Jul 10, 2009

My thoughts on the LORAC Double-feature Concealer

What they say it is....
"LORAC Double Feature delivers red-carpet-worthy correction and perfection. Cover undereye circles and hide blemishes with this oil-, paraben-, and fragrance-free full-coverage, long-wearing concealer stick and blend in with the blender ball. Then use the paraben-free, moisture-rich liquid highlighter to lighten and brighten under eyes, highlight your cheekbones, and help diffuse fine lines.
Made without:Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes - Phthalates....
The concealer and highlighter are color-coordinated and can be worn individually or together for the ultimate picture-perfect performance"

product: 3 stars out of 5

packaging: 5 stars out of 5

quality: 2 stars out of 5

overall : 3 stars out of 5

would buy again? no

where to buy: Sephora, sephora.com, Ulta stores, ulta.com

pros: packaging is amazing & wonderful, highlight portion of product is very nice-has good pigmentation and gives good light reflects, blender ball works only on face skin not for under eye skin.

cons: concealer doesn't conceal anything, concealer is greasy, concealer ends up CREASING into fine under eye lines, blender ball can't be used under eye since there is alot of tugging, only 3 color choices, over-priced ($24), not much of staying power.

My thoughts on it: I wish I could buy the highlighter separate because I really like it. I thought of just keeping it for the highlight portion but thought that would be a sin since the highlight amount is tiny and the whole unit cost $24. The concealer stick creased horribly on me. I have found that even cheaper brands of concealer don't crease on me. I have tried many concealers and can honestly say that this one is the worst of them all-which is disappointing since the highlighter is great and the packaging is super-great. At first I thought the blender ball was a bit too gimmicky and ridiculous, but the blender ball I found to be too harsh for blending under the eyes, especially since the ball isn't a smooth blender instead it skips and tugs on the skin, which is not good for under eye skin. The blender ball works great anywhere else on the skin like on the forehead, chin, and cheeks. I usually place the highlight directly on the lower portion of my undereye for the light refracting appearance.

Overall: Not completely satisfied w/this product. I would not recommend to anyone. Would not purchase ever again. LORAC will need to step it up a notch as far as the concealer goes. Would like for LORAC to make the highlighter available for purchase separately :)

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