Dec 21, 2011

Holiday Haul

I began my Christmas shopping on a good note, my friend Trish had brought a bunch of MAC stuff to work and wanted to sell it cheap, so I bought the new white packaging lipstick from Glitter and Ice col. in Creme dNude...I mainly wanted it for the packaging so I could add it to my collection. Next to it is the newest Balm by Loreal and it's pretty good, it has Argan oil in it. And how come I have never seen this quad? I love Maybelline's Charcoal Smokes quad! I wore it yesterday while doing some shopping, I love it!

EOTD - Charcoal Smokes
I added falsies for a finished glamour look :)

I'm super excited about my early Christmas gift from my husband, he bought me my fave, The One by D and G. I ran out of this years ago and never could get myself to spend the money on another (it's $75 and up!) I can't even describe the scent, all I can say is that it's divine! I ran into this cute glittery nail polish by Color Club but I don't know what it's called but looks very similar to China Glazes Ruby Slippers. Over at CVS one day I picked up Big Money from the new Gems Crush SH col. which is a gold glitter base with sporatic lavender glitters...Very pretty, but why Big Money? I also got Essie's Ladylike which is ok, and Revlon in Graceful, which is a unique creme taupe grey.

CG's PR sent me the new Sofia Vergara collection for me to try...The Lashblast is a 24hr mascara and the lipstick is a duo ended wand with pretty colors to mix and match....Lip color is called Glimmer.

I had been watching some Youtube videos and decided to do a dollar store haul! I went on Friday and came home with lots of goodies...I got 4 NYC liquid eyeliners in Jet Black and Sable, a couple of colors of CG Smoothers which is a very soft and moisturizing lip color, 2 pairs of the very natural Kiss eyelashes in 02 which are super comfortable to wear! I wore them on Saturday in the picture from earlier! Love these and just may have to go get more! Last but not least I found a PopDuo pencil by Loreal which has a shadow stick on one side and a kohl eyeliner on the other, I love this! I only got one because I wanted to try it first but I may go back for the grey and the lavender :)

My local Texas Dollar had these crackle polishes for $1.50, I have tried them and they seem to be good but as it turns out I am not a fan of any crackle polish whether it be from OPI or China Glaze or even SH. I just don't like the way it looks :(

I found my first love of nail polish from like years ago! I began to get into cosmetics I'd say around 2005 and around that time I bought Rainyday Red, which is a gorgeous reddish Fuchsia Pink. I still have my first bottle which is dried out. I could never really match the color but I found it again! I found it and grabbed it costing me only 50 cents. I also bought this bracelet that I've been trying to find in unique colors, I still would like to find a pink one but only found red that day, so I decided to get it :)

Last but not least is a couple of designer imposter perfumes. I got the Harajuku Lovers col. and love the scents! I have tested out the real deals and I can't remember which one it was that I liked so I just decided to get all of them, except for 'Love'.

Dec 13, 2011

If you're a Movie Aficionado....

Maya Entertainment will be giving away 5 DVD's per day!

Excited about Latin film-making? I sure am :) Excited, that is, because latino film makers have recently dominated the film industry, not just with short-films but more so big pictures. As a latina I am proud of this accomplishment! Latino's and/or film enthusiasts please take note, this campaign is one that has to be talked about! I long for these opportunities to share the info with my readers! Today and for the next few weeks Maya Entertainment will be giving away 5 films per day on their Facebook. Most importantly, there is reason behind it...that is to have a broad range of appreciation for Latin film making... What a great way to get the word out!

Here's the giveaway page:

Good Luck!

Dec 12, 2011

Remember Jane?

Yep, it's for sale on Hautelook!

Wow! I feel like its been ages since I saw Jane cosmetics. I do love their blush and eyeshadows! If you love your Jane cosmetics too then head over to Hautelook, they have Jane makeup on sale now thru Wednesday. I just may have to snag a few items myself!

Dec 1, 2011

Recap: Beauty, Hollywood, and VS Fashion Show '11

So, who watched? Sad to say as much as I wanted to, I did not...booo!!!! I get so busy at home with the family and then I'm so super tired that I just want to pass out and fall asleep by 7pm!

One thing is for sure, I am going to do some research on VS models diets! I heard about it on the radio and I am super excited to find out their secrets....I am constantly on a diet so I thought I could learn a thing or two, lol!

