Dec 1, 2013

My skin is loving me right now....

I know, there is no excuse for this lateness! No use diving into detail, but I am much better! Since all is pretty much back to normal at the Lali Amora household I do have thousands of o' things to do with my blog. 

So what have I been up? Well for a few weeks now I've been trying the newest from L'Oreal skincare line...the Youth Code Texture Perfector serum concentrate, Youth Code Texture Perfector day/night cream, and the Facial Oil which I will discuss here in a few. Just wanted to say how pretty is the packaging! The pink duo is to be used together while the oil I essentially use it on it's own with other moisturizers I have lying around. The pink duo I like to call 'Pink iridescent' because the lotion and the cream contain a visible slight pink iridescent that can't be seen once applied to the skin. I have used the duo several times and can say that when used daily will obtain results, my skin felt a bit smoother but appearance wise was harder to tell since my skin always does oddly throughout the winter months.

Serum (the taller bottle). Here is what it does: 

Texture Perfector Serum Concentrate with 2% LR2412, a powerful ingredient, visibly corrects skin by tightening pores, diminishing fine lines and revealing petal-soft skin texture.

- In 1 week, over 70% of women experienced tightened, less visible pores.
- In 1 week, over 80% of women saw smoother, softer texture.
- In 1 month, women state that pores appear smaller, fine lines are reduced and texture is smoother.
- 79% of women report seeing an improvement in skin quality.*

Day/Night cream. Here is what it does:

Texture Perfector with Perline-P, an association of three perfecting actives that optimizes the quality of skin's surface by tightening pores, diminishing fine lines and revealing petal-soft skin texture.
- Instantly skin feels softer and texture is smoothed for a velvet touch.
- In 1 month, women stated that pores appear smaller and fine lines are reduced.
- 75% of women report seeing an improvement in skin quality.*

(info directly from the L'Oreal website) Yes, it is a safe link :)

The actual cream is pink of course!

Now these come boxed and can cost anywhere from $17 up to retail which is $24.99 depending where you buy and if they ever are on sale, sometimes I like to use Beauty Bucks from CVS and buy product as I need them this way. If you have tried out the Pink Duo or any other L'Oreal skincare recently please let me know! I am always on the look out for new stuff to try out. 

How I Rate it: Pink Duo - Thumbs up! But only when used together and daily :)

Let's discuss this Facial Oil shall we? I just may need a few more bottles of this stuff, I wonder if they sell it at Costco? :) My favorite thus far, and not just because it has a heavenly scent but because it actually works on my skin, like magically, even though I know it's pure science, haha. The oil I'm talking about is the glorious Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil. Complete with 8 oils that take over the face skin and surface like butter! Silky and smells divine, my face stays supple and moisturized almost all day.

Mixture of Oils:

English Lavender
Rosemary leaf
Orange Peel
Roman Chamomile
Marjoram leaf
Rose flower

Can't you just smell it through your phone screen or laptop? 

This oil I use as a pre-moisturizer, or sometimes I add it along with my favorite moisturizer. You only use 2 to 5 drops, the bottle recommends 4 to 5 drops but I find a little goes a long way. The most I use would be 3 to 4 drops. I think the perfect time to use this oil would be sometime in the morning after washing face, I don't apply makeup in the morning but I do apply the drops before my moisturizer and foundation. Lasting power? Definitely an all day thing, I generally don't like my face feeling greasy or oily at all (I don't think anyone does) but this oil does not leave a greasy or oily feel at all, you can't see oil on the face after application, my skin absorbs it and the result is perfect - skin that is soft, supple, and moisturized...And of course smells amazing.

Not much change cost wise, this bottle will cost about the same as the pink duo, retails for $24.99 but of course depending on the store that carries it.

Just a few details: 

"Restore skin’s youthful glow with Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil. It deeply nourishes and replenishes dull, dry skin with a unique blend of 8 Essential oils. The non-greasy and luxuriously lightweight formula absorbs quickly for all-day hydration.

All you need is 4-5 drops each time you apply. Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil can be used 5 different ways for an all around youthful GLOW:

1. Alone, after cleansed skin
2. Right before applying cream
3. At night, before bedtime
4. Apply on the neck
5. Right before foundation to improve glide."

How I Rate it: Age perfect Glow Facial Oil - Definitely Thumbs Up! If I had a 3rd thumb I'd have it up too, now that would be weird, hahaha

Clinique Moisture Surge is still and will continue to be my all-time favorite moisturizer, I've gone through many containers of this. Although price tag might reveal Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to be more affordable (1.7 oz $14.50) I just can't use it....I have found after a while the lotion starts to smell a little odd. So even though Moisture Surge is a little pricey (1.7 oz $37) it still does one heck of a job moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated. Another personal favorite of mine is the Neutrogena Naturals multi-vitamin Night Cream (1.7 oz $13.99). Surprisingly, not a fan of the scent, but it does a great job. Generating 3.5 stars on Neutrogena's website, many others detest the scent as well. Maybe Neutrogena could work on this? The cream itself is pretty good, maybe tweaking the scent could be beneficial to sales? We shall see if they listen to consumers....

Do you have a favorite moisturizer that you would love to let me know about? Comment and do tell! I'm always eager to try new things, especially face creams! :)

Disclosure: All items with an exception of Clinique Moisture Surge were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.