Apr 8, 2011

ELF Little Black Beautybooks - Cool collection

To take in your purse, on the go, or to grab quickly when you don't want to rummage thru your makeup stash to complete a look....I was so thrilled to find ELF's newest BeautyBooks/palettes ($5) and these cute 'little black beautybook' palettes ($5) in Target stores.

It was the email that ELF sent that had me searching for these bargain gems.

Unfortunately the newest Beauty Books (pic above) were a little damaged, each one :( so sad, so I'll be doing some driving around to find them this weekend!

So top picture is of the 'Little Black Beautybook' which flips open and consists of 28 shadows and 20 lip colors, 1 mirror and a dual applicator. I selected the cool collection as it had more colors suitable for the spring and summer time. The other available LBBB, the warm collection, would best be suited for the fall and winter time. All shadows are made splendid, each one staying true to color, doesn't fade, and is good in pigmentation.

Quality of lip colors are amazing with a wide range of consistency and finishes to name a few; shimmery, creme, sheer, and high-gloss.

Just for giggles:

My son decided to create a Makeup Abstract Shrine - thinga-majig :D......... He did an interesting job! Notice how I placed 2 gold crowns on the MAC lipsticks lol

Have a great weekend everyone!

Apr 6, 2011

Neutrogena Naturals face wash and makeup remover

You want to know something I really hate? Basically, a facial cleanser that first strips my face clean and then leaves it dry and tight, that is what I hate. Although sometimes squeaky clean is a good thing, but in this case it just becomes a nuisance. Using my Biore became just too much but was a great scapegoat to begin my search of something new. I needed a facial soap that was going to deep cleanse by removing dirt, oil, and makeup but leave my skin comfortable and soft. After using my Biore cleanser, in just a short time my skin started feeling a bit overwashed, if that makes any sense. I didn’t need my skin to feel that way so I decided to change it up and search for a new cleanser.

Where to buy Neutrogena Products: Sold in CVS, Walmart, Target and various other online stores.

Cost: Mine was $5.49, I bought mine at Walmart

Quick thoughts: What I really like about Neutrogena’s Naturals face wash is that it's the perfect comfort cleanser for evening and removes your makeup 100% without the stripping and the tightness, which in my opinion is a very strong contrast to their original orange bottle of Neutrogena Deep Clean and liquid face cleanser.

Lots of Pros, yes it is that good!


Gentle face wash plus makeup remover in one

Removes all foundation makeup and eye makeup

Is extremely gentle and yet effective

Even after gently rubbing eyes to remove eye makeup, face wash worked to remove traces of heavy eyeliner and eyeshadows
Works great to remove foundation makeup and powder

A tiny amount is all that is needed for entire face

Lathers up really nice

Smells clean, scent is not overpowering, it’s light and comforting

Face is left feeling clean, not tight at all. Skin is soft. Skin looks brighter.


Advice: Don't lather up too much, a very small amount is needed...I learned that the hard way....Rinsing off suds can be slightly difficult if you apply too much, I’ve had to rinse off about 4 times just to make sure all the suds were gone.

Ingredient List

I use once a day, usually at night to remove makeup. I apply moisturizer afterwards, one I’m currently using is Clinique Moisture Surge.

Apr 2, 2011

We love Hello Kitty....and shopping!

I made the choice to collect Hello Kitty memorabilia for my little one....Last week I started with her 1 year birthday party. Let me just say that I am one very tired momma! One Hello Kitty themed party for my baby, a b-day dinner for my husband and in between all that managed to do a little shopping :)

I hope everyone is enjoying this springtime....I thought I'd share some pics taken from baby's party....

I've always kinda been the crafty one, so I made these candle holders for the party after a friend of mine designed some last Thanksgiving...Loved the way they came out!

Her birthday outfit consisted of a personalized embroidered onesie and matching bloomers. I ended up buying her the tutu after I had seen them on Etsy...It is so cute! We are taking her to the studio this weekend to take her official 1 year old pics and she will be wearing this outfit :)

And of course the cake, which had to be done in Hello Kitty, which was also the theme of the party :)

Homemade cupcakes

Her Hello Kitty Easter Basket!

During my 'skincare' kick (which I am still on!) I did a little makeup shopping....I received a tiny sample of Sephora's Plumping lash mascara and after using it a few days I absolutely loved it so I ended up buying the full-size version. At my most recent trip to the CCO I picked up Clinique's glossy mascara....I love the brush on this mascara! And I also wanted to try out NYC's new line of mascara.........this one is the high-definition/volumizing one.

Another trip to Dollar Tree! And I just wanted to mention that Dollar Tree now has ELF's Studio line single eyeshadows!

They have a variety of about 7 colors to choose from, I know these are regularly $3 each so for only $1 these are a steal, especially if you are one that loves these!
Ok, so back to the haulage. I picked up some of Maybelline's Wet shine and Revitalizing polishes. Loreal Hip lip glosses are available at Dollar Tree too....I picked up Enticing-which is a rich true red. They had some other nice colors but were too close or matched some colors I already own.

Wet n Wild spring collection of polishes came out so I picked up 2 out of the 6 they had. I got Laughing Lilac and Birdbath. The Laughing Lilac is actually a very nice color. I wouldn't call it a dupe for MAC's Love and Friendship or Essie's Lilacism....this color doesn't even come close....It is beautiful and probably one of the most nicest lilac pink colors I have seen. The Birdbath polish doesn't come close at all to China Glaze's For Audrey. Birdbath is a very nice bright sky blue creme.

If you visit me at my home you'd be curious to know why I own every season DVD set of the show Everybody Loves Raymond....Only one reason I collect them is because I really adore the show! So naturally it's expected that I pick up Wet N Wild's newest red polish in the fast dry line called Everybody Loves Redmond. So the name is a bit cheesy but I couldn't help it :) Once in a good while my local grocery store puts out coupons for makeup so I picked up Wet n Wild lipstick in Stoplight Red and my favorite Rimmel lippie in Vintage Pink. I was hesitant to order ELF online but quickly emptied my shopping cart when I noticed Target had the items I was looking for! I picked up the blush Fuchsia Fusion which I have been wearing almost everyday. Went to Sally's to get some nail files and got a lipgloss and some other things. The Purple Rite lipstick I picked up from the CCO.

On a trip to CVS I picked up Sally Hansen's polish in Night Flight and a Covergirl Liquiline Blast eyeliner in black. I got a backup of my favorite LA Colors eyeshadow palette in Traditional from Dollar Tree and a cute doggie pencil sharpener and Hello Kitty body glitter came from my local grocery store. On the same trip to Sephora I picked up Sephora's blending eye brush in #29.

I've been getting into colored eye contacts most recently, I know....what's up with that? I just find them so pretty, especially with smoky eyes and different colors of eyeshadows that bring out the eye color....but anywho, while I was buying contacts I picked up some eyelashes!

And here is what I picked up from Sally's. I needed a 4 way nail file block and some nail files and I picked up Pucker Ups lip balm in Coconut which happens to smell exactly like a Coconut snowcone! yummmmmmm
I also got a Skin Renewal Toner which is now my holy grail of skin toners and will do a review on it very soon....loooooove it!