Jul 2, 2009

Bronzy lippies, Avon, Sallygirl Hauls

Finally decided to slow down spending *haha* but still managed to pick up a few things thru-out the month. For some odd reason I had a nack for bronzy lippies and I got more than enough as you can see. I think my favorite out of all of them is the Loreal one. And I'm still amazed that I found the zebra print wallet, I've been looking for a animal print wallet for sometime now and was super excited that I found this one, the best part is that it is hot pink on the inside!

Benefit cosmetics was getting rid of their silk lip pencils as of last month, for reasons unknown they decided to discontinue them, not sure why since these lip pencils are amazing! Soft and pigmented with nice neutral colors. My favorite: the color 'Lush'...So upon finding out about the boot I decided to order backups, at the benefit website they offer discounts on all their Buh-Bye's products so I got these for $8 each? I think :/

Avon quad, I needed a great neutral Mocha Latte palette and this one is ah-mazing!

New! Maybelline Stylish Smokes 'Neutrals smokes' quad, colors are nice (they have 3 other color combo's, I got mine at Walgreens)....

Black lipstick by Santee, which is good because I prefer Santee over Nicka K or Jordana anyday, the scent of the lipstick is yummy :P

My new found love, Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in Immortal Love....*anxious to go buy all colors*

I needed this color, and Loooove it

My new MAC Folie because my other Folie was looking like a hot mess, Folie has to be one of my favorite of MAC e/s's I looooove it :)

I looooove 'Minted' and 'Smoothblue' is very pretty, Minted is my favorite though..both by MAC

I found the last piece to the puzzle, a pan of 'Carbon' which is right on the lower right corner. I already want another palette, what is wrong with me?! :D

first palette....

I got 2 defining ELF brushes. I don't know why it took me forever to try these, they are A-Ma-Zing!! I've literally tried almost every ELF product out there and never once did I give the defining a chance,haha. I put in an ELF order a few days ago and ordered 3 more and some other stuff, can't wait!

Inside of the Zebra Print Wallet

Swatches Top row-left 2 right: MAC Minted, MAC Smoothblue, MAC lipstick Diva, Santee lipstick Black, MAC e/s Gesso, MAC e/s Carbon, Kat Von D Immortal Love, Avon quad,
Bottom row-left 2 right: Maybelline quad, Covergirl 'Sugar Maple' lipgloss, Santee lipstick 'Chocolate', NYC Ultra Moist 'Cafe' lipstick, Maybelline lipstick *can't remember name, sorry! :( , Loreal Endless 'Boundless Bronze' lipstick, MAC Diva.

I also got a second Dream Matte powder -Honey Beige- I love this stuff. Looks light in the pan but is actually a good color for me :)

My Clean sample scent which smells interesting :/ I'm not loving it but not hating it either, it smells fresh I guess!

The one & only Grisi Aloe face cream...is like a dream, light and comforting and smells phenomenal, and does not clog pores!
That's it for my haul!
See, and just when I thought it was finished I forget a thing or two! geesh!

I'm running out of my NC40 so had to get more, and honestly I almost bought NC42 knowing that summer is here and I tend to get darker but Nooooo, my skin wants to stay light! So I'm back & forth trying to decide on the 40 or 42 :D
The Loreal Loose shadows I think I did a previous haul post on these? No? I must be losing my mind then :D Anyways, I picked them up at my Dollar Tree for $1 each, these pigments are amazing, they have great pigmentation *are good dupes for MAC pigments* . What I like about them is that they are very soft and easy to work with. Dollar Tree currently has like 10 colors but I got the colors I thought were the prettiest.

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  1. $1 dollar are u serious?? how cool. I want to pick up the Maybelline Dream matte too.. I'm a NC42 would u recommend that same shade?