Dec 30, 2012

Loreal Caresse Lip Stain Gloss

Decided to gather a few and I'm glad I did because I really like them! Not much of a fan of stains or glossy stains per se but I enjoy these. My first purchase was the Infinite Fuchsia (far left in pic) - A darkened raspberry color and my 2nd purchases were Coral Tattoo and Pink Resistance.

Not a fan of the Pink Resistance. First of all, it looks opaque in the tube but goes on like a bare gloss, yuck. The Infinite Fuchsia upon first applying is a nice raspberry color and after a few seconds gets a tad darker. I found this to be the same for Coral Tattoo. Coral Tattoo in the tube is a bright but subdued coral orange, but more on the orange side. After wearing for 10 minutes noticed that it got darker, which is fine with me since the color transforms into something gorgeous.

These apply smoothly and seem to get more opaque as you apply. They stay on extremely well and stay glossy. They are not sticky nor heavy, instead lightweight and have a smooth feel, almost like satin. They all have a pleasant floral scent, at first it could be intimidating but the scent isn't obvious while wearing.

Removing the lip color is easy but when I removed Infinite Fuchsia and Coral Tattoo I saw a bit of staining of my lips, which is fine.

You can find these at participating drugstores. I found mine in Walgreens and paid 9.99 for each.