Mar 30, 2009

Rose Romance by MAC preview

Eyeshadows: $14.50 - Silver thorn, Of summer, Creme de Violet

Eyeshadows: $14.50 - Shadowy lady, Et Tu bouquet

Pigments: $19.50 - Circa plum, Mutiny

Lipsticks: $14.00 - Way to love, A Rose Romance, Odyssey

Lipglass: $14.00 - Virgin Kiss, Magnetique, Steal my heart

See thru Lip Colour:$14.00 - Loving touch, Secret Crush, Tender tryst

Beauty powder:$22.00 Blush of youth, Summer rose
Gel Blush:$18.50 - Just a pinch

Nail Lacquer:$11.00 - Love & Friendship
There will also be Mascara $12, Fix plus Rose $17, and a Nordstrom Exclusive eyeshadow quad called A Rose is a Rose: Solar White, Contrast, Seeds of Love, & Petal Worship
For some swatches of colors visit Makeup & Beauty Blog. She was able to play with 11 items from the collection and has amazing pics of her swatches on her website!
credit for pictures and info at:

Mar 27, 2009

Journal Entry, How to spot Fake perfume

I decided to do more damage to my wallet, but it wasn't intentional. lol. I think I'm addicted to lipstick, lol. But, there is nothing better shopping for makeup which roughly cost anywhere from $1 to $15 dollars (if you know where to shop). It's what I like and I'm content shopping for it rather than spending $20 - $60 on clothes or shoes. I'm just like this, I think because I didn't have alot of money back in high school to spend on luxury's like MAC makeup or even Clinique (which alot of girls had in high school). So I use to wear the cheapie kinds, which I think are still good. I don't know? There is just something about shopping for makeup or beauty items that seems to make me happy, I can't explain. I love to once in a while splurge on a YSL or Chanel item : ) BUT, when it comes to quality items like MAC, Dior, Lancome, etc, you can't put a price tag on that!

So back to the wallet damaging, a couple of weeks ago I bought 10 different colors of the Victoria's secret beauty rush lipglosses. They are a big-time favorite of mine mostly because the ones with the glitter remind so much of MAC dazzleglasses (another favorite of mine.) So every weekend or so I usually drop by my local VS and check out the colors. I did go and find some I didn't already have so I got them and all of them = Love!!

Dropping by Sephora for a sweet treat!
Finally bought my Vanilla cupcake shower gel I've been wanting. Yummmmmmmy, smells like a creamy sweet vanilla cupcake. I also decided to stop in at a hair products store (totally forgot the name of it : P) and bought OPI nail polishes while my husband patiently waited, haha I love him...
If you can see it in the picture, the one closest to the MAC box is called bronze and the pinkish one is called Didgeridoo your nails? Cute! The style card is a so-called points card, and after so many points you get stuff, not sure what though. MAC box is actually Studio Tech. I used to wear this a few yrs ago all the time and I mean all the time. I think I went through like 10 of them within a few years since wearing MAC. It is so good by the way, covers well, blends great, leaves a matte finish. Then I got the shadestick in Sharkskin, beautiful color. I also got an eyeliner brush which seems to work very nicely : )
Oh yah, and the neat rubberbands that I seem to lose all the time, so I had to get more. The VS card is a neat little gift card containing amount of $10, $50, $100, or $500. i'm excited to find out what is in it.

Lipsticks Organization
A few days ago I updated my lipstick container because it was getting downright ridiculous. I'm really happy with this little stationary box which i found at TJ maxx. It has a lid which is good because you're suppose to keep lipstick away from direct heat or light. Here is the pic...
The glass container is where I keep my lip balms and chapsticks...

A sea of lipsticks...

MAC Sugarsweet Buys

My little haul consisted of nothing else than the lipstick Saint Germain and the lipgloss Consume me, not much but all I needed. I really wasn't going to get a whole lot from this collection since mostly everything was indeed dupable, Some of the eyeshadows I already had and the lipsticks were dupable, lipglosses were ok and the blush or msf's were just o.k. I knew for sure I had to get the tri-gloss lipgloss Consume Me since it consisted of that irridescent greenish glittery gloss on the bottom, which is gorgeous. The Saint germain is actually a perm. color in Europe only i believe, but such a pretty and sexy pastel pink color. Reminds me of cotton candy : P

What a wonderful pair <3

Moving on...

