Jun 29, 2009

Journal Entry/Randomness

  • Goodness, it's been so long since I posted a randomness for the week, I clearly stopped doing it because I've been thinking long and hard about my hiatus staus and can't seem to make up my mind but in the future I think it will turn out best. During my time of thinking I make sure to post nessesary entires on my blog anyway. I will continue to do so until I reach a decision. Thank you all for your support!
  • I've pretty much been hauling here and there. I recently started getting into dark lipsticks, don't know why :) but I went in my lipstick drawer and pulled out as many dark lipsticks as I could find and just started playing with them to try to see which ones looked awesome, so far I like MAC Hang-up and Media. I'm also getting into dark (almost black) purples and burgundy's and red's so if you know of a really great blackened red lipstick please let me know! Speaking of dark lipsticks I recently stopped by the 99 cents store and picked up a Santee lipstick in Black. Yep, I now own a black lipstick! Which doesn't look bad at all when you apply it well and use lipliner. I also wanted it to mix in with other colors to create unique lip colors. You can pretty much mix in any color you want with the black and it looks amazing. I'll put pics up very soon of what I came up with.
  • I've also been fond of brown liquid eyeliners for the top lashline, just this past weekend I was searching all up in my makeup drawers for any sort of brown liquid eyeliner. So I couldn't find one and ended up using my rose water and MAC e/s Folie as a top lashline liner. OMG, it looked Ah-mazing! Later on that day I was browsing in JC Penney with my kids and came across the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in the Sephora they have in the store and to my surprise looks exactly like the Folie+rose water I used earlier. The color is called Immortal Love and I'm in love with this eyeliner. The color is perfect for brown and taupe + khaki smoky eyes (which I wore on Saturday) and is quite close to the color Folie (which is a great reddish brown e/s). I'm eye-ing the other Kat Von D colors as those looked very tasty :P
  • On a very sad note, my niece recently gave birth to her son and it is this big mess of poor judgment of the staff at a nearby hospital (my sister-in-law and niece are contemplating a lawsuit...read on to see why). She went in for a fever a few days ago and they released her to go home. Well 4 days later she complained to them again for contractions and was upset to learn she broke her water 4 days earlier. Basically the fever was a sign of water being broke, so both baby and mommy caught an infection and were under hospital ICU for 4 days. They released my niece but had to keep the baby in ICU. So far in the past 3 days the baby has had problems breathing and has herpes (not sure which type) and is turning normal color to blue and everything in between. They baptized the baby on Saturday and predict baby will pass away within the next day or two. I can't imagine what my niece is going thru right now, and as a mother I can understand her pain. I just wanted to let you all know simply because you are like family. Any prayers to her and her family are welcome, thank you for listening :)
  • I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll post pics of the dark lipsticks in a few days :)

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