May 6, 2011

Mary Kay Foundation Primer Review

-My Thoughts and First Impressions-
During my trial period at a Mary Kay party I did like the way it made my makeup flawless, almost an airbrushed appearance which made a likable factor and overpowered the fact that my makeup looked to be sliding off about 4 hours later...but I did want to try it out with my normal everyday foundation (MAC studio fix fluid or Revlon colorstay). I took the wearing of the primer too lightly as I am not a fan of Mary Kay foundation for 1. Because they don’t offer a perfect color match of my skintone and 2. I don’t want to have to track down a consultant or order off the website whenever I need to replenish.

As soon as I felt it on my fingers I knew that it would be something I was iffy about. For one, it seems to evaporate pretty quickly between my rubbing between fingers and during face application. My small but plentiful amount didn’t seem to be enough for my face, so just the idea that more might be needed seemed to be problematic. I like products that call for very little (little goes a long way)...Because the consistency is a dry emollient type of gel I don’t know exactly where or if the product is applying evenly on my face. In order to ensure eveness I would have had to apply 3 drops sometimes even 4 to ensure total coverage.

So for the first couple of tests after my application my skin felt smooth and felt masqued by the primer but no less than 30 seconds later I felt uncomfortable and was getting the feeling my pores were clogged. I hate feeling that way, so to avoid and surpass this discontent I rubbed tissue on that area to sort of eleviate the product, if I was actually removing product is beyond me but at least it did comfort and cease the feeling. The very first time I used the primer I did break-out a small amount.

Blendibilty is somewhat an annoyance and tricky, Dries pretty quickly, or is absorbed too fast into the skin is my assumation. Nevertheless blending needs to be done quickly, May clog pores too quickly which may cause a blemish (according to my experience), Too expensive for a below quality product, Caused me to break out a bit, Does not extend wear with or without the use of Mary Kay brand foundation.


When used with Mary Kay brand foundation: My skin looked great. Flawless, airbrushed, smooth, even, and true to color. This look did not last. Mary Kay brand foundation slid off and began to transfer.

When used with other brands of liquid foundation: Skin looked nice and flawless, airbrushed and even BUT 4 hours after application my skin felt too moist, oily, shiny, and foundation begins breakdown. My makeup started to slide off, rubbed off with the slight placement of my hands or fingers, transferred to tissue and papertowels and powder puffs. I looked ridiculous with bare spots on my face from where I was easily removing makeup with a tissue that I just nearly tissued off all my makeup and called it a day.

What they say it is/does:
"This must-have foundation accessory perfects skin as it enhances foundation benefits and extends wear. Glides on like a dream so makeup applies smoothly and blends easily. Its patent-pending, oil-free gel formula is mineral-enriched to absorb oil and diffuse light for skin-perfecting benefits. Dries to a lightweight, matte finish and can be used with any Mary Kay® foundation."

Product Details: Costs $16 plus tax, Contains 1 fl. oz, is packaged in a light pink squeeze tube that is easy to use, has a faint flowery scent that is not bothersome.

Product: 1 stars out of 5 (The only reason I gave 1 star is for the way the primer makes foundation look flawless.....for a few hours)

Packaging: 4 stars out of 5

Quality: 0 stars out of 5

Overall: 1 stars out of 5

Would buy again? No


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  2. Hi Erica, I purchased the Mary Kay Primer a month ago and thought "What The"! As I was applying it I couldn't see where it is going on my face. Have I put more in one area and less on another area of my face. It did feel a bit greasy and yes after putting on my foundation, my skin felt flawless but like you said it only lasted a few hours. I won't be purchasing this product again.

  3. I wish i read ur review before purchasing it.the worst part is i purchased the foundation too and even though i have oily skin it still is way too matte, and u cant wear it with for the primer it made my revlon colorstay wipe off so easily and my nose way too oily.I think i'm going to pass the primer to the next victim by auctioning it on ebay,lol.

  4. I have oily skin and I use the foundation primer every day with the Timewise Matte foundation. I absolutely love it! My makeup stays on all day, even when I was on my honeymoon in New Orleans in early June! Perhaps you were using too much because only a dab will do you. Keep in mind that your skin is the foundation of flawless makeup and unless you've established a skin care routine that controls your oil the product may not have the best results.

  5. I too have oily skin and I love the foundation primer! My makeup stays on all day even during the summer. I agree with the above comment that maybe you used too much and do not have the best skin care routine.

  6. It is a good primer to use on Mary Kay foundation ONLY, I have tried it with Mary Kay foundation only and it looks really nice but unfortunately Mary Kay does not have a perfect match for my skin color. I could not have used too much because during my class I was told how much is needed. I would have to disagree with the both of you as I have one of the best skin care routines to date.

  7. I have T zone issues and this made my face like an oil slick on my whole face even though I have been cleansing my face twice a day religiously. I haven't had the same issue with a clinique brand primer. However, I must say that all Mary Kay products are bought back by the representative if they don't work for you, so there's no need to "pass it on to the next victim." Just because something doesn't work on your skin doesn't mean it doesn't work for others. I may try the Oil Mattifier by Mary Kay to see if that gets the oil under control.

    1. For one and for the record I never stated that I would pass this product to the next victim, an anonymous commentor said so, secondly, I would never pass on a horrible product like said MK foundation primer, instead I tossed in the trash-I didn't want to return it to the MK rep because I bought it specifically at a MK skincare party. The only mattifier that I know of that works great is the Rice protein anti shine by Neutrogena and another great one that I can't remember the name, but I will go more into detail about those on another article!