Oh, yah. What kind of sick, demented, idiotic, childish, immature people would spend their time and money to produce fake perfumes? >:(
Evidently the supernatural folks at
With further investigation I conclude that other products within their site are fake as well, like the makeup, MAC in particular. LOL, if you are a MAC fan...ha ha...well, you just have to see for yourself.
So, in this blog I have an entry about Aquolina perfume I'd been eyeing for a few months now. I finally decided to buy it because I had been waiting for it to go on sale so I could save a few dollars. I chose (now regret it), but yes since they seemed to have the best deal on the 3.4 oz. Well, whatta you know, the perfume is a knock-off... And a very impressive one might I add. The box is the same size as the original, the texture of the box is the same, the lettering is the same and the bottle with stylish pink metallic ribbons is the same as well. I think it was the aftersmell of Cheap when I sprayed it on for the first time. You could probably see it now ....Bleh!........actually it took me 3.5 seconds to conclude that it didn't smell correct and that is was a fake. After my discovery it took me about 10.5 seconds to wrap it back up again and prepare to send it back for a full refund.
So you wanna know the second clue that it was phony. The red pepper.

Oh yeah, so I decided to post pointers on how to spot a fake perfume:
-First, smell the perfume. See if it smells significantly different than the one that you tested, had previously or sampled.
-Look on the bottom for words like 'imposter' or 'inspired by'
-Check name and spellings of everything on the bottle or box it came in
-Check for the color of the perfume. If you know for sure it has a pink tint, then it should have a pink tint.
-Check for detail, it's the littliest things that count! If the box or bottle has pictures, creative art or pristine markings or anything, compare that to the real one to see any differences.
-Last but not least, take the perfume in question to a store you trust like Sephora or department stores like Macy's and ask a perfumer to compare.


.......Did they think they could fool me? PSSH, they can't fool me!

Mar 24, 2009

My love for Colour ID Mineral Eyeshadow

"RAESIN IMAGES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Colours 100% pure earth element triple milled ingredients formulated to bring out the beauty in your eyes."
These mineralized loose eyeshadows are:
FDA approved bismuth free mineral makeup eye shadow formulations,
Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tried, tested, and approved.
Blended with pure triple milled low micron ingredients
(FDA approved micron-sized particles (i.e. micronized* makeup formulations that will not enter skins dermal layers.)
Incorporating titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for a natural SPF.
Certified green cosmetics
Cruelty free

3 Gram Sifter Jar Container - $4.99
5 Gram Sifter Jar Container - $7.49
Available in 6 finishes: allover, Chiffon, Satin, strictly matte, x-treme, 3D
Allover-Colour ID Minerals Original Fun and Glamorous. Glitz Glamour, Shimmer, and Colors Galore! No Sheer, Need to Apply More For Any Color. Just One Sweep Of Our Exclusive Mineral Allover Eye Shadow Shades, And Your Color Is Perfect!. Just One Of The Reasons We're Known As "The Authority In Mineral Makeup"™

Chiffon-Formulated For Everyone - Smooth Texture, Triple Refined Low Particle Saturation For Women 0ver 35. Designed Exclusively For Kat's Mom Grace's Friends Over 50. You're Going To Love These!

Satin-Smooth as Silk. Formulated For Women With No Nonsense Eye Shadow Makeup In Mind. No Shimmer, No Glitter. Just a Smooth Satin Mineral Eye Shadow.

Strictly matte-Not Those Cakey Matte Eye Shadows You've Tried From Other Mineral Makeup Companies. These Are Perfectly Pigmented and Textured With Dramatic Color That Adheres All Day. No Sheer Minerals Here! Only from RAESIN IMAGES Cosmetics And Colour ID Minerals. A 100% Matte Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow. Pure Element Makeup!

X-treme-For the Extreme Mineral Makeup Fashionetta! Dramatic Pigments Make These X-treme Mineral Eye Shadows Haute! Not For The Shy! Be The Diva You've Dreamed Of Being With These Mineral Colors!

3D-3D! Not Those Minerals That Are Broad Spectrum, But Each Individual Crushed Mineral Particle Is 3D! Guaranteed A RAESIN IMAGES Cosmetics, Colour ID Minerals EXCLUSIVE! 3Ds Are Also In our XXX-3D Lip Glosses.

