Jul 16, 2009

CCO Haul-Birthday Haul!

I had a wonderful birthday! We went shopping at the outlets and I went shopping alone at the mall and then had a very late dinner at the Olive Garden. Very good day to spend with my husband and kids :)

My birthday haulage from the CCO was not all that I anticipated
:( As a matter of fact I'm still stunned and will be traumatized from what I saw at the CCO (ok, I'm over-exaggerating, lol). Overall I was very disappointed with what they had at the CCO. I hadn't been there in over 2 months and their stock deeply declined. There were only 3 kinds of MAC Paintpots, like 5 diff colors of piggies (and colors practically looked the same) and no 'mineralized' anything. The only kinds of e/s palettes they had were the Suite Array ones and Holiday lip gloss palettes....very upset over this I may never shop at that CCO ever....
On the bright side I did buy my very first ever Bobbi Brown product and I picked up 2 MAC 3D glasses, which I never had the chance to try. I did my best at picking out colors that caught my eye and I'm very happy with my purchases!

At the Olive Garden that same night I had the Chicken Marsala (Very tasty!)
Now on to the Haul.....

MAC 3D Glasses

I've been eyeing this cream for a few weeks now and finally got it, it's the Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly. I love it! Review coming soon...

My new love, Bath and Body's Japanese Cherry Blossom, I have no idea why I waited so long to try this, it's amazing!

Warm Vanilla Sugar Shimmering Body lotion $2
I love bargains like this

MAC Colour Craft Mineralized Blush in 'Daft Pink'

I'm not sure what it is about this color but it is like nothing I've ever seen before. The way it oxidizes on my skin is unbelievable. I bought another one last Monday and I'm thinking about buying 2 more :/

First ever Bobbi Brown product:
I've passed thru Saks & Nordstrom many many times and always thoughts Bobbi Brown was a little over-priced, but the quality is amazing. I always wondered about the brand so I decided to get this gorgeous lipstick. The color is Pink Beige but after I scanned thru alot of them I noticed the names are more of a predictable style, like 'Light Pink' 'Dark Beige', etc...
I love this color though, very pretty nude color, best of all it was $15 from the norm of $22 & I may need a backup of this one :)

A back-up of my favorite, MAC 'Lame'

Not sure what collection this color came from but Floral Fantasy is a unique color that looks more on the purple side in the pan but actually comes out more on the strong pink tone when applied

MAC Submarine: I've been wanting to try this color for the longest. It's a very pretty color, simple as that, a very nice almost turquoise sheened undertone.


  1. What a beautiful haul...I love all your pictures they came out so nice:)

  2. Thanks so much, I try :)

    If you have any questions about the products just let me know!