If you watched, what was your favorite part of the show?

Terra was present for coverage and if you too would like to see pics, read interviews, watch videos and learn about those diets visit the Terra website here


Beautiful and pregnant Roselyn Sanchez had her baby shower recently in LA! It was hosted by Johnson's....Super cool, I would love to be hosted by Johnson's for my next baby shower! *hint hint* lol
Look at those cute bears in the background...Oh yeah and the beautiful Puerto Rican Roselyn.....She has always been a favorite of mine :)

With her husband, Eric Winter

Pic credits: StarTraks

Last but not least..AMA's were on recently and I totally forgot that Taylor Swift is a spokesperson for CoverGirl....her skin looks nice here and she wore that new NatureLuxe silk foundation that I've been wanting to try. I have to admit this isn't the best pic of Taylor Swift as of today but just wanted to share.

And who doesn't love a little Katy Perry to soothe the eyes? I swear every time I see a pic of her I just wanna call her up and say, "Hi Katy, can you do my makeup...and hair...and design my outfit?"......Fact is her makeup artist Jake Bailey is the one who does it and always seems to do a phenomenal job! Luckily for CoverGirl, that night they got to team up with him.

Super pretty as always, and I wish I hadn't known that they used Guerlain for her finishing powder because I love it and now I want to try it!

 What they used on Katy:

Guerlain's Les Viollettes loose powder

NARS blush Madly

NARS shimmer blush Orgasm

Liquid liner marker from Le Metier

COVERGIRL LashBlast 24HR mascara (Not yet in stores)

 COVERGIRL Liquiline Blast eyeliner, Violet voltage

 COVERGIRL  Lip Perfection lipcolor, Flame

Multi-tasking Brush: Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender

It was a video on YouTube that prompted me to purchase the lovely Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender Eb 13 brush. I had to see it for myself! Ok, so this little gem can pack on shadow on the lids, blend, and apply highlight for the brows all in one, and it can have other uses. I have been using the same brush to do all three and I'm loving it :)

There are 2 of them in the picture because when I ordered it there was a promo when you buy one you get one free....How cool is that?!

According to them:
"This brush is not only great for eyeshadow but concealer as well. Makeup artists have been using crease brushes for years to help blend out creamy product like concealer or eyeshadow base. This brush was formulated with synthetic bristles to apply the perfect amount of product. The bristles are also nice and dense to for easily blending out darker crease colors. Tip: Use this as brush for contouring the nose. The shape and tapered bristles will help you blend out hard lines easily."

$8.95 each

I say:
It is very soft. Ferrule is of good quality. Very easy to use! Has become one of favorite eye brushes. 

They have other products to offer...Check them out at!

Nov 28, 2011

COVERGIRL's Newest with Sofia Vergara

She's so pretty!

It seems as though many celebrities are creating their own line of products lately! Here is another that I am excited about....

The beautiful, talented, and funny Sofia Vergara will be promoting her Holiday Hotlist of colors by COVERGIRL!

Want to buy one before they hit stores? You can starting today and the best part is no shipping fees!

You'll be able to get your hands on these cute products before they launch January 2012. If you are interested, visit COVERGIRL on Facebook or you can click on the links I've provided below.

Shop here

and RSVP here


and follow us on Twitter!

If you happen to take advantage of this deal, let me know what you got!

Nov 6, 2011

Autumn Hauls and Gifts

A haul? It's seems like it's been ages!!!

Profusion Sparkle Palette
I have been looking for sparkling eye-catching shadows lately especially for this holiday season and found this $5 palette at my local dollar store. I really like it, there are 24 glittery shadows in this palette and not one of them are chunky! Which is great considering whenever I have dealt with glitter shadows most of them tend to be chunky which fall out and end up on your cheeks or elsewhere!

Wet n Wild I (heart) Matte

At my recent trip to Walgreens I ran into this 8 shadow palette by WnW which holds 8 very nice matte shadows, I had never seen it before but chose to buy it and try it out. I like it but I have yet to create a look using it, I will probably try it out sometime this week! Speaking of WnW, I got one of the newest limited edition holiday palettes in Bake off Contest which comes with a shimmering eye pencil. I really like it but I feel 2 out of the 6 aren't pigmented instead powdery and blotchy.

