Jul 17, 2009

In what order do you apply your makeup?

Just for fun, I would like to know, In what order do you apply your makeup?

Here's mine:

#1. I apply my primer. Favorite of mine: Lorac Aquaprime. Or moisturizer, either will do...

#2. Foundie comes next. Favorite at the moment is MAC studio fix, as always!

#3. Color in my brows. Using MAC brush 263 or 266 and my favorite brow color, Loreal Deep Mocha e/s

#4. UDPP, eyeshadow

#5. Brow highlight. Favorite at the moment is MAC Ricepaper, as always!

#6. Concealer. Favorite at the moment is SK

#7. Liquid eyeliner for the upper lashline

#8. Eye pencil kohl for the bottom lashline or waterline

#9. Mascara

#10. Blush & Highlight or contour if I feel like it :)

#11. (Last but not least) Lipstick (or gloss or lipliner or any combo of the 3) :)

Respond in the comment section with this post!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. This look is very pretty!!!

    here is my routine

    1. Foundation
    2. L'oreal decrease primer on eyes
    3. Eyeshadow lid color
    4. Eyeshadow crease color
    5. Eyeshadow highlight under brow
    6. Eyeliner
    7. Mascara
    8 Blush
    9. Lipgloss or lipstick


  2. You should make this a tag! that was so much fun and interesting to see how others apply their makeup:)

  3. As we all know, makeup is an art, something that is practiced and evolving. With that in mind, here is my latest and greatest makeup routine
    1. Prime face. Still looking for HG primer, but using Monistat chaffing gel for now.
    2. Using concealer I prime eyes for shadow. I ran out of UDPP and as the frugalista I am, I am using up some concealer I bought that is way too light for my face.
    3. Apply shadow
    4. Apply gel eyeliner (L'Oreal Hip in black). I want Eve Pearl's liquid eyeliner pen; saving up for BIG haul of her line.
    5. Apply foundation. Using Ben Nye matte creme foundation. Beautiful color match. I sheer it out for natural coverage.
    6. Apply loose powder to set foundation.
    7. Apply powder blush. Looking for a "go-to" color that won't fade after 10 seconds.
    8. Apply mascara. Using NYX Doll Eyes. I actually like it a lot. Gives great length, no clumping.
    9. Apply lipstick and gloss
    10. Done!!!

  4. That is a good idea, I'll have to edit later and tag some people

    You and I do our blush and lipstick at the same time, cool! :)

  5. Tam Tam, I wanna try Doll Eyes!

    Have you ever heard of Apple mascara? I'm thinking about getting it today :)

  6. this looks just like fafinettex3's look..u have to do a tut!!


  7. Yes, this eye was inspired by her Hello Kitty eye look! Except I used my CS 88 shimmer palette. I use this pic as my signature for posting on forums and stuff :)

  8. Gorgeous look!

    Well for the Summer this is how I apply it:

    1. Face Glow
    2. Bronzer
    3. Blush
    4. Eyeshadow Base
    5. Eyeshadow
    6. Liquid Eye Liner
    7. Mascara
    8. Lipbalm
    9. Lipgloss (or lipstick, then lipgloss)