Dec 21, 2011

Holiday Haul

I began my Christmas shopping on a good note, my friend Trish had brought a bunch of MAC stuff to work and wanted to sell it cheap, so I bought the new white packaging lipstick from Glitter and Ice col. in Creme dNude...I mainly wanted it for the packaging so I could add it to my collection. Next to it is the newest Balm by Loreal and it's pretty good, it has Argan oil in it. And how come I have never seen this quad? I love Maybelline's Charcoal Smokes quad! I wore it yesterday while doing some shopping, I love it!

EOTD - Charcoal Smokes
I added falsies for a finished glamour look :)

I'm super excited about my early Christmas gift from my husband, he bought me my fave, The One by D and G. I ran out of this years ago and never could get myself to spend the money on another (it's $75 and up!) I can't even describe the scent, all I can say is that it's divine! I ran into this cute glittery nail polish by Color Club but I don't know what it's called but looks very similar to China Glazes Ruby Slippers. Over at CVS one day I picked up Big Money from the new Gems Crush SH col. which is a gold glitter base with sporatic lavender glitters...Very pretty, but why Big Money? I also got Essie's Ladylike which is ok, and Revlon in Graceful, which is a unique creme taupe grey.

CG's PR sent me the new Sofia Vergara collection for me to try...The Lashblast is a 24hr mascara and the lipstick is a duo ended wand with pretty colors to mix and match....Lip color is called Glimmer.

I had been watching some Youtube videos and decided to do a dollar store haul! I went on Friday and came home with lots of goodies...I got 4 NYC liquid eyeliners in Jet Black and Sable, a couple of colors of CG Smoothers which is a very soft and moisturizing lip color, 2 pairs of the very natural Kiss eyelashes in 02 which are super comfortable to wear! I wore them on Saturday in the picture from earlier! Love these and just may have to go get more! Last but not least I found a PopDuo pencil by Loreal which has a shadow stick on one side and a kohl eyeliner on the other, I love this! I only got one because I wanted to try it first but I may go back for the grey and the lavender :)

My local Texas Dollar had these crackle polishes for $1.50, I have tried them and they seem to be good but as it turns out I am not a fan of any crackle polish whether it be from OPI or China Glaze or even SH. I just don't like the way it looks :(

I found my first love of nail polish from like years ago! I began to get into cosmetics I'd say around 2005 and around that time I bought Rainyday Red, which is a gorgeous reddish Fuchsia Pink. I still have my first bottle which is dried out. I could never really match the color but I found it again! I found it and grabbed it costing me only 50 cents. I also bought this bracelet that I've been trying to find in unique colors, I still would like to find a pink one but only found red that day, so I decided to get it :)

Last but not least is a couple of designer imposter perfumes. I got the Harajuku Lovers col. and love the scents! I have tested out the real deals and I can't remember which one it was that I liked so I just decided to get all of them, except for 'Love'.