Jul 12, 2010

How I store my pigment samples

Those pesky little pigment sample baggies get everywhere especially if you have too many, like me!
So I decided to do something about it :)

Basically I got a little plain photo album and placed the baggies inside like so....
It's great because you can see the colors and they are in a neat place....

These photo album are non expensive so you can choose a design to your liking.....
I've had them like this for about 2 yrs already but decided to share the idea with you all just now...maybe you have a neat little idea or way yourself, if you do please share with me!

I once had them in alphabetical order but that quickly faded away, hahaha

This little basket is full of the jar pigment samples and regular Loreal or Cinema Secrets pigments


  1. I store my pigments the same way makes for a organized way to keep them :) x

  2. Renay: I have to admit though that I don't give them much love as I used to :)