May 22, 2010

Wearable Blues - Makeup

Out of all the 'blues' I tend to follow the most at my makeup vanity I realized I hadn't featured a blue look using my Urban Decay deluxe palette, which is available at Sephora...This look is fairly simple but most importantly, wearable.
I used the colors with a light hand, my main focus was blending, to create a muted look :) hopefully you all enjoy it...let me know if you have questions :)

On the Face: Moisturizer, Revlon Colorstay foundie Natural Tan, Prescriptives camo concealer
Cheeks: MAC Style blush
Eyes: For the lid, I used UDPP then 'Peace', then 'Ransom' on the outer 3rd of the lid. To enhance the outer 'v' and crease I used NARS 'lola lola', MAC 'Vanilla' as highlight. For the bottom lashline I used Peace then dabbed on Ransom on the outer half.
On the inner corners of my eyes I used MAC 'Ricepaper'. I used Line Stiletto for the upper lashline.
Revlon Colorstay eye liner on the bottom waterline and smudged with Ransom on the outer half of lower lashline, Clinique high impact mascara. Lips: MAC 'Fast-Thrill'

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  1. such a pretty look!! the blue is very pretty!!