Jan 11, 2012

ELF Shadow Pans Project

I like to have my palettes simple and easy to grab and use...While I do love my ELF Beauty books I don't always have the time to haul them out of my vanity and pick and choose the prettiest colors from each book to mix and match....I find it's a hassle! So I decided to toss the paper packaging and magnetize them into a empty MAC palette. Ah! So much better! and I use them now! In this post I show you my way of how I did it!

Step One: I gently pulled off the black foam outline, I started from the top but I held onto the mirror so it wouldn't pop off along with it.

Along the way and thru the shadows I kept gently pulling....On 2 books some of the shadows came up with it but that was ok and I gently pushed them out the back and set them aside.

Here is what it looked like - the aftermath LOL

Step Two: I only pulled off the shadows that I really liked. I must admit not all of the shadows in these books are worthy, so in this step I only pulled off the ones that were awesome. Some of them came up with ease while some of them were more difficult to take off. I had to use a small fruit knife to slide under and pull up. I gently did this because even the slightest dent will ruin the pan and the shadow.

Here is what it looked like after I pulled it off. Some shadows came up with the foam while others came without which was great because it was ready to clean and apply the magnets.

Here I demonstrate how I would pry the foam off the back. Some shadows were a pain to seperate from the foam as the adhesive was way too strong, but I did this gently being extra careful not the warp the pan.

Step Three: I cleaned the back of the pan with a dampened paper towel and applied a plain white sticker (which I bought from Office Depot, like mailer labels) to the clean surface of the pan. I had to trim the stickers the right size for the pan. Last but not least I applied an adhesive magnet to the back.

My daughter wanted to help! :)

Step Four: I put them all in an empty MAC palette. I did remove the wells because obviously they would not fit in the circular space! Inside the palette the black metal sheet was glued on but I did add more glue so that it would stay put better....All in all I think it came out great and I enjoy using all of them!

If you have any questions or like more of these DIY projects, comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading and Happy New Years! :)

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