Apr 8, 2011

ELF Little Black Beautybooks - Cool collection

To take in your purse, on the go, or to grab quickly when you don't want to rummage thru your makeup stash to complete a look....I was so thrilled to find ELF's newest BeautyBooks/palettes ($5) and these cute 'little black beautybook' palettes ($5) in Target stores.

It was the email that ELF sent that had me searching for these bargain gems.

Unfortunately the newest Beauty Books (pic above) were a little damaged, each one :( so sad, so I'll be doing some driving around to find them this weekend!

So top picture is of the 'Little Black Beautybook' which flips open and consists of 28 shadows and 20 lip colors, 1 mirror and a dual applicator. I selected the cool collection as it had more colors suitable for the spring and summer time. The other available LBBB, the warm collection, would best be suited for the fall and winter time. All shadows are made splendid, each one staying true to color, doesn't fade, and is good in pigmentation.

Quality of lip colors are amazing with a wide range of consistency and finishes to name a few; shimmery, creme, sheer, and high-gloss.

Just for giggles:

My son decided to create a Makeup Abstract Shrine - thinga-majig :D......... He did an interesting job! Notice how I placed 2 gold crowns on the MAC lipsticks lol

Have a great weekend everyone!

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