May 27, 2011

Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation

I will always love a perfect foundation, you know the kind that gives your face this clean and flawless look...which for me is something I try to achieve everytime I wear makeup....Because of my love for perfect foundation I felt the urge to boast about my newest find!

 I've been trying Rimmel London's Match Perfection foundation for a few days now, and which if you could actually take a peek of my makeup collection, hasn't really been a brand I'd go out of my way to purchase (Well, except for Vintage Pink lipstick, lol). A few years ago I bought a Rimmel eyeshadow which caused my eyes to have an allergic reaction (my eyes puffed up), but besides that I just ceased buying any of their products in fear I could be allergic to some ingredients. Putting my worries aside I decided to try out Match Perfection. It must be said, and I think Rimmel would agree, that some of the foundations in their line lack color selection, but Match Perfection blew all other convictions away. I chose my color and the rest is history.

I wanted to start out writing about this foundation by listing all the good things about it....Where do I start?

-Priced perfectly. I've seen Perfect Match retail from $6 to $7.99. I paid $4 for mine since it went on sale for $6 (using a CVS Extra Care card) and I had a $2 (CVS coupon) off coupon for use with any beauty item. I bought the 'nude' color since 'warm sand' was a bit too dark.

-Coverage. I'm just snowballing here but think if a Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix came together in union....Match Perfection is what would result. It covers like a dream and is blendable, and if I may say blends much easier than Colorstay but is not 'medium to buildable' like the Studio Fix....

-SPF. Sun Protection for the face is super important.

-Keeps face hydrated. I'm a combo skinned girl, some 'hydrating' foundations don't work very well for me but I have to say that this one is different. It keeps my skin hydrated, moist, and supple but at the same time reduces some of my T-zone oil....hard to explain in detail.

-Little goes a long way. The thickness and blendability of Match Perfection deems it necessary to apply very little and get maximum coverage. This is outstanding in capacity. The bottle contains 1 fl ounce.

My Experience wearing it all day:
Once applied it stayed on very well and feels comfortable. It leaves a moisturizing effect on the skin. My skin felt hydrated all day, if I may say it felt more on the sticky side. I was afraid to apply finishing powder on top of the foundation because I felt it may feel too cakey, so I refused to apply powder afterwards. The many times I wore the foundation the color lasted 8 + hours, which is very good. I've only had to re-apply around my lips area after wiping my mouth during lunch, but other than that it stays on very well. I did have some concern about transferring which seems to occur after hour 5. Very little oil was visible on my T-zone area, that was without blotting and without setting powder. I feel the foundation on my skin just a little bit which may give an inkling that it could feel a little heavy, but I am not bothered by it.

What is Smart Tone Technology?
Rimmel London Perfect Match, as stated in Rimmel's website, is supposed to mimic skin tone. Blue Sapphire complex pigments offer radiance for a fresher colour. Gimmicky it may sound but as far as this 'skin mimic' claim goes, I wouldn't be able to completely agree nor disagree since 'Nude' seems to be my perfect skin color match. Not knowing 100 percent if it is the color or the 'skin mimic' aspect I guess is something I may never know. I did end up buying a shade darker (Warm Sand) for summertime use.

Good Price for a comfortable med to full and buildable coverage foundation, Good shade/color selection, Good for dry skin types, Contains SPF, Drugstore foundation, Lasting quality, Blendability, Packaging

Scent (soft floral scent) could be overpowering to some, May feel too hydrating or sticky sometimes

May 20, 2011

Closed - Giveaway! Let me know how you stay Sweet, Cute, Daring, or Chill!

Win a basket of P&G goodies!

Leave your comments in this post, I will randomly choose 1 person as the winner!

I would like to know:

How do you stay Sweet?

How do you look Cute?

How are you Daring?

How do you stay Chill?

I share my own ideas below.....Are we alike? Just let me know!

My idea of staying Sweet: I try to smile each and every time I talk to somebody, and I love to give small gifts or greeting cards as much as possible to my friends or coworkers with a birthday or anniversary!

How I look Cute: Some of you can relate to this, lol....Everytime I go out, I always end up color coordinating my clothes and jewelry...I try to match everything! Simple is not my taste, most of the time, hee hee! Along with a cute outfit I match my earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Sometimes I'll add in a matching hair clip....Oh! and matching nail polish is a must!

