Nov 20, 2009

Lipgloss Addict

All of a sudden, I've become addicted to lipgloss :)
I don't know how it happened or why it happened, it just did....Overnight, hahaha
So I just may do a little lipgloss hauling over the weekend, but before I do I would like your recommendations!
You are all gorgeous people and know a little or alot about lipglosses and the best out there, so give me your recs!!
Make sure to include the name of your own favorite lipgloss!
My favorite at the moment:
MAC, Consume me -Tricolor lipgloss
CG, Peaches and Gleam
Milani, Buzz Worthy in Buzzworthy
Thank you all and have a great weekend!!!

Nov 12, 2009

Tidbits, Hauls, FOTD :)

Chili Bowl
San Antonio
football game 2009

To show my team spirit I ended up going all out with my makeup. I could have worn green lipstick but didn't know if that would look right :/ I also wanted to put falsh lashes and paint green glitter on the tips but I ran out of time and couldn't do it :D

It was a nice night, the weather was perfect and we had a great turnout. The concession stands were running out of food, lol. Better yet, Kennedy kicked the socks off of Memorial with a final of 42 to 6 which was evident in the game, Memorial players were tripping over their own feet, running was lagging, and catching seemed like a sin, lol....after the game the kids went out to the field to say hi to all the players and the coaches...

Anyways, here is what I used:)

Grisi face lotion
MAC studio fix fluid nc40
Prescriptives concealer
MAC peachtwist blush (very lightly)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sally Girl eyeshadow Snow
vivid green from Coastal Scents 88 palette
Urban Decay Graffiti e/s
dark forest green from Coastal Scents 88 palette
ULTA Galaxy e/s
Clinique high impact mascara
Zero Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner
MAC eye pencil Minted
MAC lipstick Gilty Kiss
LA colors gloss

Not in the Galley

Veteran's Day 2009 - Yesterday I had a very nice Post-Marine Corps birthday day. haha. I ended up getting a free drink where I work and me and the family went to Applebee's to get our free meals! The wait was an hour and a half but it was worth it because our meal was hot and our waitress was in a festive and great mood. We made new friends waiting to be seated as well. Overall the night was great!
And now for my long overdue haul :)
I've been needing to get a backup of my all-time favorite holy grail lipgloss in Endulging by Milani, so I went ahead and got Endulging and the hot pink one...
A few weeks ago I picked up a few things at a nice store that one of my readers suggested I visit, Michelle, thank you so much for letting me know about it! NYX lipliners, I love these...and 1 eyeliner in Seafoam Green...
and 2 round lipglosses by NYX - they are just ok I guess. I may have to give these away though-not a fan....And an LA Colors gloss in Beige? I think :/
Has anyone ever tried these glosses before? For $2.49 these are a steal. Well I LUUUUUUUV these! I originally started out wearing the Cappuccino one (which is a creamy nude beige color)...and I never really thought about checking out the other colors they had to offer, but I'm so glad I did...I went ahead and bought 3 more and I love them!Frosted Berry, Mocha Mousse and Strawberry Parfait...They each smell like the description of the name so that is very lovely :)they are much cheaper at Wal-mart, if you go to Walgreens they try to rip you off by charging 4 to 5 dollars for each, so check them out if you are interested! :)
So, I've sort of been on a no makeup buying project since early September, roughly. But once in a while I do treat myself to something that I must have or something that I need, and for a special occasion like yesterday, I did do a little hauling....
My Veterans Day treat to myself

Loreal eyeshadow in Taffeta, Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer in Gold, and Loreal Bare Naturale mascara

This color is very unique, I don't have anything exactly like this color....I have a few shadows sort of close to it but not exactly. I would describe it as a rosy bronze that is light and frosted but not too frosted, I love it
In the beginning of the month I went over to the outlets in search of a certain Betsey Johnson handbag but didn't find it :(
Anyways, In order for the trip to not be such a 'waste',heehee, I stopped by my favorite makeup store, yep, the CCO. I did find a few things that I adore!

Refined MSF, Gold Stroke pigment, Night Violet lipstick and Fresh Cut e/s palette
This pigment is so unique, I don't have an eyeshadow or other pigment even close to the color, I've worn it a couple of times and love itFresh Cut e/s palette which was a Nordstrom edition palette that has alot of pretty colorsThe detail on the palette is nice/cute :)I am in love with this MSF, I quickly remembered why I didn't take advantage of these when they were out in stores....I remembered thinking that all MSF's looked the same regardless. I own So Ceylon which is a very pretty rose bronzy color, Refined is a nice peachy rose color.
Red she said
Well I finally got the MAC lipstick in Russian Red,

Yes, I've used up quite a bit of it since I got it, I may need a backup :)
I honestly can't understand why I waited soooooo long to get this color, it is amazing! I think the color is perfect for my skintone since it has a orangy gold undertone......Love it!
Another red fave...

the color Red Stiletto by Lancome. I loooooove this color :) It is a creamy red color (no frost or pearl) and it stays on like forever!
Everyone have a great weekend, let me know if you would like to see more hauls or if its boring :P, I would like to know your opinion!

Nov 3, 2009

My thoughts on Hard Candy Lipstick/Review

Hard Candy - This new makeup collection is found in Walmart stores. Check your local Walmart for more details.

Color I tested: Perfect 10 (Creamy neutral beige Pink with Peachy undertones)

product: 2.5 stars out of 5

packaging: 4.5 stars out of 5

quality: 3 stars out of 5

overall : 2.5 stars out of 5...I took points off for Hard Candy not providing a working website so that I can look at the whole collection that it offers in it's entirety... it is currently 'under construction'.

would buy again? No

where to buy: Walmart stores or (Hard Candy website is under construction)

pros: Nice color selection, Packaging is unique and nice, creamy texture, feels like a creamy
lipgloss. Smell is pleasant, not strong.

cons: Not long lasting, pigmentation is bad/it is very sheer, lipstick is waxy-doesn't stick to lips, gives a horrible finish. Over-priced.

Overall: I was not happy with this lipstick at all. For starters, price is $6. Ok, NYC has better lipsticks & glosses for $2-$4. I have a collection of Santee and NK lippies ($1 each) that are better quality than these. Not to mention this lipstick looks very cheaply made. The color is buildable but when I was done achieving the color I wanted, my lips looked uneven and waxy. Lipstick color as it appears on the lips seems to travel to the outline of the lips as time goes by. The lipstick is moisturizing...for about 10 minutes...because this is when the lipstick starts to wear off. I would not recommend this lipstick to anyone simply because it is over-priced and not long-lasting.

Here are some I recommend for that sheer lips look without spending too much:
*Bonne Bell Liplites
*Milani crystal glosses
*NYC liquid lip shine
*Cover Girl lipslicks lipgloss
*Rimmel lasting finish lipstick
*Neutrogena Moistureshine lip sheer
*Maybelline Moisture extreme lipcolor