Jul 10, 2010

Early July Haul

I started out my month on the prowl for the newest mascaras, I loved Lash Stiletto, I ran out but never replaced it so since the new stiletto Voluptuous seemed to be everywhere I decided to try it.
Of course one of my hauls isn't complete without a few polishes! After seeing Mariana's flickr pics of the new Night Prowl by Wet N Wild, I searched for it until I found it at a nearby grocery store, it's a gorgeous blackened purple base with violet glitters. For some odd reason last week I was really into sheer polishes, I found a cute pink, almost white, nail polish by Wet N Wild called Sugar Coat.
Now, on to the fun stuff....
The new Wet N Wild Megalast lippies are making waves among many beauty blogs. Alas I finally got to try out a few...I picked up In the Flesh, Rose-bud, and Pink Suga....on this trip I also got a Diamond Brilliance gloss in On the Rocks.

I like the pigmentation of these lipsticks, the color is nice but they are a bit on the dry side : /

and for some odd reason once I tried on Pink Suga I felt it had a resemblance to MAC's Peachstock

So, not an exact match but nearly close....

Peachstock has almost a more pinkish tone to it, but in the tube they look almost identical

On a trip to Target I got Wet N Wild's Sparked nail polish and Sinful's Frenzy and a lipbalm by One in Cherry Pie, smells just divine!

 Just down the street went into a local craft store and spotted a package full of different colors of ultra micro glitters for $8, not as fine as MAC reflects glitters but will do. At the local grocery store I spotted Revlon Perle shadow in Black Galaxy and had to have it.... love this color. Another color that's been on my mind has been the very hard to find Loreal Hip Duo in Electrified...Once I saw it I was in love but for some reason I almost picked up the duo Charming, it's certainly similar but Electrified is more gorgeous and one of a kind!


  1. Nice stuff I'm loving the close Dupe for peachstock.

  2. Hell Notes for Beauty: Yes, they are close, one thing I've noticed is that the WNW is somewhat more pigmented than the peachstock, isn't that weird, haha

  3. I really want that peachstock. hehehe. its so pretty!! :)