Jun 30, 2010

Favorite Nail Polishes

....Yes, of all time!

I've been meaning to write about my favorites for so long but never made the time to get them together for a picture! There is only 1 polish missing from the bunch and actually I can't seem to locate it. It is a polish by Sally Hansen diamond shine called Princess. I may be mistaken about the name but it was a cute gorgeous light pink shade....Even though this one may be gone, I'll probably have huge luck finding a dupe anyways!

So to start off here they are, they are in no particular order. All my faves, some newer than others:

Rimmel London - Hypnotise: a dark burgundy creme. It's really unfortunate because I've noticed that Rimmel has stopped this formula on their polishes, which is the Minerals formula.  I really like this shade because the color is dark and unique.

Sally Hansen - Glossy: dark blackened maroon w/burgundy copper shimmer. This color is unreal, at first glance it looks pure black but in sunlight and close up it is a rich dark black base with tiny little burgundy and copper shimmers. A gorgeous shade which unfortunately I think may be discontinued soon :(

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps: A red jelly base with tons of ruby red glitter. Of course how can I deny this color to be my favorite as this is the color of my birthstone. I love red, anything red, red is one of my most favorite colors....and to add more fuel to the fire, I love glitter!

China Glaze - For Audrey: a creme light teal or 'Tiffany' color. The best light greenish blue against my skintone. I have a second bottle as I'm afraid it may be discontinued.

OPI - Fair Dinkum Pinkum: a creme light pink with tiny silver glitters. The polish is a creme but has tiny silver glitters, not shimmer. Love the color for the summertime!

Sinful - All About you: a bronzy jelly base with tons of gold glitter. Again with the glitter, what I love about this polish is that you only need abot 3 coats for your nail to be completely coated with glittery gold goodness!

OPI - Mod About you: a creme light purple with a few silver glitters. Just like the Fair Dinkum Pinkum, only in purple pastel!
Revlon - Cherries in the snow: creme raspberry reddish color. I'm in love with this color. It's the perfect reddish raspberry color. It doesn't look too reddish and not too pink either, it's a gorgeous shade.

NYC - no name # 104a: light teal jelly base with light teal shimmer and light teal and green micro glitter. Ok, so this color happens to be my oldest and most favorite out of them all. I can't find another, and I'm hesitant to use it. The color is amazing, I don't have an acceptable dupe for it but believe me I'm looking!

Covergirl - Disco Dazzle: clear polish w/silver glitters and silver hex holo's. This bottle is my second and it one of my favorites as a topper. What I love most about the polish is the hex holo's, just gorgeous!


  1. Love this post, I love nail polishes! :) Can't believe I don't have Ruby Pumps, what a gorgeous color! For Audrey is in my favorite nail polishes as well yay! :)

  2. haha, I love them ! now I want to go and buy some more polish!

  3. i love OPI - Fair Dinkum Pinkum!! :D

  4. Ebru: yep, the Ruby Pumps is almost gone, I looooove For Audrey!

    Eva: I keep trying to use it polishes but I end up buying more :)

    ipehishere: yes, it's nice :)