Jun 30, 2010

Favorite Nail Polishes

....Yes, of all time!

I've been meaning to write about my favorites for so long but never made the time to get them together for a picture! There is only 1 polish missing from the bunch and actually I can't seem to locate it. It is a polish by Sally Hansen diamond shine called Princess. I may be mistaken about the name but it was a cute gorgeous light pink shade....Even though this one may be gone, I'll probably have huge luck finding a dupe anyways!

So to start off here they are, they are in no particular order. All my faves, some newer than others:

Rimmel London - Hypnotise: a dark burgundy creme. It's really unfortunate because I've noticed that Rimmel has stopped this formula on their polishes, which is the Minerals formula.  I really like this shade because the color is dark and unique.

Sally Hansen - Glossy: dark blackened maroon w/burgundy copper shimmer. This color is unreal, at first glance it looks pure black but in sunlight and close up it is a rich dark black base with tiny little burgundy and copper shimmers. A gorgeous shade which unfortunately I think may be discontinued soon :(

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps: A red jelly base with tons of ruby red glitter. Of course how can I deny this color to be my favorite as this is the color of my birthstone. I love red, anything red, red is one of my most favorite colors....and to add more fuel to the fire, I love glitter!

China Glaze - For Audrey: a creme light teal or 'Tiffany' color. The best light greenish blue against my skintone. I have a second bottle as I'm afraid it may be discontinued.

OPI - Fair Dinkum Pinkum: a creme light pink with tiny silver glitters. The polish is a creme but has tiny silver glitters, not shimmer. Love the color for the summertime!

Sinful - All About you: a bronzy jelly base with tons of gold glitter. Again with the glitter, what I love about this polish is that you only need abot 3 coats for your nail to be completely coated with glittery gold goodness!

OPI - Mod About you: a creme light purple with a few silver glitters. Just like the Fair Dinkum Pinkum, only in purple pastel!
Revlon - Cherries in the snow: creme raspberry reddish color. I'm in love with this color. It's the perfect reddish raspberry color. It doesn't look too reddish and not too pink either, it's a gorgeous shade.

NYC - no name # 104a: light teal jelly base with light teal shimmer and light teal and green micro glitter. Ok, so this color happens to be my oldest and most favorite out of them all. I can't find another, and I'm hesitant to use it. The color is amazing, I don't have an acceptable dupe for it but believe me I'm looking!

Covergirl - Disco Dazzle: clear polish w/silver glitters and silver hex holo's. This bottle is my second and it one of my favorites as a topper. What I love most about the polish is the hex holo's, just gorgeous!

Shady Lady look

Using my Shady Lady palette was awesome due to the fact that the shadows are easy to manage and are true in color. I just wanted to clarify that this palette is mostly for earthy or neutral looks...whatever color you fancy you can use to your liking.....You can use only 1 color by itself or dress it up by adding color in the crease or adding a contour color, etc.

Sure you can't really identify a bright, funky color in the palette but you can also spike it with the darkest shade for a dramatic look.

Anywho, here is the Soft greenish Taupe look I came up with:

I remember briefly talking about the palette in my May Haul posting but just to reiterate the palette can be found at Sephora.com, I'm not sure about Sephora stores, I have checked but found nothing. I found that buying The Balm products from their website are cheaper since Sephora.com will charge you tax and shipping.
The Balm also offers a few other beauty products such as lipstick, blush, and tinted moisturizer to name a few...and the packaging is quite cute as it echos a similarity with Benefit cosmetics!

Sorry...I had to!

The palette has plenty of neutral colors....and they are very versatile.....

What I used:

On the lid - Insane Jane
Contour area and lower lashline - Makeout Mary
Crease and outer V - Bossy Bobbi
Highlight and inner corner - Devilish Danielle
Upper lashline - Maybelline Line Stiletto
Mascara - Loreal Voluminous, Carbon Black
Lower lashline liner - MAC Smooth Blue Technakohl liner

Revlon Colorstay foundation makeup Natural Tan
Prescriptives camo concealer
Physicians Formula bronzer
MAC blush Peachtwist

NYX Ever liner
Sally Hansen moist and matte lip color Linen

Jun 24, 2010


*Message from Lali Amora, 8/31/10,
Hi everyone! I was excited to see that most of you have been brought to my blog, specifically the Lady Gaga Tutorial post whether it be from a Google search, or Yahoo search or otherwise. I am so glad you decided to drop by! I ask of you, pretty please, to leave a comment after reading the Lady Gaga post, it helps me decide whether these are the kinds of tutorials readers like you are interested in and would like to see....yes your input is important to me! Thanks again for visiting my blog, and welcome! 

