Mar 24, 2009

SS09 by MAC info

MAC website update:
SS09 'The new accessory: makeup. And even though the manifestations - and impact may vary - all play their part. Consider colour as noise. Crank it up. Or make it barely audible. But this season, let's hear you.'

Everyone, lots of looks to see here. There are many ways to manipulate regular products from the MAC line, lords knows how many times I've used an eyeshadow or lipstick as a blush. So take a look and see which ones you would consider wearing. Like always, you don't have to have the exact same products used in the pics, but something simliar/dupable is always acceptable.
Looks to try:
black to earth-
silver stroke, black and earthy, blue smoke, ground to earth
fabulously falsy, unapologetic red, brow elegance, brilliantly bizarre
revolutionary nature-
buffed and polished, naturally red, clear and simple, lightly does it
almost a rainbow, slightly inked, blue flare, beet and berry
luminously rich, gloss on gloss, bare and glossy, the unbare lip
See the looks here.

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