I purchased 4 colors from their collection X-treme. I compared the texture and staying power and HP to MAC pigments. MAC pigments are not mineralized, these are. The texture is very soft and light (feels just like a MAC pigment) and the staying power is awesome. I applied the eyeshadow to my entire lid for one whole day and it did not move, smear, or change color so the staying power is more than terrific. To apply, you just need a little bit and it goes a long way. Here is something to boast about also, I did not have to apply UDPP or any other eyeshadow base in order for this color to exhibit true HP. In other words, the color is amplified, true, and vibrant by itself, truth be told, I promise : ) Pigmentation is terrific. The most thing that I'm excited about is that these colors are unique. From all the loose eyeshadow or pigments that I have seen, nothing matches exact. I have never seen such unique colors like these from Colour ID. I have mucho love for these now! I want to collect all the colors :)

product: 5 stars out of 5
packaging: 4.8 stars out of 5
quality: 5 stars out of 5
overall : 5 stars out of 5
would buy again? Definitely!

pros: mineralized, unique colors, great pigmentation, variety of colors to choose from, long-lasting, priced perfectly

cons: weather could affect shipping so avoid ordering during cold blasts or hurricane season : )

To take a look at their website, click here.
Just to look at their Mineral eyeshadow page, click here.
Keep in mind that they have other products to offer including but not limited to: Mineral foundation, powders, blushes, bronzers, lip stuff, and brushes.
Pay with paypal
images/info credit to

SS09 by MAC info

MAC website update:
SS09 'The new accessory: makeup. And even though the manifestations - and impact may vary - all play their part. Consider colour as noise. Crank it up. Or make it barely audible. But this season, let's hear you.'

Everyone, lots of looks to see here. There are many ways to manipulate regular products from the MAC line, lords knows how many times I've used an eyeshadow or lipstick as a blush. So take a look and see which ones you would consider wearing. Like always, you don't have to have the exact same products used in the pics, but something simliar/dupable is always acceptable.
Looks to try:
black to earth-
silver stroke, black and earthy, blue smoke, ground to earth
fabulously falsy, unapologetic red, brow elegance, brilliantly bizarre
revolutionary nature-
buffed and polished, naturally red, clear and simple, lightly does it
almost a rainbow, slightly inked, blue flare, beet and berry
luminously rich, gloss on gloss, bare and glossy, the unbare lip
See the looks here.

Mar 21, 2009

Journal Entry/Depotting lipstick!

What a sad day it was for me....Yesterday I de-tubed my first 2 MAC lippies, hence the Sad face baby pic above. I was totally ready, it had been 5 yrs since I bought that lipstick called Strength. It was the only MAC lippie I had up until like 2006, lol. In 2006 I bought Lame. I actually used up more Lame than I did the Strength one. Anyways, after much thought I finally decided to depot out the remainder lipstick and save the tube for Back 2 MAC. That is the only good thing about giving up these 2 old friends, you get a new lippie or e/s for free! Awww, but I'm still sad about it, don't know why! : D
I did finally get over it and decided to look on the bright side, I COULD just trade for another one (another Lame or Strength) but that is no fun getting the same one you already had. I'll probably just end up getting Lame and another one I haven't had already. So yeah, that is my little story of the moment! I depotted a whole bunch of eyeshadows the other day and saved the little pots and after this lipstick ceremony I had enough Back 2 MAC products to turn in, so I had exactly 12 things to bring to MAC. So now the oldest lipsticks I have are Ruby Woo from 2006 and Jist 2006, 2 very pretty colors. I'm so excited though, I'm going in a just a few minutes, gotta get ready! I got to stop by Sephora as well to pick up a bath gel, I'm sure you've heard of it, called Sephora Vanilla Cupcake? OMG, this stuff smells amazing. So here are the pics I took of the lipstick retirement, haha!
I saved the remainder in these little MAC sample jars. Not sure if they are even good still, Strength smells a little funny but Lame still smells like Vanilla- Mmmm! :)

Mar 2, 2009

Must Have! Too Faced Lip Of Luxury Lipstick

product: 5 stars out of 5
packaging: 5 stars out of 5
quality: 5 stars out of 5
overall : 4.5 stars out of 5
would buy again? Yes, of course!
where to buy:,,
price: $18.00

pros: lovely colors! Great HP, long-lasting, smells great, priced perfectly, Line-smoothing! contains natural ingredients (like shea butter), moisturizing, staying power.

cons: limited color choices , scent may be too much for some people.

I adore these lipsticks, Champagne infused? Common' now, these are a must-have. I have 2 of them in Totally Nude and Centerfold - Gorgeous colors let me tell you. The 2 that I have are cream colors with no frost or shimmer or duo-chrome of any kind. Of course the other colors may have other finishes. From what I've learned about these lipsticks from wearing them is that they are luxurious and creamy and I just luv them. I was just browsing in Sephora one day and it dawned on me that I didn't have very many nude colors in my collection so I picked these 2 colors up and fell in love with them. The reason I gave the Overall stars a 4.5 out of 5 was because the colors choices are limited, only 10 colors to be exact : ( Which is really dissapointing because I adore this lipstick for many reasons, and just knowing the fact that I have already seen all of the colors it has to offer in this lipstick line, I know like only 4 of them I would actually wear. Too Faced most definitely needs to add more colors to this line.