Jul 22, 2009

Blush collection + Tell me about your first blush!

Blush collection
I know it isn't much and as much as I love blush I should have more :)
but you can only collect so much before they all start to look the same....

Tell me about your first blush!

I'd like to know what was the first blush you ever owned & wore all the time or if you didn't even know if it was the right color! I had one by Covergirl that I wore all the time, I'm not even sure if they make it anymore!
So tell me about your first blush in the comments section of this post :)
My Blush CollectionClick pic to enlarge

The Wet n Wild one on the lower central right called 'Spotlight Peach' is actually a blush that had 4 stripes..Well I accidentally dropped it and it cracked so I powdered it and re-pressed it as a 4 combo to make 1 color, it came out pretty interesting... haha

My new & first love blush by MAC in Peachtwist is not pictured, I just got another Peachtwist this past weekend, it was actually my first blush ever from MAC, I used it up like 3 times over

Ask me if you have any questions...If you want me to do swatches of them all please let me know!


  1. wow, that is some collection! I don't have any blushes as I have naturally rosy cheeks!Sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse!ha ha

  2. i want ur blush stash, my first blush was an nyc one that I wore all the time..the wrong way ofcourse I would just sweep it on my cheeks

  3. Liparazzi: I wish I had natural cheeks, I look so pale in the mornings, you must have great skin too...what a blessing to have! :)

  4. Loving your collection!

    Blushes are my new love. lol
    I would love to see swatches of the NYC, MAC, and Milani.

  5. Rai: Thanks & will do swatches tonight!

    Yah, blushes have always been an important thing for me :)

    Talk to you soon

  6. O-M-G Blush heaven ! =)

  7. oh my goodness!
    i have one shade of blush!
    i'll be trying MAC Peachtwist :)

  8. MaryJesse: I looooooove blush :)

  9. Brigitte: Yes, Peachtwist is really weird because it is peachy pinky with a weird light peach sheen to it, but it's subtle, simply ahhh-mazing!

  10. I cant remember my first blush but I love your collection. I'm nowhere close to yours. I only have like 3 blushes & I only use one.

    haha. None of them are MAC or anything expensive either.


  11. Can I just ask what does 'NP' stand for? I can't figure it out? If anyone can tell me what it mean, that would be great, thanks!

  12. The 1st blush I ever owned was by wet and wild in tickled pink.