Jun 30, 2009

Journal Entry

Just learned this afternoon that my niece's baby passed away. I don't mean to be a bad news burden to all of you but like I said you all are like family and I just wanted to share this news about what is going on with my life. I can't imagine what she is going through right now, as a mother I can certainly feel her pain but she has an incredible amount of pain unexplainable.

I'm not sure what she named her baby but for now we'll call him Baby Martinez. May he rest in peace with all the angels in heaven.

*Update: They named the baby Branden, Mass to be held 7/15/09, Thank you for your prayers

Jun 29, 2009

Journal Entry/Randomness

  • Goodness, it's been so long since I posted a randomness for the week, I clearly stopped doing it because I've been thinking long and hard about my hiatus staus and can't seem to make up my mind but in the future I think it will turn out best. During my time of thinking I make sure to post nessesary entires on my blog anyway. I will continue to do so until I reach a decision. Thank you all for your support!
  • I've pretty much been hauling here and there. I recently started getting into dark lipsticks, don't know why :) but I went in my lipstick drawer and pulled out as many dark lipsticks as I could find and just started playing with them to try to see which ones looked awesome, so far I like MAC Hang-up and Media. I'm also getting into dark (almost black) purples and burgundy's and red's so if you know of a really great blackened red lipstick please let me know! Speaking of dark lipsticks I recently stopped by the 99 cents store and picked up a Santee lipstick in Black. Yep, I now own a black lipstick! Which doesn't look bad at all when you apply it well and use lipliner. I also wanted it to mix in with other colors to create unique lip colors. You can pretty much mix in any color you want with the black and it looks amazing. I'll put pics up very soon of what I came up with.
  • I've also been fond of brown liquid eyeliners for the top lashline, just this past weekend I was searching all up in my makeup drawers for any sort of brown liquid eyeliner. So I couldn't find one and ended up using my rose water and MAC e/s Folie as a top lashline liner. OMG, it looked Ah-mazing! Later on that day I was browsing in JC Penney with my kids and came across the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in the Sephora they have in the store and to my surprise looks exactly like the Folie+rose water I used earlier. The color is called Immortal Love and I'm in love with this eyeliner. The color is perfect for brown and taupe + khaki smoky eyes (which I wore on Saturday) and is quite close to the color Folie (which is a great reddish brown e/s). I'm eye-ing the other Kat Von D colors as those looked very tasty :P
  • On a very sad note, my niece recently gave birth to her son and it is this big mess of poor judgment of the staff at a nearby hospital (my sister-in-law and niece are contemplating a lawsuit...read on to see why). She went in for a fever a few days ago and they released her to go home. Well 4 days later she complained to them again for contractions and was upset to learn she broke her water 4 days earlier. Basically the fever was a sign of water being broke, so both baby and mommy caught an infection and were under hospital ICU for 4 days. They released my niece but had to keep the baby in ICU. So far in the past 3 days the baby has had problems breathing and has herpes (not sure which type) and is turning normal color to blue and everything in between. They baptized the baby on Saturday and predict baby will pass away within the next day or two. I can't imagine what my niece is going thru right now, and as a mother I can understand her pain. I just wanted to let you all know simply because you are like family. Any prayers to her and her family are welcome, thank you for listening :)
  • I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll post pics of the dark lipsticks in a few days :)

Jun 26, 2009

Love That Look Collection by MAC preview

The glitzy glamourous MAC Pearlglide liners are back!

....Not yet anyway :) but for those that loved these limited edition (Suite Array) liners back in the day but couldn't get your hands on them anymore, no worries, they will be back again this fall!

Love That Look Collection
Fall 2009

Eyeshadows -

Grand Entrance (cool apricot beige)

Dreamaker (frosty yellow gold)

Smoke & Diamonds (frosty dirty taupe)

Glamour check! (reddish brown)

Strike a pose (dirty sea blue)

Ego (light yellow pink)

Fashion Groupie (light blue violet)

Unbasic white (snow white)

One-off (medium green w/silver pearl)

Rated R (light yellow green)

Style Snob (dirty pink brown w/gold pearl)

Fashion light (gray green w/gold pearl)

Pearlglide Liners -

Fly by Blu



Black Russian
For more info, pics, and swatches take a visit over at Specktra (click here to go to Specktra) the ultimate MAC colour collection source.

