Dec 30, 2012

Loreal Caresse Lip Stain Gloss

Decided to gather a few and I'm glad I did because I really like them! Not much of a fan of stains or glossy stains per se but I enjoy these. My first purchase was the Infinite Fuchsia (far left in pic) - A darkened raspberry color and my 2nd purchases were Coral Tattoo and Pink Resistance.

Not a fan of the Pink Resistance. First of all, it looks opaque in the tube but goes on like a bare gloss, yuck. The Infinite Fuchsia upon first applying is a nice raspberry color and after a few seconds gets a tad darker. I found this to be the same for Coral Tattoo. Coral Tattoo in the tube is a bright but subdued coral orange, but more on the orange side. After wearing for 10 minutes noticed that it got darker, which is fine with me since the color transforms into something gorgeous.

These apply smoothly and seem to get more opaque as you apply. They stay on extremely well and stay glossy. They are not sticky nor heavy, instead lightweight and have a smooth feel, almost like satin. They all have a pleasant floral scent, at first it could be intimidating but the scent isn't obvious while wearing.

Removing the lip color is easy but when I removed Infinite Fuchsia and Coral Tattoo I saw a bit of staining of my lips, which is fine.

You can find these at participating drugstores. I found mine in Walgreens and paid 9.99 for each.

Oct 2, 2012

Halloween Costume Idea: Black Swan

A good friend of mine recently said she considered being Black Swan for halloween this year, and of course I was the first to say "I'll do your makeup!!!" Strangely, I haven't even seen the movie, haha, but I did want to attempt the look....Studied Natalie Portman's pic for a little while, but overall I love the way it came out!

To prepare, I burst out the blackest eyeliner pencil I had, Urban Decay in Zero, and a small angled eye brush to smooth out the liner. To draw a sharp line on the nose, use a black liquid liner, it helps to have a picture to map out where you need to draw and to create the shape. Fill in the shape with the black pencil. Next I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk to draw on the lines, it's a little difficult to draw on and keep the  color intense so I took color off the pencil with a small shader brush and applied it that way. Next, I topped the white areas with a silver shadow, here I used WnW Spoiled Brat. Make sure to line white near the inner corner point and on the upper lashline. Line the lower lashline with black eyeliner and line the lower waterline with a white eye pencil. Apply mascara. Use a flat foundation brush to smooth out edges of the shape.  

Because of time constraints I could not order identical eye lenses like the original for this look, so instead I put on stark light blue lenses.

I hope you enjoy your halloween! If you are dressing up this year, what will you be? I still need ideas!

A quick pic of me and my newborn :) I hope you are all doing well!

Halloween Costume Ideas/Tutorials

For the longest time I've wanted to create the 'Chola' look but never had the time until now. I am a believer that certain makeup techniques may have originated from this interesting look. Although I'm not a big fan of this type of makeup look, (outdated lips, over-emphasized eyes and brows) I do appreciate the drama in the eyes and the confidence in these women that wear the look today.

'Chola with the Dark Lips'

First look is sharp eyeshadow with dark lips! Put on your foundation, here I used Neutrogena's healthy skin makeup. Create a high arch in the brows, if your brows don't have a high arch that's ok, just darken them to the max! Mainly any black eyeshadow will do for the eyes, drawn on with a pencil brush, prime with NYX Milk or any white cream eyeshadow....

What I used: eyeliner on the lower lashline is Urban Decay in Zero and upper lashline is Maybelline Line Stiletto. Blush is Aziza in Desert. Lips lined with Urban Decay in Whiskey, lipstick is MAC Diva.

To complete the look you could add on large falsies (fake eyelashes) or instead of dark red lips use all black.

Another idea for Chola eyebrows, pencil thin this time!

'The Natural Looking Chola'

For this look I just mainly swept a deep purple eyeshadow on the lid and on the outer crease. I used NYX Milk to line my upper lashline. Blended out the purple using the beige color in the WnW (Wet n Wild) I love Matte palette. I did my brows normal here. I wanted to create a sharp contour so I used MAC eyeshadow in Antiqued.

What I used: Foundation is Neutrogena's healthy skin compact makeup, Urban Decay eyeliner 24/7 in Zero, WnW I love Matte palette for purple, beige, and white as highlight, Aziza blush, lips lined with Urban Decay eyeliner 24/7 in Whiskey, MAC lipstick in Creme d Nude, mascara Covergirl lash perfection

Have a great and safe Halloween!

Jun 22, 2012

Friday Photo Meme!

I'm a newbie of Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme! Today I'm doing the 'What's in Your Bag Edition'.
Feel free to check out her blog here and take part in the Photo Meme's!

So, let me start already!

1. Cell phone/Mobile phone

This one I'm really proud of because it happens to be my first smart phone, given to me for Mother's day from the hubby! I love it! It is covered by my really pink Otter case, which is a C- product, I've had to replace it already only after 1 month, the bottom was starting to rip apart!

2. Wallet/Purse/whatever you keep your money in:

The beautiful Neon Pink Hearts clutch wallet which was from Melrose, I'm really into neon pink this summer and I just happened to glance in Melrose this week and spotted the matching handbag which I'm going to grab, it's so cute!

3. Something in your wallet [cards/coins/money/whatever]

I don't carry much but here's what I have!

4. Makeup you carry on the go

I haven't changed out these at all as they continue to be my faves: MAC lipstick Pink Plaid, Wet N Wild lipstick Don't Blink Pink, Maybelline lipstick Pink me Up, Maybelline line stiletto, and Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag

The pink and orange striped bag held my weekend getaway jewelry which I have been too lazy to take out of my purse! The strawberry bag holds beauty coupons and my little 'E' notebook :)

Make sure to leave me a comment with a post to your link if you take part, and as well visit Yumeko's blog for a full list of previous Friday Photo Meme's!

