Jul 2, 2010

LA Colors Eyeshadows

Using only my LA Colors eyeshadow palettes from Dollar Tree I decided to create something a little dramatic. This was an interesting experience in that I was not sure how well the shadows would work....Let me explain, I have used only 1 or 2 colors by themselves in the past but since I was incorporating a few colors for this look, I had a few doubts (like pigmentation, blending)....

My feelings were wrong, these shadows are really nice....together! I guess with a little imagination and patience (some shadows are hard to work with!) you can create something nice....

To start off, I contoured the eyes with a satiny soft light brown color found on the LA Colors 'Traditional' palette. I then covered the entire lid with a soft purple shade from the 'Chic' palette. I'm not sure why I chose this color, at the time I thought it would stand out but as you can see from the picture the color soon faded. For the crease and outer 'V' I applied a shimmery chocolate color from the 'Darling' palette....

For more depth and to increase the 'smoky' of the look, LA Colors mineral e/s in black was added to the outer 'V' and crease blending just slightly in.

For highlight, I just used the lightest white pearl color from the Traditional palette, but honestly any light color from any of the palettes will suffice as a highlight color.

For a pop of color I added a magenta maroonish color from 'Fabulous' on the lower lashline

On the Lid - 2
Contour area - 1
Crease- 3 and LA Colors minerals eyeshadow 'Black'
Highlight - the 'White pearl' color from the Traditional palette
lower lashline - 4 and Sephora Eyebrow #2 pencil
Maybelline line stiletto
Loreal Voluminous mascara

Revlon Colorstay Golden Caramel
Prescriptives Camo concealer
LA Colors blush Spice

Santee lipliner Flush Red
Nicka K lipstick 'Wicked'

My favorite product out of any of the LA Colors line from Dollar Tree happens to be the nail polishes and lipsticks... And if I could pick one more favorite it would be the 'Traditional' e/s palette. What are your favorite Dollar Tree makeup products?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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