Style Black Collection by MAC preview

Debut: September 24, 2009

Lipstick -
BlackKnight (Creamy true black)
Mattene Lipstick -
Midnight Media (Dense matte black)
Night Violet (Deep purple grape)
Glimmerglass -
Bling Black (sheer black w/gold pearl)
Blackfire (sheer black w/pink-purple pearl)
Blackware (creamy true black)
Mineralized e/s -
Cinderfella (black w/silver pearl)
Young Punk (black w/pink-purple pearl)
Gilt by Association (black w/gold bronze pearl)
Blue Flame (black w/blue pearl)
Nail Lacquer -
Nocturnelle (true black)
Seriously hip (black w/gold particle pearl)
Baby goth girl (black w/pink-purple pearl)
Cream Colour Bases -
Black Creamy (true black)
Bat black (Burgundy black w/pink pearl)
Other misc. items in this collection:
Black grease Paintstick (with purple shimmer)
Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack
Eye Kohl in Smolder (intense black)
Brush #214 short shader brush
Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Volcanic Ash thermal mask
I will post pics as soon as they are available on the World Wide Web!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Jun 23, 2009

MAC Euristocrats 2 now available online

MAC has just launched their new Euristocrats 2 collection which consists of 7 new Dazzleglasses, 7 lipstick shades and 4 lip liners, which wasn't suppose to debut until early July (US). The collection is available at maccosmetics.com but I'm not sure when it or if it is already out in stores. I'm especially looking forward to checking out the new colors of the dazzleglasses.
Lipstick: (All LE) $$14.00USD/$16.50CDN
Costa Chic - Light coral (Frost)
Naked Paris - Mid-tone brown with multi deminsional pearlized pigments Lustre)
Patisserie - Creamy neutral pink (Lustre)
Milan Mode - Deep pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Lustre)
London Life- Deep berry with multi-pearl pigments (Lustre)
Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified)
Cockney - Yellow red with multi-diminsional pearl pigments (Lustre)
Dazzleglass: $18.00USD/$21.50CDN
Date Night - Deep plum with blue and gold pearl (Permanent)
Euro Beat - Peach coral with gold pearl (LE)
Internationalist - Yellow pink with blue pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
Local Colour - Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
Roman Holiday - Med brown coral with pink pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
Rue de Rouge - Light red with pink pearl (LE)
Vie Veneto - Light violet with blue pearl (LE)
Lip Pencil: (All Permanent) $13.00USD/$15.50CDN
Magenta - Vivid pinkish-purple
Cherry - Vivid bright bluish-red
Subculture - Underground pink
Whirl - Dirty rose

Jun 17, 2009

Eyebrows How-to

I have a YT video that shows step by step instructions on one of the ways I do my eyebrows. To watch just click on the above pic, if should take you directly to the video on youtube, hope there are no technical difficulties. Keep in mind that this is just one way I do them, I also have a quick method and a super straight method for those special occasions. Upcoming vids/post on those very soon. If you have any questions please let me know!

Jun 15, 2009

My thoughts on Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara

.22 fl oz, $12 - $13

What Maybelline says about it:
'Why You'll Love It
It’s our first vibrating mascara. Transforms your lashes to perfection.
Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke
Provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine.Waterproof; also available in washable formula. Builds lash volume, length, and adds curl
Buildable formula. Ideal for All Skin Types. Contact lens safe.'
My thoughts:

I didn't know what to think about this mascara the first time I put it on other than that it was a little too thick. Basically, I knew that it would take a little practice to get the timing right because too much application in one spot makes it clumpy. The second time I used it I felt that I needed to smear off a little of the formula from the wand because it was too much. Pulse Perfection is also a little over-priced, more than I'm used to, but I can totally understand why due to it's built-in vibrating system. Acually it's more than a regular mascara from MAC would cost at $12....I bought Pulse Perfection for $12.50 (Walmart).

