Jul 7, 2009

Depotting Hip eyeshadows-Ghetto Palette!

I went rummaging thru my old makeup caboodle that mostly contained makeup rejects :) Anyways I ended up loving my old HiP eyeshadows again, especially the dark colors, but anyways, I decided to depot them and put them all in a palette. Yep, a ghetto palette of all palettes! I don't care anyways, it works, it's cheap and it's something you can have fun creating and making it your own. So here's how I did it:

Oh! and I happened to get the idea from the gorgeous LeCheryl, Thank you girl! Check out her version of her ghetto palette here. There is also another pretty lady, Cyndi, that made her's out of an Xbox case, see her version here.

What I used:

1. Candle

2. Lighter

3. Black DVD case

4. Fruit knife

5. HiP eyeshadow duo

6. Nail glue

Click pics to enlarge!

You don't have to use the candle I just find it easier. Some people just use the lighter. Isn't my lighter cute?
The nail glue is optional, actually I would have preferred using super glue or gorilla glue but this was the only glue I had on-hand. The fruit knife is also something that I needed because the knife has to have a very sharp & thin edge much like a razor so if you are going to do this please be careful. If you are underage please ask a parent for help.

Color I'll be demonstrating is 'Charged'

Candle is ready!

Yes, Before anything, I always have my palette open and close-by since glue can dry really fast.

Super important is to remove the sponge tipped applicator from the bottom compartment.
Open top & bottom all the way so that it looks like above.

Hold the pot like this, Hold over flame about 1.5 to 2 inches above, hold it there for a minute or so, or when you begin to smell faint plastic :P

This is the underside of the shadows, where the flame was targeting. Ready to be depotted.

Carefully with the fruit knife I find a good gap or opening on side of shadow and vertically put knife in, if it won't fit then I try a thinner knife or otherwise.
If you are doing this, be careful not to stab the shadows or bend the pan because it might warp the pan and ruin the shadow.

You should hear the glue making a sticky sound, and carefully move knife around to gently lift it up.

The second shadow...

Applying the nail glue...

I'm staggering my shadows and basically not putting them in order by name or shape or anything because I don't want to be tempted to just use the color duo and not venture out to try using other contour colors/mix n match, etc you know whatta mean?...So that's why it looks all 'mumbo jumbo' lol :)

I'm going to cover this portion of the case because the middle grip can dig into the shadow and that's not pretty! as you can see here it already did! gah! haha :D

Color on the corner is a Profusion color....

So that's it folks, hope you enjoyed, if you have any questions please ask me!


Here is my finished palette from the outside :)

I've added some decorative paper and also clipped out from a Nicka K catalog and decorated it, I'm thinking about adding a couple of more things on the outside and of course I'm working on adding more shadows...


  1. that is such a great idea for the palette cover! i just depotted my hip duos as well, but i used cd cases. lol

  2. Thanks for your comments!

    I was going to use a CD case but finding a CD case at my house is very rare, I mostly have mp3 songs and all the CD's that I have they are important so I can't take those cases! haha

  3. How amazing is this?? I have never seen this done. And Lord knows I want to try but I've screwed up one too many MAC eyeshadows trying to depot so I'll leave the LO HIP shadows to the pros. Good job, lady!

  4. B, Aww, thanks so much!

    I hate depotting actually but the HiP ones are really easy :)

  5. What a great idea and tip! So cool.