May 6, 2011

ELF lipstick Classy

It's moisturizing, creamy, color-drenched, cheap.....what more can you ask for?

I admit when I first saw these on the market I was a little hesitant to try out, even at a buck per tube. When I found them at my local Target I picked out a color and tried it on in the car.

-First Impressions-

I thought to myself, 'Wow, nice and creamy and the color is amazing!'
At first they felt a bit waxy but I put a second coat on and the color covered all of my natural lip pigment. I was amazed at how soft and moisturizing it felt. So difficult to explain but the color is buildable, with each coat the color is very true to color which I can appreciate :)

(pic of 'Classy' with no flash photography)

I went back and bought another, hee hee :)


So the packaging is not 'all that' but it is acceptable. The plastic casing doesn't feel cheap, but it isn't the best design either...I see it this way, it could be worse. The lipstick doesn't desend all the way down, you have a good 2 or 3 centimeters of lipstick still sticking up. I love the way the color of the lipstick shows through on the side of the tube.

-Product Details-

The cost...only one dollar :) The product contains 3.5 grams and comes in six additional colors with a total of 7 to choose from. There is a very faint fruity scent which is not bothersome at all.

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  1. i love the color
    i think im going to give
    them a try love elf <3