Nov 3, 2009

My thoughts on Hard Candy Lipstick/Review

Hard Candy - This new makeup collection is found in Walmart stores. Check your local Walmart for more details.

Color I tested: Perfect 10 (Creamy neutral beige Pink with Peachy undertones)

product: 2.5 stars out of 5

packaging: 4.5 stars out of 5

quality: 3 stars out of 5

overall : 2.5 stars out of 5...I took points off for Hard Candy not providing a working website so that I can look at the whole collection that it offers in it's entirety... it is currently 'under construction'.

would buy again? No

where to buy: Walmart stores or (Hard Candy website is under construction)

pros: Nice color selection, Packaging is unique and nice, creamy texture, feels like a creamy
lipgloss. Smell is pleasant, not strong.

cons: Not long lasting, pigmentation is bad/it is very sheer, lipstick is waxy-doesn't stick to lips, gives a horrible finish. Over-priced.

Overall: I was not happy with this lipstick at all. For starters, price is $6. Ok, NYC has better lipsticks & glosses for $2-$4. I have a collection of Santee and NK lippies ($1 each) that are better quality than these. Not to mention this lipstick looks very cheaply made. The color is buildable but when I was done achieving the color I wanted, my lips looked uneven and waxy. Lipstick color as it appears on the lips seems to travel to the outline of the lips as time goes by. The lipstick is moisturizing...for about 10 minutes...because this is when the lipstick starts to wear off. I would not recommend this lipstick to anyone simply because it is over-priced and not long-lasting.

Here are some I recommend for that sheer lips look without spending too much:
*Bonne Bell Liplites
*Milani crystal glosses
*NYC liquid lip shine
*Cover Girl lipslicks lipgloss
*Rimmel lasting finish lipstick
*Neutrogena Moistureshine lip sheer
*Maybelline Moisture extreme lipcolor


  1. I have the lipstick in Fire Alarm from hardcandy...i love it. its just a creamy nude color. I havent tried any of their other products though...i would like to try some more lipsticks but the color selections dont really appeal to me.. =/

  2. Thanks for this review! I was thinking about getting some, but after reading this.. maybe not. If a NYC lipstick for a dollar is better, why not just save your money and get 6 of those instead?

  3. I've heard good things about the lipsticks! But you could go to Wal-Mart to look at all the products.
    Hard Candy's site has been under construction for months now.

  4. Dvue1119: yes, see Fire Alarm was going to be one of my choices, I also wanted to see the pigmentation on the red ones....I'm going to return the one I have and maybe..just maybe give one of the red ones a chance, lol

    Y: I'm glad I could help, Yes $6 is too much for a cheapy lipstick...

    Rai: The Walmart I go to is really frugal, they didn't put out the whole collection just a few things here and there, they are dumb, lol. So, yeah I noticed the website was like that and it's such a shame because Hard Candy has been around for years. They need to get it together! lol

  5. I just ordered a few Hardy Candy items, and I'm waiting to see if the products live up to the hype. I ordered a popular lipstick in Firewall, so we'll see if it's good or not. And just so that people aren't totally discouraged from purchasing Hard Candy; they are a 'higher-end' brand, or at least they used to be. So if they sell their stuff for a little more than drugstore brands, that should be expected, especially if the quality is good. Iman and Black Opal sell their stuff at drugstores too. I'm not saying that all of their products are gold, I'm just advising you to hold off judgement until after you've personally tried it, or heard a plethora of reviews first!

  6. I like Fire Alarm but it doesn't stay in one place on my lips and has a halloween makeup smell. You can't make it stand up straight because of the pointed bottom too. I still want to buy Mannequin and Trust Fund. If you want a high quality lipstick that's cheap buy NYX.