May 15, 2012

I'm on Instagram!

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that I am now on Instagram, so if you are addicted (like me) and you want to see my pics and updates, feel free to follow me!

I am username Laliamora

Hope to see you all there!

Apr 26, 2012

WnW, Physicians Formula, Garnier Haul 2012

I've been hauling as much as I can! With a couple of new products out on the market, I just can't help it. I bought a couple of 'first time' items such as the new Revlon Colorburst lip butter and some C.O. Bigelow lip shines from BBW. Overall I'm pretty excited about most of my stash! I've been using quite a number of these items on a regular and never get tired of them.

CHI's Ceramic Nail Lacquer ($1.99) was a low-price find that seemed to be well worth it. Nano Silver, ceramic, and silk, are added to the formula that resists chipping. I got 5 colors...names are cute with an OPI-ish style. Left to Right is Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera, Meet me in the copy room, Overnight Celebrity, Montego Bay Orange, and Snow Angels in Central Park. They are good for resisting chipping but show signs of wear just after 3 days.

I came across the newest MegaLast lip colors ($2.99). I assume these colors were so popular I have yet to find them again. MegaLast by Wet n Wild offers these long-wear lip colors with a nice color selection...These new colors are divine, 2 being actually wearable with my skintone while the other 2 are a bit too bright and shocking, but nevertheless are cute to add to my collection...Left to Right is Pinkerbell (968), Dollhouse Pink (967), 24 Carrot Gold (969), and Don't Blink Pink (966).

Another lipstick I've been wanting to try more colors of were the Ultra Color Rich lipsticks by Avon. Here I have Instant Mocha and Poppy Love that I picked up while they were on sale for 2.99 each. While I do have Rich Ruby, I find these transfer a bit too much to my liking. Rich Ruby is described as a matte red, Instant Mocha is a satiny mauve pink, and Poppy Love a bright red-orange similar to MAC's Lady Danger.

World Balmination - Glossy tinted lip balm by Hard Candy

One of my newest faves are the Color Sensational lipsticks which to my surprise I did not like at first. At this point I'm sure it was because of the color I had tried which I found was too slippery and shiny. But Pink Me Up (not pictured) has been on my lips practically since March! What I love about these is the satin smooth feel that keeps my lips comfortable during wear. My latest lemming was for Make me Pink and Red Revolution (above).

LA Colors Trio in Orchid

Milani's Multi-tasker powder ($5.99) has become an instant favorite of mine, which came at a good time being that I was in search of a great face powder. The multi-purpose powder is suppose to offer setting, finishing, and blotting, all of which have met these expectations. The powder works great at absorbing excess oil and reduces shine on my face but not so much on my nose, which I have to blot after 4 hrs or so. My color is in Light Tan 04, which I apply using a large round face brush like the Sephora Professionnel 49. I find the powder works best on me after I apply a face lotion or tinted moisturizer.

After seeing a few swatches of Revlon's Lip butters I decided on Lollipop ($4.99) which is a medium fuchsia pink with slight blu-ish undertones. The formula is rich and decadent and this particular color is chock full of pigment. Formulated with Mango, Coconut butter, and Shea that helps to boost lip moisture, I find that it lacks in moisture when wearing for a few hrs. I have yet to see another color that I would like to try but I'll keep my eye out.

New Sinful colors in Feeling Great, Cinderella, and Morning Star

I'm usually hesitant to buy Avon mostly because color matching foundations can be difficult from swatches in a book. I had heard that Avon's Extra Lasting foundation ($10.00) was a good one so I had to try it out for myself. I ordered Soft Honey only to learn that 1. It was too dark for me and 2. It seemed to get darker (oxidizing) after applying. Overall I really like the finish which dries matte.

Another thing I like about this foundation is that it has a pump but I am not crazy about it's cheap plastic quality.

Physicians Formula Bronzer (but I use as a highlighter) in Vegas Strip

Physicians Formula introduced a new pH line which is pH makeup that adapts to skin's own PH and lighting environment.

-Flourescein Based Dye is a dye that senses your pH level on your skin and adjusts within seconds.
-Photochromic Powders have lighting adjusting pigments that adapt to your environment.

Currently the line carries bronzer, lip gloss, and powdered blush, but I only wanted to try the blush, pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush ($8.99) which I got in 'Natural' I would describe as a bright pink with red undertones. The packaging is quite bulky but is easy to use. It features a small blush brush at its underside compartment and lights up using LED power on both sides of the mirror.

A pish-posh of a few things like Rimmel London's Volume Flash the Max, ELF gel eyeliner, Maybelline Line Stiletto eyeliner, Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in love, Rimmel London np Black Satin, LA Colors np Fiji Purple, and my newest fave Maybelline One by One Volum Express mascara.

I've taken a huge liking to the new Garnier BB creams ($10.99) for many provides buidable coverage and are the most moisturizing of any foundation I have tried. I say 'foundation' only because I am not a large fan of tinted moisturizers nor have I tried any popular BB creams in all my life. The formula is creamy and gives my skin a lasting moisturized effect. Not oily at all, does not clog pores, and best of all does not slide off or move around my skin. At first I bought the Light/Medium color and later bought the Medium/Deep for the fast approaching summer season and to my surprise both colors work great with my skintone. Below is the swatch to get an idea of the colors and undertones.

I tend to be more oily during hot weather but since pregnancy I have been experiencing somewhat dry skin. Garnier BB creams are perfect for my skin at this time because I need that richness in a moisturizer.

Swatches of the MegaLast lipsticks by Wet n Wild. Left to Right - Don't Blink Pink, Dollhouse Pink, 24 Carrot Gold, and Pinkerbell.