, lol :)

Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches

Chicken Gorditas

Sweet Shaved Ice

Oatmeal with brown sugar, butter, and raisins

Soft Pretzels with cheese dip

PB and J with only Butter Krust bread :)

Rudy's Fried Fish - 
Where else? :)


Sweet Tea

Rice Pudding

Fried Egg Sandwich - Dripped like this and only with Butter Krust bread :)

Pollo con Calabacita

Pico de Gallo

Homemade Chewy Granola Bars

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Shrimp and Pineapple


Turkey Sandwich - 
Turkey, amer cheese, avocado, lots of lettece and tomato, mayo and mustard on honey wheat or Butter Krust bread :)

I once added it in my ice cream, yum!!! Lord knows how many bags I've eaten already haha :)

Meatballs. Any kind, but I prefer sweet and savory :)

Bacon Burger 
- I prefer mine with no cheese, no onion, on wheat with extra lettece and tomato :)

Banana Bread 

- Hands down the best recipe is Martha Stewart's. It was yummo, made it today :)

Contains safe links :)

Pic credit: Some by Pinterest and Urban Spoon.