Jan 12, 2011

Glee fans....And nail polish fans!

Good Afternoon All!

I've been super slow at posting beauty and makeup stories of my life, lol, but I just wanted to drop in to tell you all I have a few postings in the works and will be coming up shortly this week!

For all you Glee and nail polish fans!

Glee and Sephora teamed up to create and release these OPI Nail polishes (cute colors!) to be available to us next month, via Sephora stores. Yes, I'm excited for this collection as I am a big fan of the show!

See you all soon, stay warm! I know I will, it is freezing in Texas!


  1. omg!! awesome! I haven't seen a every episode but I have to say this show is just amazing. non of the colors interests me but I want a glee nail polish hahaa

  2. @Georgy Girl...haha, me too, yes true not all colors are all that but I'm interested in the blue ones :) have a good one!