May 24, 2010

Sexy Rust Makeup

Hello again!

I began the day wanting to use my new Profusion palette which I found for a bargain, $2.99 at my local neighborhood clothing store...It was very hard to decide which of the 25 colors to use but decided on a rusty looking color and a very pretty mustard shade with shimmer. I have yet to 'show and tell' the Profusion palette or my new stuffies but I will be showing this palette to you in the next few days on my next haul is amazing....
I decided to call this look the Sexy Rust color because it was paired with a very light lippie, making this look sort of kinky, LOL!

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have questions:

This look is very easy to do, if you can't locate a Profusion palette just use colors that are similar:
Rust color is similar to MAC's Coppering
Mustard color is similar to Urban Decay e/s Honey

On the face: Moisturizer, Milani Minerals powder in Honey Beige, Prescriptives Camo concealer
For the Cheeks: MAC cream blush in Posey, MAC MSF So Ceylon

On the Eyes (minus the stray eyebrows, haha!): Rust color all over the lid and Mustard color on the outer edges of rust color to smooth out harsh lines. MAC Vanilla e/s as highlight. I also used the rust color on the bottom lashline just on the outer half and exaggerated it a bit down. I used a frosty off-white e/s color from the palette on the inner corners. A thin line using Maybelline line stiletto eyeliner on top lashline, Loreal Bare Naturale mascara on top and bottom lashes. I used Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in 1999 lightly on bottom lashline and then used Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in black on bottom waterline.

For the lips: Joan Rivers Beauty lip liner, NYX round lipstick in Orange Soda

May 22, 2010

Wearable Blues - Makeup

Out of all the 'blues' I tend to follow the most at my makeup vanity I realized I hadn't featured a blue look using my Urban Decay deluxe palette, which is available at Sephora...This look is fairly simple but most importantly, wearable.
I used the colors with a light hand, my main focus was blending, to create a muted look :) hopefully you all enjoy it...let me know if you have questions :)

On the Face: Moisturizer, Revlon Colorstay foundie Natural Tan, Prescriptives camo concealer
Cheeks: MAC Style blush
Eyes: For the lid, I used UDPP then 'Peace', then 'Ransom' on the outer 3rd of the lid. To enhance the outer 'v' and crease I used NARS 'lola lola', MAC 'Vanilla' as highlight. For the bottom lashline I used Peace then dabbed on Ransom on the outer half.
On the inner corners of my eyes I used MAC 'Ricepaper'. I used Line Stiletto for the upper lashline.
Revlon Colorstay eye liner on the bottom waterline and smudged with Ransom on the outer half of lower lashline, Clinique high impact mascara. Lips: MAC 'Fast-Thrill'

May 16, 2010

April and May haul part 1

Hi ladies! Welcome to all new followers!

So, I've been hauling....I'm now used to shopping around during the day with my baby, she is my shopping companion, lol. I'm eager to know if she will like the same things I like when she is a bit older, what do you think?
So, whenever I go out I'm usually I'm on a nail lacquer kick....who would have guessed, lol

Let's start with Cremes first...

I wanted a creme banana color for summer and I think this is it :)

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

I thought I had this color at home, realized I had Blue me Away! and not Pacific Blue so I picked it up

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

I wanted to try these for so long but couldn't come to terms with the colors they provided since so many of them are dupable, non unique colors, finally I fell in love with Lavender Cloud. Looks like a white with a slight blue tint to it, but at closer look it is lavender. A gorgeous color indeed...

Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

By now, if anyone is wondering, I chose to take single pictures of everything just because I try fitting everything in on 1 picture and each time it came out blurry....I need a new camera, lol

Next up, a nice teal that I don't own yet, it's about 3 notches darker than China Glaze's For Audrey

Sally Hansen Sea Breeze

I've found the perfect bright pink for summer toes, not too neon and not too dark drabby. It's just right :)

Sally Hansen Speedy Sunburst

Loreal came out with a summer collection, anywho, I picked up this nice color from that collection...

