May 27, 2011

Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation

I will always love a perfect foundation, you know the kind that gives your face this clean and flawless look...which for me is something I try to achieve everytime I wear makeup....Because of my love for perfect foundation I felt the urge to boast about my newest find!

 I've been trying Rimmel London's Match Perfection foundation for a few days now, and which if you could actually take a peek of my makeup collection, hasn't really been a brand I'd go out of my way to purchase (Well, except for Vintage Pink lipstick, lol). A few years ago I bought a Rimmel eyeshadow which caused my eyes to have an allergic reaction (my eyes puffed up), but besides that I just ceased buying any of their products in fear I could be allergic to some ingredients. Putting my worries aside I decided to try out Match Perfection. It must be said, and I think Rimmel would agree, that some of the foundations in their line lack color selection, but Match Perfection blew all other convictions away. I chose my color and the rest is history.

I wanted to start out writing about this foundation by listing all the good things about it....Where do I start?

-Priced perfectly. I've seen Perfect Match retail from $6 to $7.99. I paid $4 for mine since it went on sale for $6 (using a CVS Extra Care card) and I had a $2 (CVS coupon) off coupon for use with any beauty item. I bought the 'nude' color since 'warm sand' was a bit too dark.

-Coverage. I'm just snowballing here but think if a Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix came together in union....Match Perfection is what would result. It covers like a dream and is blendable, and if I may say blends much easier than Colorstay but is not 'medium to buildable' like the Studio Fix....

-SPF. Sun Protection for the face is super important.

-Keeps face hydrated. I'm a combo skinned girl, some 'hydrating' foundations don't work very well for me but I have to say that this one is different. It keeps my skin hydrated, moist, and supple but at the same time reduces some of my T-zone oil....hard to explain in detail.

-Little goes a long way. The thickness and blendability of Match Perfection deems it necessary to apply very little and get maximum coverage. This is outstanding in capacity. The bottle contains 1 fl ounce.

My Experience wearing it all day:
Once applied it stayed on very well and feels comfortable. It leaves a moisturizing effect on the skin. My skin felt hydrated all day, if I may say it felt more on the sticky side. I was afraid to apply finishing powder on top of the foundation because I felt it may feel too cakey, so I refused to apply powder afterwards. The many times I wore the foundation the color lasted 8 + hours, which is very good. I've only had to re-apply around my lips area after wiping my mouth during lunch, but other than that it stays on very well. I did have some concern about transferring which seems to occur after hour 5. Very little oil was visible on my T-zone area, that was without blotting and without setting powder. I feel the foundation on my skin just a little bit which may give an inkling that it could feel a little heavy, but I am not bothered by it.

What is Smart Tone Technology?
Rimmel London Perfect Match, as stated in Rimmel's website, is supposed to mimic skin tone. Blue Sapphire complex pigments offer radiance for a fresher colour. Gimmicky it may sound but as far as this 'skin mimic' claim goes, I wouldn't be able to completely agree nor disagree since 'Nude' seems to be my perfect skin color match. Not knowing 100 percent if it is the color or the 'skin mimic' aspect I guess is something I may never know. I did end up buying a shade darker (Warm Sand) for summertime use.

Good Price for a comfortable med to full and buildable coverage foundation, Good shade/color selection, Good for dry skin types, Contains SPF, Drugstore foundation, Lasting quality, Blendability, Packaging

Scent (soft floral scent) could be overpowering to some, May feel too hydrating or sticky sometimes


  1. you look so thin...the foundation looks sooo pretty!!

  2. It looks really nice on you !

    ¤ blogniJANEL

  3. havent tried but i have to know :D

  4. i have this foundation in shade 100 ivory it works really well when you apply it at first it seems a bit shiny and oily but honestly once it has matched the tone and colour of your skin it looks great ! i love it ! :):D

  5. when i went to get this foundation they only had shade 401!!!! it looks like it should be waaaaaaay too dark for me but when i put it on and blend it somehow matches PERFECTLY. well done to rimmel on that!

  6. That looks really lovely on you! I loved your review, very informative!