What I admire most about Lady Gaga is that she is not shy when it comes to her fashion and makeup. Many of her looks come out as amazing and outlandish, which are looks that I love.
Lady Gaga 'Telephone' Video...One of my favorite videos....Here today, I've tried my best to re-create her gorgeous look, as she was the inspiration...It may not be exactly as hers but it is my own take on it, hope you all enjoy it. The video featured many different looks and provided a vast array of color....The remake of my look was from the kitchen scene at the diner, provided with just a few screen shots of her makeup. Original makeup artist, Billy B. for Lady Gaga, created an amazing blackened blue smoky eye.

I applied foundation eye level and above, I colored in my brows and put MAC Gesso e/s as highlight...
Apply tape from outer last lash to almost edge of eyebrows, like shown below...
Apply the dark blue color by starting at inner contour area and glide it in a straight line to outer 'v' area...

Apply dark navy color near outer edge of eye and outer 'v'

apply the dark navy color as a cut crease and blend...
apply a lighter blue color on entire center lid and blend in...
afterwards, remove the tape...

Apply liquid eyeliner on upper lashline and apply the purple shadow on lower lashline, I used Beautyrush, Plum Crazy...the purple eyeshadow will only serve as a base for now, we will add on more purple shadow after a few more steps...
Apply the inner corner color, here I used Gesso again...
now apply the black eyeliner on lower lashline & lower and upper waterline...
Apply liquid eyeliner on edge of the shadow you placed earlier, connect it with your upper lashline liner...at this point as well, you can apply a more vibrant purple shadow to your lower lashline and afterwards clean up any fallout...

In this pic, I've already applied my concealer, mascara, foundation and started contouring and adding blush to my cheeks...

Last but not least, apply a vibrant pink lipstick such as MAC Girl About Town...

For finishing touches, I've lightly blended harshlines and lightly swept Gesso e/s under the outer liner line to make it stand out...
My mis-matched earrings provided a hopeful tinge of Gaga's creativity.

Products used:

MAC Gesso
MAC Deep Truth
MAC Contrast
MAC Submarine
Maybelline line stiletto eyeliner Black
Beautyrush, wet/dry shadow Plum Crazy
Sallygirl Baked eyeshadow color 'purple' or #388127
Almay intense i-color eye pencil 01 Midnight Black
Loreal Voluminous Mascara carbon black

Revlon Colorstay foundation 360 golden caramel
MAC transparent finishing powder
Prescriptives camo concealer med. 04
Maybelline expertwear blush Plushed Plum

NYX lip liner 835 Pinky
MAC Girl About Town lipstick

Jun 17, 2010

Vacation Haul

The coast is where I need to be...The weather is nicer, the people are nicer, and the stores are always kept stocked with my favorite makeup things. What I like most about the coast is that everyone there is so relaxed and easy-going, the people actually CARE about you...The city is kept clean for the most part, and what I've noticed is that a majority of the people there are in good shape! How is that possible with an array of delicious restaurants flooding the small city! lol While at the coast, I'm happy and stress-free, and I don't even have to be on the beach. Here is what I think of the coast in a nutshell: When I'm here in my city I'm fed garbage, while I'm in the coast, I'm fed gourmet :)

This is a list of my haulage while I was there...Most of my findings I know I may have been able to find in my own city, but in my opinion it's always better when it's something you buy while on vacation, especially in the coast :)

- Versus perfume by Versace

- Revlon lip shimmer in Golden Nectar, Biglots find for $1

-Revlon nail lacquer in Plum Seduction, Walmart. I mostly bought this color to wear to the beach one of the days I was there, I had only brought red, pink and blue nail polish from home and thought this color would look nice.

-2 OPI nail polishes from a local grocery store, 2 for $6, Fit for a Queensland and I only drink Champagne.....This grocery store rocked because they sold Spa Ritual polishes, NYX cosmetics and an entire stock of OPI colors.

