May 20, 2011

Closed - Giveaway! Let me know how you stay Sweet, Cute, Daring, or Chill!

Win a basket of P&G goodies!

Leave your comments in this post, I will randomly choose 1 person as the winner!

I would like to know:

How do you stay Sweet?

How do you look Cute?

How are you Daring?

How do you stay Chill?

I share my own ideas below.....Are we alike? Just let me know!

My idea of staying Sweet: I try to smile each and every time I talk to somebody, and I love to give small gifts or greeting cards as much as possible to my friends or coworkers with a birthday or anniversary!

How I look Cute: Some of you can relate to this, lol....Everytime I go out, I always end up color coordinating my clothes and jewelry...I try to match everything! Simple is not my taste, most of the time, hee hee! Along with a cute outfit I match my earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Sometimes I'll add in a matching hair clip....Oh! and matching nail polish is a must!

How I do Daring: So maybe rock-climbing or sky-diving isn't something for everyday...haha! Instead I do 'Daring' with my looks - it is something I'm creative with. If I'm going out sometimes I feel like daring to wear bright blue eyeshadow, orange lipstick, or pink glitter eyeliner. I am not a daring person when it comes to clothes because I love being comfortable and stylish at the same time. So my only option is to go all out with either my hair, makeup, or nails :)

How I Chill: I am just myself :)

Below are videos of Talent sharing some of their own ways! Watch them and see how many of us share some of the same ideas and concepts....

Deadline to submit your comment is May 27th 2011!

Good Luck!

Thank you to all that entered, I will be having another giveaway very soon!



  1. Enter me! I stay 'Chill' by thinking about the way we can't change life, we don't sugar coat anything, I tell it like it is.
    To be 'Daring' I choose to get tattoo's....because it expresses what I feel and love.

  2. Hey Erica, great contest!

    How I stay:
    Sweet: always smiling and saying thank you, always respecting one.another and doing nice things

    Cute: I try to piece certain things together to make a cute outfit, always use accessories such as belts, hats,rings, etc to make the look stand out.

    Daring: wearing things no one would really wear or wearing bright colors.

    Chill: staying at home, in my sweats watching tv

  3. How I stay:
    Sweet: By enjoying the company of my family over good Bahamian food and a glass of sparkling white wine or strong Bahamian beer 'Kalik'! I'm a total foodie, so if you want me to be sweet, then you feed me lol!

    Cute: By adding a touch of colour to my look. Whether it's eyeshadow, blush, lips, or even a brightly coloured blouse or shoe. I love colour and I think wearing colour brings out my skin tone and I think that that's cute!

    Daring: I try to do different looks with my nails, bold colours, designs. I also try switch up my hair by cutting, colouring and perming it every few months.

    Chill: By taking cool showers, moisturizing my skin with products to keep it young and supple.

    Love the giveaway. I totally agree with you on being both comfortable and stylish. I never wear heels unless I know that I will be sitting for the majority of the time. It makes no sense to be in pain while others are enjoying themselves.
    xoxo, KK

  4. How do you stay Sweet? Always being considerate and nice to others. The sweetest girls are the prettiest.

    How do you look Cute?
    By being colorful and playful. Add a touch of your childhood daily. May it be an outfit or the colors you used to like.

    How are you Daring?
    Always try new things. Never let anything hold you down even if its your own. Cut your hair or dye it, it will grow back. No one has ever gotten famous by being mediocre and staying in their safe zones.

    How do you stay Chill?
    Keep Calm and have Coffee. Having "me" time is always good for you. May it be five minutes driving to work playing your favorite cd or reading your favorite book.


  5. How I stay sweet is by always smiling and staying positive no matter what cuz when you have a job liked mine (dental assistant) its only fun if you don't let negative patients get get to you!
    I look cute by always wearing very original earrings and having my make up done up nice because I wear a uniform everyday you have to think of special ways to make yourself memorable!
    The way I'm daring is by always being informative I like to read up on my joband always have intresting and fun facts I follow up by stating the year and organization the study was done with!
    I stay chill by going to the park with my son and laying on a nice comfy blanket while reading my awsome kindle!

  6. How do you stay Sweet? Smile smile smile =) .

    How do you look Cute? My heart stud earrings or a touch of pink lipstick or blush makes me feel/look cute!

    How are you Daring? I'm always up to try something new. If I don't like it, I'll try something else.

    How do you stay Chill? In my comfy clothes, hair tied back. Facial mask on, nails did, & watching my fav shows in bed.

  7. Sweet: I try to stay sweet by treating people the way I want to be treated!
    Cute: I try to wear clothes that flatter me!
    Daring: I will try most anything once! If you don't try it, you'll never know if you like it!
    Chill: I love to hang out at home in comfy clothes just chillin'!

    jessicartodd at gmail dot com

  8. How Do I Stay :
    [Sweet] I Smile Everyday :) Even If Im Having A Bad Day Because If Someone Is Having A Bad Day Also. By Sharing Your Smile With Them I Hope It Makes Them Feel Atleast A Bit Better
    [Cute] Just Like You; Always Color Cordinate My Clothes When I Go Out :)
    [Daring] I Like To Go Off-Roading With The Fam & I Also Like To Dye My Hair Different Colors :)
    [Chill] Deff Stay At Home; & Give Myself A Mani & Pedi <3

  9. Hi! :)

    Sweet: I love to write little notes of appreciation/love to my friends, family and co-worker at every possible chance. And if I'm having a great day, I spread that positivity!

    Cute: I like to dress in my hubby's clothes - especially his dress shirts and wife beaters ;)

    Daring: I'm a 'yes' person: I am always up for anything! You only live once and I'm making the most of my time!

    Chill: I make time for my best girlfriends for 'dates' just as I do with my hubby. I let off some steam and let down my hair :)

    Gia (