200-Plush Peach

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless eye concealer in 210 is Simply Awesome! Let me start out by saying that I love love love this concealer. A review is in the works. I picked this up using my $8 off coupon and also grabbed the CG SA sculpting blush in 200. I am still trying out the blush so I will let you know how it works out. Please let me know if you have tried it and share with us your thoughts :)

I've been wanting to try out the Maybelline Liquid Mousse so I took a chance and bought the color Medium 2.5 - it's a perfect match, lol. I also bought the Physicians Formula gel eyeliners for Blue Eyes, and 2 cream shadows from Urban Decay which were on clearance for $3 each.

I had a strange craving for some more art brushes

Master's Touch
-3/0 Spotter
-1/4 Angular Shader

I have used the Angular Shader for gel eyeliners and it works extremely well

I was sent the newest additions to Covergirl as a gift among other things but I am eager to try out these:

-Intense shadowblast in Blue Bomb
-Simply Ageless foundation
-Simply Ageless Serum Primer

So far I have tried the foundation which I really like, the color Soft Honey is an exact match but I still see a tad bit of pink undertones which don't exactly agree with my yellow undertones in the face. I will do a review and let you know my thoughts.

More Polish! The new Essie color in School of Hard Rocks, Revlon's Gold Charm and Carbonite, Orchid and only because of the name is the reason for buying, lol, called Royal Engagement.

I was sent the newest L'Oreal Youth Code skincare line and I can say this, I am in love with the Day/Night cream which is so reminiscent of MAC's Studio Moisture Cream and has almost the exact same scent. I will do a full review, can't wait!

Oct 26, 2011


Three words to best describe her: Talented, Original, Beautiful

Don't underestimate the power of Makeup! She is one of my favorite Makeup Enthusiasts...please take the time to sit and watch her latest concoctions of makeup looks.

You may have seen some good ones, but I tempt you to see the best :)

Oct 22, 2011

Miami Fashion Week: Makeup and more...

If you have passed the CoverGirl section without so much as a glance recently I might have something that will change your mind next time you go shopping....which may have you creating a wishlist, lol

Lourdes Stephen (above) at the Magia De La Moda fashion show.

She among all models there had makeup and hair completed by makeup artist Jessica Rivera and Pantene's backstage hair styling team. All products used were from CoverGirl and Pantene!

List of products used on the gorgeous Lourdes....

All by CoverGirl:

Simply Ageless primer
Simply Ageless concealer #215
Simply Ageless foundation #255
Clean pressed powder, normal skin #165
Simply Ageless Sculpting blush #210 and #230
Shine Blast lipgloss in Glow
Intense Shadow Blast in Beige Blast
Eye Enhancers 4-kit shadows in Drama Eyes
Liquiline Blast eyeliner in Blackfire
Lashblast fusion mascara in Very Black

And her hair!! I love it :) According to the hair styling team:

Before drying hair they sprayed Pantene Heat protection and Shinespray, they created the open waves and then sprayed Pantene's Anti-humidity hairspray...

Coupon Alert for CoverGirl - There is a P&G coupon that was in the P&G coupon insert from last Sunday's paper for $8 off any 2 CoverGirl Face products, that is a phenomenal deal, I'm definitely taking advantage! If anyone needs one of these coupons (or two!) I have a few extra :)

The Magia De La Moda is a fashion show brought to you by Isabel Toledo & Televisa’s Vanidades Magazine and is part of Miami Fashion Week.

Join us on Facebook and

Pics credit: Martine Morcillo, Fleishman Hillard Miami

Oct 20, 2011

Genes Day Friday, October 21

Did you know….

On Friday, when you buy Lancome's Genifique, Lancome donates $7 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?

And did you know that this Friday marks the 2nd annual Genes Day?

By now, you are probably going ‘Ok, what are you talking about, what is this?’ but I have something exciting to share with you all! Genes Day happens to be a very important day for Lancome. It is the day that they will donate $7 to St Jude Children’s Hospital from each sale of their Youth Activation Concentrate called Genifique.

Genifique info:

“Our first skincare that boosts the activity of genes1 and stimulates the production of youth proteins2. A true skincare innovation with 7 worldwide patents pending, Génifique is the foundation of every woman’s skincare at any age or for any skin concern. In-vitro test on genes. Clinical study on skin proteins associated with young skin - France.