-MAC nail lacquer in Rougemarie....In. Love. With. This. Color.  Is by-far the most gorgeous bloody red I have ever seen, I may get a back-up of it! :)

-LA Colors nail lacquer in Wired....by Dollar Tree :)

-Revlon Colorstay foundie in #360....Needed due to my golden tan

-2 Sallygirl eyeshadows from Sallys, Turquoise and Purple Haze which I've never seen in Sally's before?

-2 Savvy eyeshadows from Sallys clearance table, both were $1.50....Cool Mint and Blue Moon, very nice colors

-LA Colors Mineral eyeshadows, which I was super stoked about getting....I've never really seen these in my city....I got Purple, Black, and Teal (Teal is an awesome color, before I left I picked up 2 more backups of Teal) They had other colors but I wasn't interested.

-Last but not least, a Jane blush, which I found at Walmart to my surprise still carried the collection. I would have hauled more if Walmart had marked them down. This color is Blushing Blossom and it is pure love....color payoff is great

Oh, the Escada bag in the background was a free gift for purchasing the Versus....
Have a great TGIF and a wonderful weekend! Please let me know if you want swatches of anything or if you have questions!

As per readers request, I will be doing swatches of a few nail polishes...I'll post on Saturday with that :)
 here is a mini-sneak peak of my next 2 FOTDs.......


Jun 14, 2010

Last Haul of May

Just got back from the coast and I'm dark! I know I'm just a little tan all year round but this time I think I went from an NC40 to an NC 44 at least, lol! Anywho, I had a blast....I love family time, we all enjoyed ourselves, can't wait 'til next year :)

Ok, so as you may have guessed I did a little shopping while I was there...haha. Of course I had to scour the Dollar Tree eisles and see what they had to offer at the local grocery stores as well. Can't wait to show you all the goodies I found! But for now, here is the rest (and finally the last!) of my haul from May....

Finally got to try the LA Colors foundation Mystic in Beige...I will be doing a review on it....I really like it!
NYC Creme blush South Street Seashell from Walmart....I'm suddenly into Reddish nailpolishes so I got Rimmel Stiletto Red...And I received a coupon for one Sally Hansen nail polish and took home Iced Coffee, a beautiful Khaki color :) at CVS took advantage of the 75% off Maybelline lipsticks- Born with it and Windsor Rose...Speaking of the 75% off sale, I love Essense of Beauty brushes so I found a Contour Brush for $2.99, last one and I ran with it! :)
At Walgreens I wanted a palette I've never tried before and I've been eye-ing Milani quad in Earthly Delights and Aubergine e/s. I wanted to try Jordana eye kohl's so I got Espresso.
Found out that Target now carry's ELF, which to me is not a big deal since I rarely do ELF, but decided to try these single e/s....Ivory, Dusk, Golden Glow, and Periwinkle.

At the Dollar Tree I found these cute eyeshadows in Bermuda Sunset and Mystic Blue.

Jun 13, 2010

Winners of the Polishes Giveaway!

Congrats to Sara Nicole and Evil Angel! You are the winners of my Basket Full of Polishes giveaway!

Jun 10, 2010

May Haul Part 3

My MAC order finally arrived after a few days of chasing down the UPS man after him leaving notes at my door...lol

I got the chance to try Tokidoki and a review will be coming up soon!

SO here is part 3 of my May Haul, I still have one more to show you, I guess I went overboard that month, LOL

I took back the MAC cream blush that I wore in a previous FOTD, I think it was called Style? Yeah, that color was meh....didn't like it that much so I exchanged for MAC's Ladyblush, which was a much better color....very pretty. I got an eyeshadow in Sorcery, a pretty reddish brown color, an eye pencil in Teddy which is a frosty chocolate brown (fall and winter colors)... Alas, I got the new lipstick from To the Beach in Beachbound....OMG, very pretty color, it made my skin glow when I put it on :)
The Tokidoki palette is super nice, very pigmented, long lasting...this one is in Bastardino..Packaging is super cute....

.My favorite color from the palette is the golden beige color on the upper right hand corner. I also got a single eyeshadow in Skeletrina- a matte vibrant royal blue.

American Apparel has a few new colors so I picked up California Trooper, Summer peach, and Mount Royal...
I got 2 Borghese nail colors recently from CVS, marked down 75% off, these colors are Cannoli cream and Milano Taupe...if you love these check out CVS for the sales!