I am really in the middle about this mascara, I'm not hating it but I'm not loving it either. Basically I love the way it curls without even using an eyelash curler and I love the black pigmentation. The pigmentation of the formula is great, it's really black. There is currently no other color other than Very Black & Blackest Black. One thing that I noticed and really bothered me what that the button which you are suppose to press while you are applying is too close to the edge so holding it is a little difficult, it almost feels as though it is going to slip out of your hand.

Product: 3.5 stars out of 5

Packaging: 3 stars out of 5

Quality: 3 stars out of 5

Overall: 3.2 stars out of 5

Would buy again? No

Where to buy: Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target or any place that sells a full line of Maybelline cosmetics

Pros: Great pigmentation, can create a curl without using an eyelash curler prior, no weird scent-is odorless! No smudging.

Cons: is slightly-clumpy, too much formula on wand-not enough stoppage, lashes need more separation, doesn't build much volume, press button is too close to edge.

Overall: Would like to see a more detailed wand, this wand is too simple for such an extravagant idea (vibrating). Is ok, so I am either for nor against this mascara...it is just mediocre to me. Nothing to boast about but I'm not hating it either.

I put the mascara next to the MAC brush 109 for comparison to show how long it is.
Applying as smooth as I can...
so far it's good....

Whoa.... way too thick and this was only with 2 coats....
This is way too clumpy for my liking, there are more tiny clumps on the underside...

The other eye (right) came out a little better than my left eye....
I hope this review has helped. Let me know if you have any questions!

Jun 13, 2009

Purple Orchid eyeshadow FOTD

Today was my family's benefit luncheon but before committing myself to total afternoon of outside heat first I wanted to run a few errands. I cut my son's hair (which he told me wanted it like Jordan Knight's hair of NKOTB, lol!) Then I went and supported my local McD's contest by buying a lunch special for $2 -Quarter Lb burger, Med fries and Med Soda :)Then I had to go to the bank but by the time I got there it was closed, boooooo! Melrose was right around that shopping center of the bank so I decided to hit it up to see what I could find. OMGosh, I just want to say that Melrose is the best because they always have what I am looking for whether it be a pair of pants, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, handbags, cheap jewelry,etc... It is the best, I really prefer Melrose better than other expensive places (Macy's or 'the lacking of Plus size clothing store- Target'). I also love Old Navy, which reminds me I've got to go there soon....
So the rest of the day I enjoyed being at my in-laws & enjoying the bar-b-que.

My first thought about what I wanted my makeup to look like is that I wanted to see if I had tanned a bit....we've been feeling the Texas heat lately :) and yes in fact I have gotten a bit darker so meaning my usual foundie of NC40 has now went back to NC42. I found that keeping 1 of each in my makeup box is needed because I tan in the summer like from April thru November and I get really light in the winter and early spring. So today was my first day since last Nov wearing NC42...

I called this look the Purple Orchid because its what the colors reminded me of looking at the pics.


MAC NC42 studio fix fluid

Physicians Formula mineral powder

Prescriptives Camo concealer for the face

Sonia Kashuk Concealer for under eyes

Beauty Treats blush



MAC Gesso

MAC Ricepaper

MAC Lavender Sky

88 e/s Matte palette from ebay or Coastal Scents

Almay liquid eyeliner

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

Lancome Hypnose Mascara



NYX lipliner Fuschia

Maybelline Wet shine Diamonds Pink Carats

Sorry if my face looks a bit oily I applied a little blot powder before heading out the door....Maybe I need to switch to mineral powder foundie for hot weather?


Eyebrows are done the same way as always, MAC brows brush 266 and Loreal e/s in Deep Mocha

And I'm loving my new zebra earrings! I'm really into animal prints now everywhere I go I look for them! haha I almost bought sunglasses today with tigers on them :/

Have a great weekend!

