Oct 2, 2012

Halloween Costume Idea: Black Swan

A good friend of mine recently said she considered being Black Swan for halloween this year, and of course I was the first to say "I'll do your makeup!!!" Strangely, I haven't even seen the movie, haha, but I did want to attempt the look....Studied Natalie Portman's pic for a little while, but overall I love the way it came out!

To prepare, I burst out the blackest eyeliner pencil I had, Urban Decay in Zero, and a small angled eye brush to smooth out the liner. To draw a sharp line on the nose, use a black liquid liner, it helps to have a picture to map out where you need to draw and to create the shape. Fill in the shape with the black pencil. Next I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk to draw on the lines, it's a little difficult to draw on and keep the  color intense so I took color off the pencil with a small shader brush and applied it that way. Next, I topped the white areas with a silver shadow, here I used WnW Spoiled Brat. Make sure to line white near the inner corner point and on the upper lashline. Line the lower lashline with black eyeliner and line the lower waterline with a white eye pencil. Apply mascara. Use a flat foundation brush to smooth out edges of the shape.  

Because of time constraints I could not order identical eye lenses like the original for this look, so instead I put on stark light blue lenses.

I hope you enjoy your halloween! If you are dressing up this year, what will you be? I still need ideas!

A quick pic of me and my newborn :) I hope you are all doing well!

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