Cute dog? :D

Jun 5, 2010

Purple Wildflowers Makeup

To commemorate the Los Angeles Lakers and their final stretch of the NBA Finals, I've decided to create a ridiculous eye look especially for the team and their victor. Of course the bright golden yellow and deep royal purple are not for everyday, perhaps there could be a way to tone it down a bit, but simply for the occasions I've decided to spunk it up. This look would be perfect for the actual game, a watch party or just to show team spirit on game day. If you are a Celtic fan, please click here for a green and white FOTD! I just love NBA Finals so I may be wearing the looks on the next game day...but which one am I going for? Celtics or Lakers...Hmmmmm :)
Anywho, on to the look: 
If anyone thinks I should create a video tutorial of this look please let me know yay or nay :)

On the face-
Maybelline Mineral Power foundation Natural Beige
Maybelline Dream Matte powder Honey Medium
Prescriptives camo concealer
NYC Smooth Mineral loose blush Almost Apricot
MAC Mineralize blush Daft Pink

For the eyes-
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
Bissu quad, bright matte yellow e/s
MAC e/s Floral Fantasy
Urban Decay e/s Fishnet
Urban Decay e/s Ransom
Urban Decay e/s Zero
MAC e/s Ricepaper
Love my eyes 1061 Outspoken liner
Sallygirl baked e/s 388127
Revlon colorstay eyeliner
Loreal Bare Naturale mascara

On the lips-
Benefit lip pencil Lush
Wet n Wild lipcolor 525D
LA Colors 'tease' palette-bright yellow e/s

Jun 2, 2010

May Haul Part 2

The month pretty much went by super fast! I’m counting down the days left for school and I’m eager to get the summer started! First up: I had the pleasure of sampling Bath and Body's new summer Vanillas scent Lemon....I fell hard for this scent, it is sweet and tart and smells delish, just like a lemon merengue pie :) I bought the lotion only and then went back for a backup lotion and the spray.

I wanted to split up this haul because I've been waiting eagerly for my MAC 'To the Beach' order to arrive, so instead of just showing you what I got from MAC on a separate post I'd thought I'd save half of my haul to show you along with the MAC order, when it finally does come...That's basically the driving force that is keeping me from just dashing right over to my nearest MAC store and purchasing all of the collection! knowing how pretty it is...lol...so part 2 of this haul is coming up pretty soon in a day or two...

The 2 Sally Hansen HD polishes I bought from Walgreens ‘DVD' and 'Spectrum' ....pretty cool colors, I would describe them as ultra shimmery but not glittery, I first called them a Dazzleglass polish because it is what would result if a MAC dazzleglass and nail polish got together, lol :D

The Aero makeup bags were on clearance for $4, SH Jumping Jade nail polish was from Target and I picked up a few Sinful 'pinks' from Walgreens: (left to right) Beautiful Girl, Cream Pink, and Pink.

I was organizing my drawer with alot of drugstore lippies and came across 2 CG Wetslicks glosses I forgot I bought back in April. I got Candy and Tutu. On that same day I got the CG eyeshadow trio.

The Profusion palette I was telling you about a few days ago has been winning over my heart. I just love the formula of all the shadows, most are shimmers but are lovely
I hauled these Sally Hansen Moist and Matte lip colors from the Dollar Tree because of a haul video I saw by Elena or FUNKYEYESHADOW. Let me tell you, if you can get your hands on these please try, for a dollar you won't be disappointed...These are the bomb! haha - oldschool words, but yeah! :D I got Linen, Satine, and Chiffon.
Last by not least I was looking for a great neutral palette for everyday and came across Shady Lady, which is sold at Sephora. I went over to see if I could find it in the store but they didn't have it so I opted to buy it from TheBalm.... Shipping was free and they sent me a sample as well. I love the colors! I'm excited about this palette :)

Oh yeah, my new nail polish project still a work in progress but I will show it to you once it is finished!

Everyone have a wonderful week! Please ask away if you have questions, Remember to join my nail polish giveaway if you haven’t done so already!

Jun 1, 2010

| Basket Full of Polishes - Giveaway! |CLOSED|

Calling all Nail Polish lovers! I thought I'd put together a few baskets full of my faves and treasures hunted down from Dollar Tree, CCO, Big Lots and other stores so that I can giveaway to you lovely gals :) For a chance to win just leave a comment to this post.....

Good Luck everyone! Deadline is June 9th, 2010 :)

UPDATE JUNE 12, 2010