Jun 11, 2009

Hot Pink eyeshadow/Hunter Green liner FOTD

Was a little tired of the same ol' blending, Outer 'V', etc, etc....Decided to work in a little Hot Pink and MAC Gesso together, so I was inspired by the gorgeous and talented Francine or Kuuipo1207 of Youtube (Check out her youtube page here). She is sooo talented and a very nice person. I'm not sure if you can see it but I have on my lower lashline a hunter green eyeliner by NP called Dubai, very pretty color.
To add more hot pink to the look I added my animal print headband, which I'm crazy about :) Enjoy
Right before uploading the pics my husband says to my kids "Mama looks pretty when she has makeup on right?"
Kids look at him *shaking heads* 'Yes'
Awwwwww, *waterworks in my eyes* :)

This look is simple and easy to do:

MAC Studio Fix
I applied Sonia Kashuk concealer earlier but here it may have already worn out
Beauty Treats blush

MAC Gesso on inner corner and inner 3rd of upper lid
Hot Pink eyeshadow by 88 e/s matte palette from ebay or coastal scents blended on outer 'V' and crease, apply clear tape to make a clean line
MAC Ricepaper as highlight (lightly)
NP Dubai Hunter Green lower lashline
Ulta soft kohl eye pencil on waterline
Covergirl mascara Pro Black

Milani Glitzy Glamour gloss in Endulging

My headband, ha! Love it....

Jun 10, 2009

Regretted buying this/ Wet n Wild minerals

Does anyone have time to read on about me dogging a mineral foundation? haha
I don't know what haul it was but I recently posted about buying some things at discount at Walgreens....Or maybe I didn't post it...gosh, I really can't remember, lol! Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals was in that haul and is what I'll be reviewing today. Anyways, I didn't say much about this Ultimate Minerals by Wet n Wild other than that I bought it for like $3.29 or something, was light in coverage, and was sheer....After trying it like 5 more times here is what I thought.
Let me start out by saying that this is by-far the worse mineral foundation I have ever tried in my entire life. I have tried very many different brands of mineral foundations, some more expensive than others, and all have been satisfying in all my trials, even the cheap kind from Maybelline or Milani. Wet n Wild clearly defined themselves as 'Cheap' indeed by putting out such a sour & lowsy mineral foundation. No wonder it was on sale! I took it back and got my money back.
Now on to the Review:

A little under 2 ounces, $3 - $6 depending.

What Wet n Wild says about it:
"...Say goodbye to uneven, blotchy skin and hello to beautiful, amazing coverage! This light, mineral-based formula provides a natural-looking luminous finish as it covers like a cream, feels light as a powder and applies like silk. Flawlessly evens out skin tone with foundation coverage and a powder finish."

My thoughts:
Covers nothing, Isn't finely milled the way minerals should be. Leaves my skin totally blotchy and uneven. I was not impressed with this foundation at all, even thinking I could just use it as a finishing powder, nope, not good for that either. And the color? Where is it? The color just didn't show up on my skin, it was like I was trying to put on translucent tinted powder. Just overall and all around terrible. I would not recommend this to anyone, regardless if it is a bargain or not.

Product: 1 star out of 5

Packaging: 2.5 stars out of 5

Quality: .50 (half a star) stars out of 5

Overall: 1 star out of 5

Would buy again? Noooooo!

Where to buy: Walgreens, Wal-mart, Ulta or anyplace that sells Wet n Wild products-except CVS

Pros: Bargain, prices vary from $3 to $6. Packaging is pretty because color can easily be seen in jar

Cons: irritating, leaves a blotchy finish, isn't fine-milled, no-color (pigmentation is lacking), is not smooth, very hard to blend. No color choices, Wet n Wild offers these in only 4 tones

Overall: Terrible Mineral foundation, will never buy again and hoping Wet n Wild will take this off the market :)

Jun 8, 2009

The She Space Pigments Swatches

Thanks to Haru and her Rouge Deluxe blog I found my love again for The She Space pigments. I've put off doing swatches for so long but finally did them all. I'm sorry if I don't have very many neutral or light colors but I did put in an order for more so more swatches to come very soon. Hope this helps any of you. Click on pics to enlarge if you need a more larger look. I used a mixing medium with all colors.
Favorites of mine:
Hot Cha-Cha
Crack the Whip
Heart of Stone
Art of Noise
Can't hide from Karma