Jan 28, 2011

ELF and Wet N Wild collab

Finally had a chance to play around with my new ELF Beautybook Neutral Eye edition and WNW Snow Sprite that I bought last month. Anywho it didn't quite come out like I had hoped....

Ignore the MAC single eyeshadow, also something I bought in December and when I bought these things I just took a pic of them together!

I was going for a subdued frost of color (the blue) with hints of purple, maroon and beige

Colors I used:

Tutorial for this look:
Start by applying a foundation I used MAC SSF nc37
Apply a blush, I used Jane 'Blushy Blossom 02'
Apply concealer, I used Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer 'light'

On your eyes..........
Apply an eyeshadow base
I used Urban Decay Primer Potion (udpp)
Apply the first shadow to your entire eyelid
I used the top right color from Snow Sprite
Apply an outer lid color
I used a purple shadow from ELF quad (not pictured) 'Punk Funk'
Apply the contour color
I used the bottom pinkish-maroon color fom ELF
Apply a depth shade to outer V
I used the 2nd row last dark shade from ELF
Apply a brow highlight color
I used MAC e/s Vanilla (not pictured)
Apply tear duct highlight
I used top left vanilla color from ELF
Apply lower lashline color
I used the same light blue shade from my lid color
Apply waterline eyeliner
I used Ulta Contour eye pencil in black
Apply upper lashline eyeliner
I used Maybelline Line Stiletto in black
Apply mascara
I used Hard Candy Ginormous mascara in black
Apply lipstick
I used BeChic lipstick in Passionfruit

Jan 24, 2011

Giveaway preview...It is going to be fab!

Good morning gals!

.....What do 11 readers, important announcement, free makeup, baskets and gift cards all have in common?

Haha, TBA soon! Love you all, have a great week! :)

Jan 21, 2011

Hard Candy Glam-oflauge concealer

Bargain alert! Hard Candy, what is up with you? You make wonderful, genuine products that don't cost an arm and a leg and create a palette of products for different tastes...Certainly something to appreciate, right gals?

Because my love for that perfect, full-coverage concealer continues, I wanted to share my new found love, the new Glam-oflauge Heavy Duty Concealer. What makes this concealer so special? #1 It can be bought for cheap ($6 at participating Walmart stores), #2 It actually works, and #3 20 grams of concealer in a tube (enough to last a good while especially when you just need a tiny amount during application!) Before trying out this very special concealer, my holy grail concealer, the Prescriptives Camo concealer took the throne. What I love about the HC concealer is that you just need a tiny amount from an already large amount of concealer in the tube. Application is a breeze, the packaging is nice, what more can you ask for?

My shade: Light to Medium, but I chose the Light for the season. Normally I tend to lighten up on my tan quite a bit when it is cold out. I will most likely purchase the Medium shade sometime around April.

product: 5 stars out of 5

packaging: 5 stars out of 5

quality: 5 stars out of 5

overall : 5 stars out of 5

would buy again? Yes

Large amount in tube, no smell, lasts all day, little goes a long way,
price is right, easy to blend, looks natural

not sold in every drugstore-only Walmart stores and few websites

On a scale of one to ten I'd rate:

Jan 16, 2011

Avon Black/Whitehead remover

What a nifty little tool I recently bought from Avon. For some time now I've been looking for a thingamajig that removed those pesky little black and white heads that refuse to leave after a facial scrubbing!

Avon Black/white head remover (.99cents) comes with a plastic blue carry case. The Blackhead remover is a tiny melon baller shaped end which is about 1/4 of an inch wide with a small hole in the middle. 

The Whitehead side on the other end of the tool is a tiny circle-wire like measuring about as small as the blackhead end.

Before usage wipe both ends with rubbing alcohol and wash hands. It's best to use right after showering since pores are open at this time. For blackhead usage I found that the blackhead remover side removes blackheads quite easily. On other days I've had to apply translucent powder on the area of my face due to the blackhead remover sliding around from oils on my skin.

The whitehead end is an absolute pleasure to work with. This end easily removes whiteheads and I've found can double up as a blackhead remover as well, but with patience!

After each use you wipe down and clean off debris with rubbing alcohol. I've found that this is a great tool for allowing a safe removal of black and whiteheads without potential damage to the skin. My pinching fingers did the job of removing black and whiteheads previously which is a huge call for redness and scars! I can really appreciate this little tool and I hope you love it too! 

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This post contains safe links :)

Jan 12, 2011

Glee fans....And nail polish fans!

Good Afternoon All!

I've been super slow at posting beauty and makeup stories of my life, lol, but I just wanted to drop in to tell you all I have a few postings in the works and will be coming up shortly this week!

For all you Glee and nail polish fans!

Glee and Sephora teamed up to create and release these OPI Nail polishes (cute colors!) to be available to us next month, via Sephora stores. Yes, I'm excited for this collection as I am a big fan of the show!

See you all soon, stay warm! I know I will, it is freezing in Texas!