Jun 24, 2010


*Message from Lali Amora, 8/31/10,
Hi everyone! I was excited to see that most of you have been brought to my blog, specifically the Lady Gaga Tutorial post whether it be from a Google search, or Yahoo search or otherwise. I am so glad you decided to drop by! I ask of you, pretty please, to leave a comment after reading the Lady Gaga post, it helps me decide whether these are the kinds of tutorials readers like you are interested in and would like to see....yes your input is important to me! Thanks again for visiting my blog, and welcome! 

What I admire most about Lady Gaga is that she is not shy when it comes to her fashion and makeup. Many of her looks come out as amazing and outlandish, which are looks that I love.
Lady Gaga 'Telephone' Video...One of my favorite videos....Here today, I've tried my best to re-create her gorgeous look, as she was the inspiration...It may not be exactly as hers but it is my own take on it, hope you all enjoy it. The video featured many different looks and provided a vast array of color....The remake of my look was from the kitchen scene at the diner, provided with just a few screen shots of her makeup. Original makeup artist, Billy B. for Lady Gaga, created an amazing blackened blue smoky eye.

I applied foundation eye level and above, I colored in my brows and put MAC Gesso e/s as highlight...
Apply tape from outer last lash to almost edge of eyebrows, like shown below...
Apply the dark blue color by starting at inner contour area and glide it in a straight line to outer 'v' area...

Apply dark navy color near outer edge of eye and outer 'v'

apply the dark navy color as a cut crease and blend...
apply a lighter blue color on entire center lid and blend in...
afterwards, remove the tape...

Apply liquid eyeliner on upper lashline and apply the purple shadow on lower lashline, I used Beautyrush, Plum Crazy...the purple eyeshadow will only serve as a base for now, we will add on more purple shadow after a few more steps...
Apply the inner corner color, here I used Gesso again...
now apply the black eyeliner on lower lashline & lower and upper waterline...
Apply liquid eyeliner on edge of the shadow you placed earlier, connect it with your upper lashline liner...at this point as well, you can apply a more vibrant purple shadow to your lower lashline and afterwards clean up any fallout...

In this pic, I've already applied my concealer, mascara, foundation and started contouring and adding blush to my cheeks...

Last but not least, apply a vibrant pink lipstick such as MAC Girl About Town...

For finishing touches, I've lightly blended harshlines and lightly swept Gesso e/s under the outer liner line to make it stand out...
My mis-matched earrings provided a hopeful tinge of Gaga's creativity.

Products used:

MAC Gesso
MAC Deep Truth
MAC Contrast
MAC Submarine
Maybelline line stiletto eyeliner Black
Beautyrush, wet/dry shadow Plum Crazy
Sallygirl Baked eyeshadow color 'purple' or #388127
Almay intense i-color eye pencil 01 Midnight Black
Loreal Voluminous Mascara carbon black

Revlon Colorstay foundation 360 golden caramel
MAC transparent finishing powder
Prescriptives camo concealer med. 04
Maybelline expertwear blush Plushed Plum

NYX lip liner 835 Pinky
MAC Girl About Town lipstick

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  1. Terrific recreation. I love how u made it very wearable.