Mar 17, 2011

Glamorous Mirror and Opulent Shimmers

Some CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) finds are hard to resist. Here is a luxurious compact mirror perfect for my purse, with a stunning highlight powder....

"Radient shimmer powder illuminates skin with a hint of golden opulence. Silky, lightweight formula is perfect for all skin tones. Sweep across cheekbones, decolletage, anywhere you want a holiday glow."

Find your nearest CCO at

Protect, Prevent, Treat: Everyday is Skincare Day

Hola everyone!

Since makeup buying for me is a no-no during this Lent season I decided to change up my skincare technique just a tad. This perfect opportunity gives me a chance to really try out an assortment of great skincare products! I know skincare products that do specific things are everywhere, can cost anywhere from $2 all the way up to $250 (and possibly higher!) and can be a bit overwhelming when making a final decision, so today I list a few of my favorite skincare products as of right now...Most importantly bringing this info to the table for all you gals out there that are seeking to try out new skincare products for yourself.

Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser


Why I like it: Improves appearance of skin. Improves texture, clarity and firmness. Helps to hydrate during the day.

-Contains 5 Fl Oz-Need a small amount for entire face
-Light pleasant scent

Roc Eye Cream, Retinol Correxion


Why I like it: Targets pre-wrinkle areas around the eyes. Contains Retinol. Reduces dark circles when used daily, Reduces eye puffiness.

-Contains .50 Fl Oz-I use a small amount on outer eyes and a small amount in other areas for anti-aging benefits

Olay Regenerist Anti-aging Regenerating Serum


Why I like it: Moisturizes like a dream. Contains Anti-aging ingredients. Can be used under facial moisturizer and under makeup. Skin feels soft and hydrated after application.

-Contains 1.7 Fl Oz
-Need about 3 pumps for entire face and neck

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum Synchronized Recovery Complex

1 oz     $49.50
1.7 oz     $77.50
3.4 oz     $125.00

Why I like it: Anti-aging properties. Repairs past damage to the skin.

-Just 3 drops for the entire face and neck-No scent

Clinique Moisture Surge - Extended thirst relief gel creme


Why I like it: Moisturizes and softens face. Absorbs quickly and plumps up skin a bit.

-Almost no scent
-Jar contains 1.7 Fl Oz, a tiny amount is needed for the entire face

Mar 11, 2011

Fun Colored Eye Lenses

So my obsession with colored contacts has started and probably will continue! I made my first purchase at a mall in a lovely store that sells clothes, jewelry and a small variety of makeup and there staring right at me was a small case full of brightly colored contacts. I knew I had to try at least one pair before buying other colors so I bought Sugar Gray
Fine and Clear/RainbowLens Color Cosmetic Lens, Blendy's Sugar Gray B-01

Now judging the contacts on my eyes you would have never associated ‘gray’ with the way they look on me…my eyes are naturally medium brown and the contacts when worn on my eyes look brown hazel, brown hazel with looks like it be a hint of dark green on the iris. I would really like to wear them outside of the comfort of my home but I find these really uncomfortable to wear! I’m not sure if it is the material for which these are made of or if it is the size. On a lighter note I did notice that they looked a bit more natural than any other color I saw in the stores case...but I couldn't determine that until I try them on.

Product info:
Fine and Clear Contacts: RainbowLens Color Cosmetic Lens
Price: $19.99 a pair
1. Certification: FDA Approved
2. Method: Casting Mold 100% (Soft Lens) in Blister
3. Contains: 38% water and 62% Polymacon immersed in saline
4. Size: B.C. 8.6mm DIA: 14.0mm
5. Power: 0.00
6. Expire: 1 to 3 months
Go to for more information

A few days passed and I just had to check out the other colors and decided on getting Caribbean. All I can say is wow! When I first put them on I knew instantly that I loved them but honestly when I wear them I feel like I’m walking around with alien eyes! They are pretty to look at but I'm not sure if I'd actually wear them out? Maybe…. just maybe to go out to dinner or maybe to go dancing but never for daytime wear, yes they are that intense in color!

Fine and Clear/RainbowLens Color Cosmetic Lens, Misty's Caribbean M-02

-Sorry if the pic is blurry :/ ....Both colors seem to possess that circle lens look, what I mean by this is that when I wear these lenses my eye size gets a bit larger, noticeably because of looking at the outline of the iris.

Just like the Sugar Gray ones the Caribbean ones are uncomfy! It’s disappointing because I really like to wear colored contacts, I’ve worn colored contacts in the past and I know how they are suppose to feel and etc, but with these I can’t find myself to wear them no more than 10 minutes.

I did buy another pair of lenses from a different brand...I threw away the packaging and totally forgot to write it down, oops! I’ll do a review on those soon.

Other places have been recommended to me to try out…I have already made a wishlist!
If you wear colored contacts, what are your favorites brands and colors?


Mar 8, 2011

Lavender Creme, A Spring Pastels Look

Nothing dramatic...A look that is very subtle with flavorful spring pastels and bright but muted lips....Use the dark eyeshadow on the outer V with a light hand...

Products on my face:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Warm Golden
Physicians Formula mineral wear powder
Hard Candy heavy duty concealer
MAC blush Peachtwist

On the Eyes:

Prepped with Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer
All over the lid - Color Concept palette (from CVS) no name lilac color
On Outer V only - MAC Carbon eyeshadow
Upper lashline liner - Maybelline Line Stiletto
Lower lashline smudged - NYX eyeliner Seafoam Green
Lower lashline (outer half) smudged - MAC Carbon eyeshadow 
On Lashes - Sephora Lash Plumper mascara

For the Eyebrows:

LA Colors Traditional eyeshadow palette
Darkest brown on brows
Brow highlight - Lightest white
Inner Corners of the eyes - Lightest white

On my Lips:

Prepped with Carmex lipbalm
MAC Blooming Lovely lipstick