How I do Daring: So maybe rock-climbing or sky-diving isn't something for everyday...haha! Instead I do 'Daring' with my looks - it is something I'm creative with. If I'm going out sometimes I feel like daring to wear bright blue eyeshadow, orange lipstick, or pink glitter eyeliner. I am not a daring person when it comes to clothes because I love being comfortable and stylish at the same time. So my only option is to go all out with either my hair, makeup, or nails :)

How I Chill: I am just myself :)

Below are videos of Talent sharing some of their own ways! Watch them and see how many of us share some of the same ideas and concepts....

Deadline to submit your comment is May 27th 2011!

Good Luck!

Thank you to all that entered, I will be having another giveaway very soon!


Roots Only hair color applicator

It is a re-usable, easy to use hair color applicator that can concentrate on coloring roots!

I color my hair very seldomly but next time I decide to change up my color I'll be sure to use my Roots Only applicator :)

 Marie Yamazaki was kind enough to send me a new patented Roots Only hair color applicator to use and enjoy and possibly review. Since I didn't plan on coloring my hair just yet I did try it out using shampoo in the bottle. I have seen comb 'thinga-ma-jigs' and spoon-like hair color applicators before in individual hair coloring boxes but I've never really seen one quite like this before....

Reasons why I like it:

-Easy to use
-Bottle is soft so squeezing is easy
-Liquid comes out evenly, not too fast and not too slow
-Comb is long in length so it covers a good amount of hair per application
-Bottle can hold a little more than 4 oz of liquid
-Easy to clean after use
-Bottle is perfectly sized, it is not obnoxious so it doesn't take up alot of space on your bathroom shelf

Roots Only hair color applicator comb costs $5.99 and at a good price since it is re-usable. For those in the cosmetology/hair styling industry you can order 2 or 3 at a time at a discount.

Visit for more information

May 9, 2011

ELF Spring Beauty Books

A slight step-up from their previous Beauty Books and Encyclopedias, I feel they have created some beautiful palettes/books this time and put forth a little more effort in the quality of their eyeshadows, pigment and color-wise!

-What I love about ELF Beauty Books-

-Very Versatile
-Amazing Price
-Nice for travel

Here is the Neutral book with a few swatches of my favorites....(my baby got into it, see her scratches on the eyeshadow surfaces, LOL) 

The beautiful and amazing Smoky book....

Bright and colorful selection of colors, Here is the Bright book....

-Product Details-

$5 each
Limited quantities available
12 eyeshadows in each book
Weight .85 oz, 24 grams
Comes with a black eye pencil and sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator
4.5 Star Rating!
Visit for more info!

May 6, 2011

Mary Kay Foundation Primer Review

-My Thoughts and First Impressions-
During my trial period at a Mary Kay party I did like the way it made my makeup flawless, almost an airbrushed appearance which made a likable factor and overpowered the fact that my makeup looked to be sliding off about 4 hours later...but I did want to try it out with my normal everyday foundation (MAC studio fix fluid or Revlon colorstay). I took the wearing of the primer too lightly as I am not a fan of Mary Kay foundation for 1. Because they don’t offer a perfect color match of my skintone and 2. I don’t want to have to track down a consultant or order off the website whenever I need to replenish.

As soon as I felt it on my fingers I knew that it would be something I was iffy about. For one, it seems to evaporate pretty quickly between my rubbing between fingers and during face application. My small but plentiful amount didn’t seem to be enough for my face, so just the idea that more might be needed seemed to be problematic. I like products that call for very little (little goes a long way)...Because the consistency is a dry emollient type of gel I don’t know exactly where or if the product is applying evenly on my face. In order to ensure eveness I would have had to apply 3 drops sometimes even 4 to ensure total coverage.

So for the first couple of tests after my application my skin felt smooth and felt masqued by the primer but no less than 30 seconds later I felt uncomfortable and was getting the feeling my pores were clogged. I hate feeling that way, so to avoid and surpass this discontent I rubbed tissue on that area to sort of eleviate the product, if I was actually removing product is beyond me but at least it did comfort and cease the feeling. The very first time I used the primer I did break-out a small amount.

Blendibilty is somewhat an annoyance and tricky, Dries pretty quickly, or is absorbed too fast into the skin is my assumation. Nevertheless blending needs to be done quickly, May clog pores too quickly which may cause a blemish (according to my experience), Too expensive for a below quality product, Caused me to break out a bit, Does not extend wear with or without the use of Mary Kay brand foundation.