Loreal Ocean Breeze

Got a backup of one of my Holy Grail faves..

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Last of the cremes is not a creme all the way, it does have very small sparse glitters, but I love the color

Sinful Colors Rise and Shine

A few frosties here and there...

Just a dark blue frost color I found at Big Lots for a steal

Revlon Midnight Affair

So my hunt for a darkened tealish frost comparable to the BleachBlack Dickweed color ended me up with Wet N Wild's Carribean Frost. It's not exactly the same but it's close :) If anyone knows of a better super close dupe of Dickweed please let me know por favor! :)

Another Big Lots find is Revlon Sheer Translucide, I like it because it is a peachy pink base with small golden glitters

Revlon Sheer Snowflake Pink

A cute periwinkle color. I really ought to try out more Icing colors, they have gorgeous colors!

Icing Hot Pants

Picked up another Holy Grail item, my second bottle of Glossy, I looooooove this color :)

Sally Hansen Glossy

A lil' of this and that....

So I found a great top coater and wanted to like it, but instead I love it. Poshe top coat delivers fast drying time and a super glossy finish, it goes on glossy and stays super glossy :)
$4 at Dollar General stores.

One of the things I hate about putting on face powder is that the blush won't stick to my cheeks afterward. My blush is like my finishing touch like lipstick is to most...So I found a great drugstore creme blush, too bad it's LE, when I run out of this I'll have to seek one at MAC or otherwise....

But they have this color and another peachy color, This one is very pretty and long-lasting...

NYC Creme blush Wild Berry

I traded in a MAC blush I had featured in one of my hauls a few weeks ago...I liked this one for a subtle peachy glow so I ended up getting this one...

MAC Style blush

A sweet 'Treasure'...

I saved this polish for last because I wasn't sure how to classify it, Frost? Glitter? Sheer?
It's the new Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure many have been talking about. I love it in all it's flaky fabulousness :)

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

It can be worn anyway you please but I love the way it looks atop of dark toned polishes...
Hidden Treasure over OPI's Suzi Skis on the Pyrenees:

On another note,
I am super excited because I just learned today that a new MAC store opened up at a nearby mall not even 5 minutes away from my home


This is great because before I'd always have to plan out my trips to the MAC store since it was so far away from where I live. Now I can enjoy the convenience of it just down the street from my home....OMG, I almost cried when I saw it, lol

That is all for my haul, let me know if you have any questions! Everyone have a great week!

May 1, 2010

Soft Grey Makeup - Feeling Better FOTD!

What a nice day to get dolled up :)
Ahh recovery :) After feeling a bit better after going home, I started my makeover after-birth ritual :D I guess it's my little way of getting in the beauty swing of things again after major surgery, I've done this for all my surgeries....I just believe in looking your best right after giving birth....So I decided to put together a look that says "I'm healthy and feeling excellent and I just had a baby and I'm still a knock-out!"

It's a subdued look that doesn't look too plain but not too trashy or overly done up. I would consider this an
'everyday look'...especially for a new mom with plans on the go! :)

Did I mention I'm currently loving my Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in Paradise Cove? :) I'm using it almost everyday...For this look I've included a pic to map which colors I used since they are not labeled individually.

Here is what I used.....

For the Face....
Revlon Colorstay foundie Natural Tan
Prescriptives camo concealer medium

As a blush.....
Physicians Formula Bronzer Baked bronze

To fill in eyebrows.....
Loreal e/s Deep Mocha

On the eyes.....
Clinique high impact mascara in Black
Maybelline Line Stiletto in Black

On the entire lid and lower outer lashline.....
Sephora e/s No. 13

For the eye Contour, outer V.....
Wet n Wild Paradise Cove brown

Inner Corner.....
Wet n Wild Paradise Cove light color

As highlight.....
MAC Vanilla e/s

On lower outer lashline and outer waterline......
Urban Decay 24 7 eyeliner in Bourbon

On the lips.....
NYX lipliner in Soft Brown
MAC Freckletone lipstick

Enjoy! and if you have questions please ask me!