Mar 27, 2012

San Antonio McQueen Fashion Show

San Antonio’s own talented student fashion designers show us their spin on fashion…

Last Saturday we were shown an array of creations designed by students of the International Academy of Design and Technology. This particular show was special as they kept their style icon in mind to cut and clip their way for something special. As a tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen, the show was indeed amazing...

Lee Alexander McQueen passed away 2 years ago but his legend still lingers. It is no surprise that the younger generation would embrace his style to inspire their own creations.

I was there to enjoy the fruits of their passion. Sitting quietly, I enjoyed the fast and exhilarating DJ music blaring in the museum turned catwalk room...Pic credits to Platinum Pixels Photography-

Designers : Mark Anthony, Abneris Gonzalez, Awlida Legarreta, Agatha Nagel, Jacob Soto

Hair and Makeup by: Salon SevenTwenty 

Producers of the fashion show: Aimee de Jongh, Jillian Mata, Sasha Varela

Mar 23, 2012

A Little Bit of Indulging

I compiled a list of items I wanted to try first, for example the YSL Volume Faux Cils Luxurious and the Shocking Bold felt-tip eyeliner pen before choosing addictive items like lipsticks, LOL. I wanted to stay clear of the lipsticks and glosses because I have so many...But for me, passing up a lipstick? It's like a bee passing up pollen swollen flowers! :) I kept eyeing them but took a deep breath and concentrated on my list which mostly consisted of powders, powder brushes, eyeliners, and mascaras. I was looking for a good powder to swipe over my new Garnier BB Cream, which I'm totally loving. Anywho, I went on a high-end haul and came home with a few things.

First stop was to check out some Pure Colors by Estee Lauder...but I really wish they had more of a color selection. I knew I wanted some sort of pink shade so Fuchsia Flame was my best choice. It is a creme finish and is one of the best quality polishes I own.

Estee Lauder Pure Color - Fuchsia Flame

The YSL deluxe sample gloss was complimentary of the associate from Saks, she knew me from when I would shop more frequently a few months back so she was kind enough to throw in a few samples. This shade is really nice, it's the Golden Gloss in #4 Golden Fuchsia. I actually really like the Golden Gloss line, these glosses are smooth and soft and come in a huge array of colors...Best of all they contains less than 0.2% of real 24 carat gold flecks :)

Originally I wanted the Chanel powder brush but when I tested it out at home it was sort of scratchy...I was a little disappointed with Saks return policy, as it seems they made a big deal that I had already used the brush, even though they had never given me any problems with returns previously...So I'm not sure what their 'deal' was that day....Honestly, if I am going to spend $60 on a powder brush, it better be pretty darn worth it! As soon as I returned it, off I went to find one that I liked. I tried MAC in search of the #134 but they were out so I finally found one I liked from Sephora, the Rounded Powder #49...and best of all does not scratch my face :) Which brings me to the Clinique Powder. I had used this powder previously while in high school and really liked it so I'm giving it another chance. Look at how big the brush is compared to the lid of the Clinique powder...that is big!

Clinique Blended Face Powder #3

Last but not least, my order from Nordstrom came in, dropping off 2 of the YSL Effet Faux Cils 'Shocking' Bold felt-tip eyeliner pen in Black. From what the associate was telling me at Saks, this pen has continuously sold out, so when I found it at Nordstrom's website I ordered 2. I love the bold and outrageously black color it gives, the felt tip pen is very convenient and easy to use. Meanwhile I went to Saks and picked up the YSL mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious because I heard great things about it.

Next on my list....The YSL - Vernis A Levres Glossy's calling my name!!

