Mar 27, 2012

San Antonio McQueen Fashion Show

San Antonio’s own talented student fashion designers show us their spin on fashion…

Last Saturday we were shown an array of creations designed by students of the International Academy of Design and Technology. This particular show was special as they kept their style icon in mind to cut and clip their way for something special. As a tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen, the show was indeed amazing...

Lee Alexander McQueen passed away 2 years ago but his legend still lingers. It is no surprise that the younger generation would embrace his style to inspire their own creations.

I was there to enjoy the fruits of their passion. Sitting quietly, I enjoyed the fast and exhilarating DJ music blaring in the museum turned catwalk room...Pic credits to Platinum Pixels Photography-

Designers : Mark Anthony, Abneris Gonzalez, Awlida Legarreta, Agatha Nagel, Jacob Soto

Hair and Makeup by: Salon SevenTwenty 

Producers of the fashion show: Aimee de Jongh, Jillian Mata, Sasha Varela


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