When used with Mary Kay brand foundation: My skin looked great. Flawless, airbrushed, smooth, even, and true to color. This look did not last. Mary Kay brand foundation slid off and began to transfer.

When used with other brands of liquid foundation: Skin looked nice and flawless, airbrushed and even BUT 4 hours after application my skin felt too moist, oily, shiny, and foundation begins breakdown. My makeup started to slide off, rubbed off with the slight placement of my hands or fingers, transferred to tissue and papertowels and powder puffs. I looked ridiculous with bare spots on my face from where I was easily removing makeup with a tissue that I just nearly tissued off all my makeup and called it a day.

What they say it is/does:
"This must-have foundation accessory perfects skin as it enhances foundation benefits and extends wear. Glides on like a dream so makeup applies smoothly and blends easily. Its patent-pending, oil-free gel formula is mineral-enriched to absorb oil and diffuse light for skin-perfecting benefits. Dries to a lightweight, matte finish and can be used with any Mary Kay® foundation."

Product Details: Costs $16 plus tax, Contains 1 fl. oz, is packaged in a light pink squeeze tube that is easy to use, has a faint flowery scent that is not bothersome.

Product: 1 stars out of 5 (The only reason I gave 1 star is for the way the primer makes foundation look flawless.....for a few hours)

Packaging: 4 stars out of 5

Quality: 0 stars out of 5

Overall: 1 stars out of 5

Would buy again? No

ELF lipstick Classy

It's moisturizing, creamy, color-drenched, cheap.....what more can you ask for?

I admit when I first saw these on the market I was a little hesitant to try out, even at a buck per tube. When I found them at my local Target I picked out a color and tried it on in the car.

-First Impressions-

I thought to myself, 'Wow, nice and creamy and the color is amazing!'
At first they felt a bit waxy but I put a second coat on and the color covered all of my natural lip pigment. I was amazed at how soft and moisturizing it felt. So difficult to explain but the color is buildable, with each coat the color is very true to color which I can appreciate :)

(pic of 'Classy' with no flash photography)

I went back and bought another, hee hee :)


So the packaging is not 'all that' but it is acceptable. The plastic casing doesn't feel cheap, but it isn't the best design either...I see it this way, it could be worse. The lipstick doesn't desend all the way down, you have a good 2 or 3 centimeters of lipstick still sticking up. I love the way the color of the lipstick shows through on the side of the tube.

-Product Details-

The cost...only one dollar :) The product contains 3.5 grams and comes in six additional colors with a total of 7 to choose from. There is a very faint fruity scent which is not bothersome at all.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box

'A highly pigmented multi-color powder compact that will surely bring out your inner foxy lady. Each box contains coordinated shades that blend together perfectly and a custom Hard Candy applicator brush. Sweep across chin, cheeks, and forehead and unleash the foxiness in you!'

I love this! What I find most interesting is that it is highly pigmented so you need a tiny amount on your blush brush and a very light hand to create the most perfect peached cheeks. I bought mine at Walmart (where else? lol) and cost me $5.99, great price for a high pigment blush.

-Lasting Power-

When I wear this it stays on all day. I can appreciate that kind of staying power because I really don't like to re-apply during the day. I find it stays on whether I'm wearing liquid foundation, powder foundation, or primer under my makeup...whatever the case, it lasts!


How cute is it? :) I find that it resembles much of Benefit's boxed blushes and bronzers. This one comes with a cute tiny blush brush on the inside cover of the box, I don't use it since it is a bit harsh on the face, nevertheless, it is cute!


Using the above picture as reference, the lighter pink color is a nice light pink color with very low frost and shimmer which can be used as a highlight color on darker skin tones....from my experience, the color is a nice small tint of color on my beige tan skin. The peachy warm color on the right side is the star of the product. It is a beautiful warm peach color which shows up on the skin just as is in the packaging. As mentioned before, you need a very light hand and a small amount on the blush brush to create the perfect color on the cheeks. 

-Product Details-

 Just comparison to Benefit's boxed face blushes and powders, HC Fox in a Box 'Skinny Dipping' contains 5.7 grams of product where as most of Benefit's contains 12.0 grams. HC Fox in a Box costs about a fraction of what Benefit's boxed blushes, compare HC at $5.99 and Benefit's $28.00.

Visit to see other boxed colors