Mar 8, 2012

Lashblast 24HR Mascara

There is good and there is bad.

I honestly can’t remember a time when I was both dissatisfied and satisfied with something! Although there is a first time for everything, I wanted to discuss this mascara. Feel free to discuss in comments below. I really would like to get your input if you have tried this mascara!

At first, I felt like flinging it out the window. The packaging is what bothers me the most. A long time ago I tried the original LashBlast and couldn’t bare the width of the wand. I am a short girl with small hands, plenty of you out there with the same, no? but holding the darn thing was nearly impossible without it slipping out of my fingers… Applying mascara + wand falling + trying to catch it= Not a pretty sight…Then, the large to small bristle smeared mascara on my eyelid while applying, it was enough.... My experience taught me to avoid listening to recommendations and just go by my own judgement. I hadn’t touched another LashBlast for years, until this one came along.

It’s the exact same wand, same packaging (just different color) and called LashBlast 24 hours. My thoughts immediately were that I would need to buy a pencil grip for the wand because if it slips out my hands even once I will curse it and fling it out the window. But I tried it and I really liked it. Once again I hated the smear on my eyelid, but I was willing to overlook it…because by the end of my 12 hour day, my lashes were still intact and curled just like they looked in the morning when I first put it on. I was amazed….and proud to announce that I have never experienced this with any other mascara, ever.

Reasons I like it: It holds the curl! Have you ever curled your straight lashes only for them to straighten out again once you’ve applied your mascara? Grrrr. It gets to me everytime. But luckily for this mascara the curl actually holds…and very well! The last of the curl is also great. In my own experience it lasts at least 12 hrs.

Reasons I may dislike it: Wand design and packaging. Another reason it’s not my favorite is for the length and volume factor…it doesn’t do much for length and I don’t see much for volume either.

Overall: If I need to keep my lashes curled for long periods of time this is my ‘go-to’…otherwise I am better off sticking to a volumizing and lengthening mascara.

Would I re-purchase? Yes, probably so.

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