Mar 10, 2012

February Shopping

A month full of Pink and Red mostly to celebrate Valentines Day, I was actually getting tired of it! But I did find some cute pencil bags and somehow suckered myself into getting the Nicole by Opi nail polish with the hearts. I found the new NYC lipstick very interesting. Wet n wild 'blue' eyeliner was on clearance and I picked up another NYX shadow pencil in Milk. The Avon balm was complimentary after I placed a jewerly haul, I mean order :)

-Revlon np 'Tangerine'
-Sephora np 'That's my Fuchsia Husband'
-Nicole np 'Have a Heart'
-Petites np 'Craze'
-NYC lipstick
-NYX Jumbo eye pencil 'Milk'
-WnW Liquid eyeliner 'Blue'
-Avon lip balm

The new MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick is divine. I also couldn't resist the clearance items on Urban Decay's website...I registered my email before I placed my order and wind up getting a 10% off coupon! I got the Fun Palette along with the 24/7 shadow pencil stash, and a 24/7 pencil in Woodstock, and a sample.

Fun Palette includes eyeshadows: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, and Psychedelic Sister
1 24/7 pencil in Oilslick and a deluxe UDPP.

Pencil Stash colors: Clash, Sin, Juju, Rehab, and Delinquent

Sample is Afterglow blush in Quickie...

I changed one of my Sephora cards to match my birthday for February so I could take advantage of this years Sephora Birthday gift which is 2 deluxe samples of Sugar lip balm. I did it this way because I am afraid it will run out before my real birthday in July.

I have more but the picture got deleted :( Will share next time :)

Mar 8, 2012

Lashblast 24HR Mascara

There is good and there is bad.

I honestly can’t remember a time when I was both dissatisfied and satisfied with something! Although there is a first time for everything, I wanted to discuss this mascara. Feel free to discuss in comments below. I really would like to get your input if you have tried this mascara!

At first, I felt like flinging it out the window. The packaging is what bothers me the most. A long time ago I tried the original LashBlast and couldn’t bare the width of the wand. I am a short girl with small hands, plenty of you out there with the same, no? but holding the darn thing was nearly impossible without it slipping out of my fingers… Applying mascara + wand falling + trying to catch it= Not a pretty sight…Then, the large to small bristle smeared mascara on my eyelid while applying, it was enough.... My experience taught me to avoid listening to recommendations and just go by my own judgement. I hadn’t touched another LashBlast for years, until this one came along.

It’s the exact same wand, same packaging (just different color) and called LashBlast 24 hours. My thoughts immediately were that I would need to buy a pencil grip for the wand because if it slips out my hands even once I will curse it and fling it out the window. But I tried it and I really liked it. Once again I hated the smear on my eyelid, but I was willing to overlook it…because by the end of my 12 hour day, my lashes were still intact and curled just like they looked in the morning when I first put it on. I was amazed….and proud to announce that I have never experienced this with any other mascara, ever.

Reasons I like it: It holds the curl! Have you ever curled your straight lashes only for them to straighten out again once you’ve applied your mascara? Grrrr. It gets to me everytime. But luckily for this mascara the curl actually holds…and very well! The last of the curl is also great. In my own experience it lasts at least 12 hrs.

Reasons I may dislike it: Wand design and packaging. Another reason it’s not my favorite is for the length and volume factor…it doesn’t do much for length and I don’t see much for volume either.

Overall: If I need to keep my lashes curled for long periods of time this is my ‘go-to’…otherwise I am better off sticking to a volumizing and lengthening mascara.

Would I re-purchase? Yes, probably so.

Mar 3, 2012

New Sonia Kashuk Bag

The Sonia Kashuk makeup traincases have just been put up for sale in Target so I grabbed one thinking it was on clearance for 11.88 but at the register rang up at 8.58! This was a good deal especially since they were originally $18 and up and I went in search specifically looking for a new traincase. They had a good range of prints to chose from but I picked up this one since I loved the pink ribboning detail against the animal print.

I don't care too much for the big Sonia Kashuk printing on the inside but I do like the 'SK' zipper charms, it adds a classy look to the bag.

It contains 3 levels or space, the top level mostly to store brushes which comes with a neat plastic lip to cover the exposed part of the brush. Also in this level is a handy zipper pocket to store mostly anything especially something small, which I found is best. The second and third level is just a big space to put your remaining makeup...I have color in the middle organizer and face stuff in the bottom organizer.

I got it to take to work because I have found those tiny 1 zipper makeup bags just aren't cutting it...especially since I wind up taking alot of different products with me to do my makeup at work. :)