About the Writer

Erica has been addicted to makeup since the tender age of 5. At this age, she did not hesitate on applying makeup on her friend while camping, snooping through her mother's makeup box, or begging her mom to let her have the free makeup gifts that came with the Estee Lauder purchase. Her first makeup product was an eyeshadow palette that was given to her while visiting her grandmothers house, probably belonging to one of her aunts!

A military 'Barbie' as her friends would describe her, Erica served 7 yrs faithfully in the US Marines...Many would believe her to say that she, without a doubt, would wear makeup fighting the front lines during war! After military duties Erica went on to study Fine Arts at the University of Incarnate Word of San Antonio, and is planning to pursue her Masters Degree in Business Marketing at Kaplan University online. So what does a Marine have anything to do with beauty? Nothing really...Erica does not mind! Beauty and cosmetics have been a continuing craving in her life! Other sweet obsessions in her life include jewelry, sweet tea, perfumes, and Pikachu and Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Erica was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but left the nest at 18 to travel the world while in the military. She resides in San Antonio but misses North Carolina- eastern shore, which she considers her second home. Other than beauty blogging Erica finds joy in her work as a Freelance Makeup Artist. Erica's other favorite pastimes are taking long drives with her family, spending time with her husband and kids, photography, drawing, shopping, cooking, and designing jewelry.

Lali.Amora, the beauty blog, began in October of 2008. Erica wanted a place write about her glamour obsessions with other beauty fanatics!