Jan 11, 2012

Review: NARS Outremer

Quality: 2 stars

Would repurchase? No

Recommend? No

Pros: The color is very pretty

Cons: NARS packaging, Chalky, Fades, Sheer, Bad Pigmentation, Blotchy, Too expensive for below standard quality.

My thoughts: I bought this color because I collect eyeshadows that of the Blue color wheel. I was attracted to the color first seeing it on Flickr and knew that I had to see it for myself. I will say that the color is nice in the pan and is sheer when on the skin. Because of my own preferences (I prefer bold, bright, and rich in pigmentation eyeshadows) I find that this color is not my cup of tea. That doesn't necessarily mean that others may not like it....Some people do prefer a muted -sheer soft blue, of which I would say that Outremer would be perfect for. So depending on your own preference you may or may not like Outremer.

         What strikes me odd is that Sephora had many colors in stock, everything looked very neat for being around the holidays, all the colors had testers, but yet this color was the only one that did not have a tester. I did not test it in the store because I would have had to open and swatch a new shadow.....I am not willing to do so because I want to avoid confrontations with Sephora's staff. As soon as I swatched it at home I quickly decided that this shadow would be going back. NARS, you really disappointed me! I am surprised at the quality of this shadow because everything else you make seems great, except this...

Outremer is chalky, fades after 5 minutes, and is blotchy on the skin. I tried it with 3 different eyeshadow primers (UDPP, Michael Todd, ELF) and it still looks gross. I admit though, it is a very nice color in the pan but I just can't add to my collection I'm sorry.

I took the time to compare to other similar blue eyeshadows. Here I used Cargo's Quad in Tahiti, MAC eyeshadow in Submarine, and my favorite Tokidoki in Skeletrina. Look at how the colors compare. Of course the sheer chalky one is Outremer. These are swatched on eyeshadow primer.

Comparisons with flash

Comparisons with natural light

Skeletrina, Submarine, Tahiti

My advice: If you happen to like Outremer then go for it, but if you happen to want a bold, bright, better blue then try MAC or even MakeUpForever or Inglot.

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