Result: Visibly younger skin in just 7 days. Skin looks as if lit from within – breathtaking radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Drop by drop, skin is vibrant with youth, its tone becomes astonishingly even, its texture dramatically refined.”

For all of those that use Genifique and have just ran out please consider holding off buying one until Friday, I’m sure those from St. Jude’s would appreciate it! If you have never tried Genifique you can visit the Lancome counter this month for a 7 day sample.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital info:

“When late entertainer Danny Thomas opened the doors to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 1962, he was not just changing the lives of children who would walk through its doors—he was changing lives across the world. More than 70 years ago, Danny Thomas, then a struggling young entertainer with a baby on the way, visited a Detroit church and was so moved during the Mass, he placed his last $7 in the collection box. When he realized what he'd done, Danny prayed for a way to pay the looming hospital bills. The next day, he was offered a small part that would pay 10 times the amount he'd given to the church. Danny had experienced the power of prayer. Two years later, Danny had achieved moderate acting success in Detroit, but he was struggling to take his career to the next level. Once again, he turned to the church. Praying to St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes, Danny asked the saint to "help me find my way in life, and I will build you a shrine. Throughout his successes, Danny never forgot his promise to St. Jude. From Danny's pledge that hospital care would be accessible to all children, regardless of their ability to pay, grew ALSAC, one of the most successful fund-raising organizations in American history.

When St. Jude completed its $1 billion, five-year expansion in 2005, it bolstered the hospital's efforts to find cures for the catastrophic diseases of childhood. The growth more than doubled the size of the hospital’s original campus. The expansion included the Children's GMP, LLC—the nation's only pediatric research center on-site facility for production of highly specialized treatments and vaccines—an expanded Department of Immunology and more. Now with the addition of the Chili’s Care Center, a larger, rejuvenated Kay Kafe cafeteria for employees and patients, and renovations to the medicine room and rehabilitation areas, the hospital is more poised than ever to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.”

For more info visit and

Join us on Facebook and
Join us on Twitter and @lancomeparis#Genesday

I have children of my own and it makes me anxious to know there are children at the hospital with bad diseases and cancers. Treatment, especially in a hospital setting is expensive, and without insurance it can be hopeless. It makes me happy to know that St. Jude's helps all children stricken with these diseases regardless of financial status.

As ambassadress Julia Roberts says “the partnership between Lancome and St. Jude Children Research Hospital is a true celebration of the beauty of giving’. My thoughts exactly, Julia! :)

Oct 14, 2011

Lali Amora Beauty Blog 3rd Anniversary...

What this means is that something cool is coming...something in terms of a giveaway? Yeppers! :)

Stay tuned for more details coming up


Oct 13, 2011

My Top 5 Beauty Sins

Saw this Tag on the lovely Christiana's blog so I decided to put together a list. I tag anyone to do the same....Ok here goes! :)

Sin #5. I use to add hair gel to my nearly empty mascara tube.

I don't do this anymore but I use to back in my high school days when I didn't have enough money to go out and buy another. I have no idea what prompted me to add in the hair gel, I thought that it would somehow mimic the mascara formula!

Sin #4. I scratch off my white heads and squeeze out my blackheads.

Only on my nose but nevertheless this is some strange habit of mine that I'm not proud of. If I see them on my nose I am so quick to squeeze them out. I think it all started when I would use those blackhead nose strips which for me is a love/hate relationship, sometimes it gets them all out and sometimes it doesn't!

Sin #3. I don't take off my makeup every night.

I know, I know, 'Never be too busy to be beautiful'....It is a motto that I stand beside and have said many times but seriously I have 2 kids and a toddler at home and I work full-time, Most days I am so exhausted I go into dream mode putting my 1 yr old to sleep with a plan of getting up about 30 mins later to wash my face, paint my nails, etc BUT when I DO wake up it's time for me to get up and start the day all over again! lol

Sin #2. I use to wear face powder that was too light for me.

Those ghastly white casts in the old photos, and the favorite compact puff tucked neatly inside by the mirror. Yep I was one that fell victim to this classic! This was back in the day before we cherished makeup brushes and drugstore makeup companies were ho-hum about selling makeup and powder that matched REAL skintones!

AND my #1 Beauty Sin......I use to share my makeup with my friends all the time. that I think about it, what the hell was I thinking? lol :)